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The Apprentice

December 19, 2008 — Freeman Alfano, 9, sits inside his newest creation, Snowyfort, during the height of the storm today. He apparently has some of the abilities of his father, world-class sculptor, Michael Alfano.

~ Photo by Dad.

The Rock

December 19, 2008 — Grace United Methodist Church youth braved the cold for a December outing to explore Babson’s Boulders in Gloucester, MA. ~ Contributed photo.


If you see this Hopkinton celebrity on Sunday,

wish him a Happy Sixtieth.

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According to the School District's website:

Early Dismissal Schedule Today
December 19, 2008

High School and Middle School:                10:45
Elmwood School                                       11:25
Center School and Hopkins School           12:05
No Afternoon K/PK
No Afternoon/Evening Activities

Cornell's menu has been upgraded to Black Angus.

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Early Christmas present

 Services for the Home

Cookies and Carols


December 18, 2008 — Daisy Troop 2974 visits Hopkinton Fire Station to offer cookies and sing carols. The girls earned a "respect authority" petal in doing so. Hear them sing, above.

Sparkling Stream

December 18, 2008 — The morning sun glistened against the frozen mist on the small branches surrounding Indian Brook, as it races toward Hopkinton reservoir.

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  H   O   M   E   S         H   O   M   E   S        H   O   M   E   S         H   O   M   E   S

Possible Early Dismissal Weather Message

 December 18, 2008


 Dear Parents, Guardians, and Community Members,


As of 3 p.m. today, weather forecasters are still predicting that a significant winter storm will reach our area sometime between noon and 1 p.m. on Friday, December 19th. According to the forecast, snow will begin accumulating at a rate of 1 to 2 inches per hour sometime in the early afternoon.


While I do not generally dismiss school early, please be prepared that an early dismissal may be necessary tomorrow to avoid having students dismissed during a time where heavy snowfall is predicted.


If I do dismiss students early, information will be distributed through the following avenues: Alert Now, the school district's listserv, the school district's website, and local television and radio stations.


In the event school is dismissed early, afternoon kindergarten and pre-school sessions will be cancelled. Other students will be released at the following times:


  • High School and Middle School:           10:45

  • Elmwood School                                  11:25

  • Center School and Hopkins School       12:05

I will continue to monitor the weather this evening and tomorrow morning. Hopefully, this advanced notice will allow you time to make arrangements for your children. In the event an early dismissal is needed, a decision will be made by 6:30 a.m. tomorrow.



John E. Phelan, Jr., Ed.D

Superintendent of Schools

State Police Offer Winter Driving Safety Tips


The Massachusetts State Police urge motorists to be safe on the roads of the Commonwealth this winter. If possible, do not travel, or keep travel to a minimum during periods of winter weather in order to allow snow removal crews to clear the roadway.  For those who need to drive in adverse winter weather conditions, the State Police recommend the following winter driving safety tips:


·        Take Note of the Local Forecast:  The State Police encourage motorists to take note of local forecasts and plan accordingly for adverse weather conditions.  Motorists are reminded that they can dial 511 on their cell phones for current traffic and road conditions on Massachusetts Highways.


·        Vehicle Preparation:  With a forecast of inclement weather, motorists should ensure that their vehicles are well maintained and properly equipped for winter driving.  Motorists should check the fluid levels of their vehicles, particularly washer fluid and anti-freeze, to make sure that they are at adequate levels.  Tires should be inspected to ensure that they are properly inflated and have sufficient tread depth.  Motorists should equip their vehicles with a snow shovel, ice scraper, jumper cables, flares, a flashlight and some warm clothing and blankets.  Additionally, motorists are reminded to completely clear their vehicles of snow and ice prior to driving.  Clearing vehicles of snow and ice enhances the safety of all motorists by providing an unobstructed view to the operator and prevents snow and ice from flying off vehicles at high speeds and posing a hazard to others on the road.


·        Reduce Speed:  Most winter weather related crashes are caused by “spin-outs” and vehicles sliding off the road due to excessive speeds for the road and weather conditions.  Speed Limits are set for driving under optimal, dry conditions.  If road and weather conditions are adverse, it may be more reasonable and proper to operate at a speed that is well below the posted limit.


·        Leave Extra Space Between Vehicles:  Under optimal driving conditions, motorists should leave at least one car length for every ten miles per hour between them and the vehicle in front of them.  If the road and weather conditions are adverse, that distance should be significantly increased in order to afford for increased stopping distances.


·        Dial 911 in Roadway Emergencies:  In any weather conditions, motorists who become disabled or encounter an emergency on the roadways should dial 911 and report their location and the nature of the emergency.  Motorists should always be aware of their location, noting the route they are traveling on and the number of the exit they most recently passed. 

Advanced Driver Training

First 30 Hopkinton students get $200 off


by Brian Thomas

December 18, 2008 — The number one killer of our teens in this country result from automobile accidents, accounting for nearly 50% of all teenage deaths.  

     When Ron Foisy from the Hopkinton Youth Commission recently discovered that statistic, he decided that something needed to be done to address what many would call an epidemic.  Ron contacted me and asked if I knew anything about Advanced Driver Training and if any of the insurance carriers we represent could offer up a discounted fee to such a program. 

     That got the ball rolling and Ron & Kim Harvey from the Hopkinton Youth Commission and I, representing the Phipps Insurance Agency, met with Greg Leonard from Commerce Insurance Company and Dan Strollo from In Control. 

      In Control is a state accredited advance driver training school with class locations throughout the state.  We developed a plan to launch a program with a “Hopkinton Day” to promote In Control and get as many kids into the program as we could.  Without hesitation the Commerce Insurance Company joined the Phipps Agency in providing the funds to reduce the cost of the class from $299 to $99 for the first 30 Hopkinton teens that signed up.  The “Hopkinton Day” will be 12-27-08 in North Andover and teens and their parents can sign up on line at  Moving forward we hope to attract other sponsors and develop a consistent program that encourages our youth to participate in the program.  

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Put Friday trash & recycling out TONIGHT!


Curbside Collection Storm Schedule

Friday December 18, 2008


Due to the pending storm of Friday December 19th, the Town’s Curbside Collection Contractor, E. L. Harvey & Sons, Inc., will be starting collection at 6:30 am with additional trucks to try to complete the route prior to the heavy snow predicted in the afternoon. Friday collection day residents should be sure to put out trash and recyclables tonight to minimize missed collections.

~ J.T. Gaucher, P.E., Director, Department of Public Works

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Change in High School Booster Store Holiday Hours


Impending storm figured in


If you are one of the many people who have procrastinated with your shopping this holiday season, you are in luck!  The Hopkinton High School Boosters store is open for business and there are several great items for every member of the family now available.  Please note the store will be closed on Friday evening due to the impending storm


Rescheduled hours are: Thursday, 10:45 a.m. to noon, 1:30 p.m. to 3:30 p.m. and 6 p.m. to 8 p.m.; Friday, 10:45 a.m. to noon, 1:30 p.m. to 3:30 p.m., and CLOSED Friday evening; and Saturday, 9 a.m. to noon (during the Boys and Girls Varsity Track meet).  The Booster store will resume regular hours next week, open everyday, 10:45 a.m. to noon.  All proceeds benefit Hopkinton athletics. ~ The Boosters

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A Sign of Relief for Weston Nurseries

Zoning Enforcement Officer order gets overturned

Other businesses have no grounds for appeal ~ Doug Resnick

December 17, 2008 — The Board of Appeals heard a petition from Attorney Doug Resnick on behalf of Weston Nurseries Wednesday evening seeking to overturn an order of Zoning Enforcement Officer, Charles Kadlik, that ordered banner signs and a sandwich board removed from display on that property. Weston Nurseries was one of many businesses throughout Hopkinton that received the letter, but the only business that has formally contested the order.

       Mr. Resnick argued that an agricultural use, as well as its incidental uses, are exempt from compliance.

       " virtue of Chapter 40A Section 3, agriculture is exempt in all of its aspects from zoning, except for reasonable dimensional regulations," he said.

       "Anything incidental to agriculture is also exempt," he added, placing the retail area under the same umbrella.

       Mr. Resnick argued that the ZEO letter was deficient, because there was no reference in the letter to which signs he deemed illegal. However, fourth generation nurseryman and successor to the Weston Nurseries legacy, Peter Mezitt, said that Mr. Kadlik did point out two banners and a sandwich board.

       "The notice was constitutionally defective, because it did not inform the applicant which signs were to be removed," Mr. Resnick said. He also noted that the particular part of the bylaw being referred to was not specified.

       Mr. Resnick was asked by a Board member if any other businesses were appealing.

       "The reason we haven't seen appeals from other business owners is because there are no grounds," Attorney Resnick said. Mr. Resnick has met with other business owners informally and listened to their complaints.

       The Board agreed with Attorney Resnick's claim of special protection of an agricultural use under Chapter 40A, and voted unanimously to approve the appeal.

       Mr. Resnick brought up fro discussion a remote directional sign for the nursery located at the Golden spoon.

         Mr. Mezitt told of the beginnings of that sign. He said that owner Fred Rousseau invited Weston Nurseries to place a sign on their property because of all of the people walking into the restaurant, asking directions to the nursery, and not buying anything.

        However, the Board did not buy Mr. Resnick's claim that the agricultural use extends to the remote sign, and refused to consider it in their Decision.

        Although the Board voted on Wednesday evening, the formal Decision of that quasi-judicial body has yet to be written.

        The Zoning Advisory Committee is writing an Article to propose a bylaw that would allow most of the signs that were ordered down. It would need to pass Planning Board and then Town Meeting.

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  H   O   M   E   S         H   O   M   E   S        H   O   M   E   S         H   O   M   E   S

ZAC Approves Hotel Overlay

Nixes Hopkinton Square parcel

by Robert Falcione

December 17, 2008 — Zoning Advisory Committee met in the austere surroundings of the basement of Town Hall, formerly the official Senior Center, and debated the Hotel Overlay District proposed for four parcels of land in areas of town adjacent to or near Route 495. At the last meeting, the Committee dropped support for a fifth parcel own by William and Mary Terry, located south of Berry Acres across from Ice House Pond on West Main Street. They cited a lack of interest on the part of the land owner.

      However, the parcel on the western side of Lumber Street adjacent to Route 495, is included in the proposed new district. Hopkinton Stone and Garden is located in that parcel.

      Another parcel that ZAC decided to include in the proposed district is at the end of Elm Street, behind some industrial buildings, adjacent to route 495, and owned by builder Finley Perry.

      A parcel on the eastern side of South Street, all the way up to the lot across from Hayward Street, but excluding that particular piece of land, was also approved for the overlay.

      The fourth and most contentious parcel under discussion was the land at the corner of South and West Main Streets that has recently been stripped of vegetation and trees (photo). The land is the site of the planned and approved Hopkinton Square, a 150,000 square foot commercial and retail development. According to the Committee, land owners Peter Markarian and Chuck Joseph have shown an interest in that being a part of the overlay district.

      However, the committee gave great weight to a letter from the Lake Maspenock Preservation Association (LMPA) that made it clear the group would not support that parcel of land being part of the zoning overlay district.

      ZAC member Robert Maguire suggested that the committee separate the Hopkinton Square parcel and bring it to Town Meeting as a separate Article.

      "They're (LMPA) only one segment of town. Maybe sixty percent of the town wants it," he said.

      "Having that as a separate Article would be the death knell for that piece," said Attorney Doug Resnick, seated in the audience.

      A motion to recommend only the three parcels to the Planning Board, leaving out Hopkinton Square, eventually passed unanimously. If the Planning Board approves the proposed Article, it will be presented to Town Meeting in May and will need to pass by a two-thirds majority.

      The intention of the Article will be to allow a use that is not currently allowed, and keep it within the character of the town.

      Part of the required accessories to a proposed hotel are a restaurant, health club, and a function room of 8,000 square feet. The group has tried to design specifications in order to keep out "Motel 8" types of facilities.

...everywhere a sign

      ZAC also discussed their proposed sign bylaw at length. The group is proposing to allow the types of signs that have recently been ordered removed by the Zoning Enforcement Officer, Charles Kadlik, because they are not allowed by the town's bylaws.

Pre-winter Play

December 17, 2008 — Matthew LaFlash, 8, makes use of the first snowstorm of he season by making a partial snowman, the head and arms, while looking forward to the real thing. Photo by Mom.

Helping Hands

December 17, 2008 — These NStar workers are replacing a charred cross-beam this morning that was scorched in a fire today shortly after 10:00 am on a pole at the intersection of Meserve and Main Streets.

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Keep in mind that Free Classified is also presented to readers of and, so we recommend that you note the town where the item or rental is located. DO NOT assume people will know it is Hopkinton.

 Senior Moments


Tea for Two (Hundred)



Above, background, Members of ESL from left, Amanda Maffei, Mary Scarlata Rowe, Mark DiCampo and Kelly Grill

by Nancy L. Drawe (Punky)


December 17, 2008 — Tea for two, and two for tea!  There were certainly more than two people at the Holiday Tea Party hosted by the Friends of the Seniors held at the center last Wednesday.   Once again, another wonderful party for the holiday season was a big success. Oh, and there were surely less than two hundred people present, like there were at the Police Association dinner. But it makes for a nice a headline pun.


Cheryl Perrault and Geri Holland provided entertainment through the Women’s Art Forum—they invited some of their friends; members of ESL (Enter Stage Left) to perform a nice little Christmas concert.   Kelly Grill, Mark DiCampo, Mary Scarlata Rowe and Amanda Maffei from ESL sang some popular Christmas carols, topped off with Mark’s solo rendition of “O, Holy Night.”   They were WONDERFUL!  Everyone enjoyed the entertainment, all the yummy treats, nice hot tea and most of all, service fit for royalty!  Thank you to Dolores Ivester, Leda Arakelian, Beth Jacobs, Barbara Beale, Mindy Van Schaick, Darlene Hayes and Ellen Wright from the Friends for doing yet again another awesome job!   Leda said, “Even though this is a busy time of the year, we just wanted to do something nice—the seniors really enjoyed it last year, so we decided to do it again.”  We’ll all look forward to it again next year! READ MORE...

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Mutual Aid to Ashland

December 16, 2008 — This evening, Hopkinton Firefighters were called to Ashland to respond to a request for Mutual Aid, as Ashland firefighters knocked down a fire at the landmark Tasty Treat restaurant on West Union Street while its owners watched. The video above shows firefighters at work, after knocking down the major fire, and chasing after anything that could be hidden and smoldering behind the sign, by tearing things apart.

Cornell's menu has been upgraded to Black Angus.

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Stop, in the Name of Law

December 16, 2008 — Officer Matthew McNeil removes the plates from a vehicle at a traffic stop after discovering that the registration was not in compliance with law.

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Hopkinton 84, Bellingham 68


December 16, 2008 — Above, Mark Masucci is about four heads taller than the nearest boy, as his play is projected on the screen in the background. Hopkinton won over Bellingham, 84 - 68.

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  H   O   M   E   S         H   O   M   E   S        H   O   M   E   S         H   O   M   E   S

Girls Win 61-22 Over Bellingham


December 16, 2006 — Megan Kessler reaches high on the Hiller's way to winning against Bellingham on Tuesday evening.

Magic Bus

December 16, 2008 — The MetroWest Regional Transit Authority has it all over Ralph Kramden, the boisterous bus driver played by Jackie Gleason on The Honeymooners, one of television's first weekly programs.

     There's no more waiting for the bus in the freezing rain or snow; no more wondering if the bus is disabled, or canceled. Well, at least that is if the bus is in the MWRTA system.

      And there'll be no more wondering if the bus is on time, because people on or near the route can sit in front of the computer and see the bus approaching, and from several towns away, and then run out to catch it. That's right, real time movement of a bus in traffic. Here's how it works.

      Go to  and launch the Live Bus Tracker software. And then see the bus icon travel on the road on a map, the street, or a bird's-eye view, as well as 2D or 3D, on its assigned route.

      The map can be dragged in any direction, even to other towns.

      The top image, above, was taken from the computer screen after tracking the bus for a few minutes from Ashland, and seeing the bus by Colella's.

      Mousing over the bus icon activates a pop-up, which details pertinent information, including the speed of the vehicle. Shortly after the photo above, the bus speed increased and the photographer left the office to find the bus just passing 24 Main Street (Red X), bottom photo.


Editor's Note: It could be really worthwhile if the bus on Route 5, the Hopkinton and Ashland bus, went to one of the two MBTA stations to connect riders in those towns to the eastern network of mass  transit. At this time it does not.

Recycling with the Lions Club

The bulk of the holiday parties are over and the Lions Club is turning their recycle efforts up a notch. They will be holding their December recycle day on Saturday, December 27th from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. at Colella’s Market. There are many local people in need and the funds from donated recyclable bottles and cans will enable the Lions Club to offer assistance.

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Senator Karen Spilka Appointed to Goddard Council


BOSTON – 12/16/08 – Senator Karen Spilka (D-Ashland) was appointed to the Goddard Council on Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) Education by Senate President Therese Murray today. 


Established in the 2006 Economic Stimulus legislation, the Robert H. Goddard Council is comprised of 27 high-level representatives from business and industry, state government, and K-12 and higher education in the Commonwealth.  The Council was created to advise the Board of Higher Education and the legislature on STEM workforce development programs and policy.


“As a strong advocate for STEM education both within my district and statewide, I welcome the opportunity to further the work of the Goddard Council,” stated Senator Spilka.


In her capacity as legislator for the MetroWest, often heralded as an innovation center for the state, Senator Spilka has been a vocal advocate of the need to prepare students for the highly-skilled, well paying jobs available through life sciences, high tech and clean energy companies.  She has secured funding to expand programs like the STEM High School Internship Program to increase high school students’ interest in STEM careers, further developing the future workforce. 


During the 2007–2008 legislative session, Senator Spilka filed An Act Relative to Improving Science, Technology, Engineering and Math Education in the Commonwealth, and plans to make supporting STEM a main priority during the 2009–2010 session. 


Most recently, she served as the co-host, along with Senator Harriet Chandler, of a first-in-the-state Life Sciences Leadership Forum.  Designed to bring life sciences industry leaders together with institutions of higher education in the 495/MetroWest/Central Massachusetts region, the forum provided the opportunity to further refine the development of the STEM pipeline in the area.


The Council is named for Robert H. Goddard, who is credited with being the first to construct and successfully launch a liquid-propelled rocket in Auburn, Massachusetts, in 1926.

Milford Police Receive Grant to Step Up Enforcement


December 16, 2008 — The Milford Police Department was awarded $5000 in grant funding as part of the 2008 Underage Alcohol Enforcement Grant Program from the Executive Office of Public Safety and Security (EOPSS). This program reimburses the Police Department for overtime funds for enforcement of underage alcohol laws through several activities such as compliance checks, reverse stings, party patrols, surveillance patrols, and cops in shops. The EOPSS awarded 95 of these grants totaling over $600,000. We are pleased to receive these funds to enhance the enforcement of laws prohibiting minors from possessing and consuming alcoholic beverages.


Associated with this concern is the fact that motor vehicle crashes are the leading cause of death among young drivers between ages 15-20. In addition to having a lack of driving experience, young people tend to engage in other risky driving behaviors such as speeding, running red lights, making illegal turns, and not wearing seat belts when they are under the influence of alcohol. According to the statistics from the National Highway Transportation Administration, from 2003 to 2005, about 34% of 16-20 year old drivers killed in motor vehicle crashes had been drinking.


In a related effort, the Milford Police Department and the Alcoholic Beverage Control Commission (ABCC) will be sponsoring a training seminar on fraudulent documents and liquor laws on Thursday December 18, 2008. This training is geared towards police officers and Licensed Liquor Establishment Holders in the town of Milford.

~ Thomas O’Loughlin, Chief of Police (File HopNews video capture)

Wachovia Corporation Lowers Prime Rate

CHARLOTTE, N.C., Dec. 16 /PRNewswire-FirstCall/ -- Effective today, Wachovia Corporation (NYSE: WB) lowered its prime interest rate to 3.25 percent from 4 percent at Wachovia Bank, National Association, and all of its other banking subsidiaries.

The prime rate is a benchmark used to set interest rates on various forms of corporate and consumer credit. It is one of several interest rate bases used by Wachovia, which lends at interest rates above and below the prime rate. The prime rate last changed on Oct. 29, 2008.

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  H   O   M   E   S         H   O   M   E   S        H   O   M   E   S         H   O   M   E   S

Hopkinton Little League Safe at Home

Group approved to resume fundraising.


December 16, 2008 — On September 5, 2008 the Hopkinton little League Inc. struck out with the Office of the Massachusetts Attorney General, having been issued a Cease and Desist order to stop charitable fundraising. Today, that ban was lifted. The original order stated in part:


Because your organization is not registered with the Division and not in compliance with the statutory filing requirements, you are not legally permitted to raise funds in the Commonwealth. You must cease and desist any and all fundraising activities, including solicitation of sponsorships and raffles, immediately.


In addition, the order demanded:

• a copy of your articles of incorporation

• a copy of your by-laws

• the names and addresses of your current board

• any tax-exempt determination letter issued by the IRS

• the past 4 fiscal years annual filings, i/.e. FYE 9/30/07, 9/30/06, 9/30/05, and 9/30/04.


On December 5, Assistant Attorney General, Sandra L. Cardone of the Division of Public Charities wrote to the league's President, Patrick Mahon (File photo), granting a waiver, based primarily on hardship, for producing the financial statements for the three fiscal years prior to FY '07, the one year for which they have complied. The total income for those prior years is nearly $600,000.


Ms. Cardone made it clear in her letter, that the waiver was a one-time event, and that the HLL is expected to be in full compliance in future years.


Today, Jill Butterworth, spokesperson for the Attorney General's Office, said that the office had just issued a Certificate of Solicitation, clearing the way for the group to conduct fundraising activities.

 Services for the Home

Next Generation Children's Center Plans 5850 sq ft Expansion

Seeks to add 58 students

by Robert Falcione

December 16, 2008 — Professional representatives of the Next Generation Children's Center (NGCC) at 2 Wood Street in Hopkinton, one of nine in a chain, presented a plan to the Planning Board on Monday evening to expand their facility to accept 58 new students and add 8 additional staff members.

      To accomplish this end, they would need approval of a 5860 square foot addition, which would expand the building into the current play area, shown in a tan color, above. They would also need to purchase the property at 5 Meserve Street, which is believed to be under contingency agreement for $350,000. The house on that property would need to be torn down to make way for an additional 39 parking spaces and a retention pond for onsite storm water management.

       NGCC had postponed this evening's hearing several times after purchasing the property at 11 Meserve for $155,000 eleven months ago and proposing to build an expanded parking lot at that location, which was not adjacent; but the Planning Board was not warm to an off-site parking lot.

       Engineer Katie Enright promised the Board this evening that if it approves the new plan, which expands onto the adjacent land at 5 Meserve Street, that they would abandon the 11 Meserve plan.

       "If this plan moves forward," Ms. Enright said, "that plan goes away."

       Attorney Kevin Erikson said that all of the immediate abutters had been notified, and that he met personally with Flora Busconi to address her concerns. Mrs. Busconi is a former owner of the property at 2 Wood Street where NGCC is located, and continues to share a lot border with them.

       Abutter Royce Greenwood expressed concerns about the storm water management system, because he is downhill from it. He said any substantial rain would drop right down on his property.

       Both Mr. Greenwood and neighbor Jackie Potenzone (Photo, standing) expressed concern about traffic in and out of the current site. Mr. Greenwood recommended that all traffic enter the facility on Meserve Street, so that any queue of vehicles waiting to get into the parking lot would be on a side road, and not on Wood Street.

      Planning Board Chairman Mark Abate asked Town Planner Elaine Lazarus to check with Police chief Thomas Irvin regarding accidents in that area. He called the traffic situation at the intersection of Wood, Main and Meserve Streets, which has undergone several studies, "a conundrum."

      At the entrance/exit on Wood Street is a sign facing the parents' vehicles exiting, demanding that they turn right. One of Mr. Greenwood and Mrs. Potenzone's complaints is that they do not always follow the directional sign.

      Speaking to NGCC owner Walter Kelleher, who was present at the hearing, Mr. Abate asked, "Would you enforce that of your parents?" Mrs. Kelleher responded.

      "We always notify our parents," she said.

      "We create a service, jobs, and we pay taxes," Mr. Kelleher said. "We don't want to create problems with drainage, and we'll make sure it is addressed."

      "This is a very wet area, and I think it is important to make sure this works," said Mr. Abate.

      The hearing was continued by unanimous vote until January 26, 2009 at 8:00 p.m. at the Fire station Meeting Room.

       Little League and Parks and Rec representatives came out out their Planning Board meeting beaming about having won the right to have lights on one field at EMC Park, after an eight-year moratorium due to a legal agreement with the neighbors.

       "It's a great night for Little League," said HLL President Pat Mahon, who doubles as a Parks and Recreation Commissioner. The Little league recently was issued a cease and desist order from the Attorney General, Martha Coakley, stopping their fundraising activities, and was ordered to file proper paperwork to comply with the law. This evening, Mr. Mahon showed this reporter a letter dated December 5, 2008 purportedly showing compliance, but said he would not let the letter be copied, because, he said, some information had to be removed.

        "But it's a public document. You can't redact it," this reporter argued.

        "We are a private organization," he replied.

        Parks and Recreation commissioner Kenneth Driscoll said about the approval for the lights, "We have a good plan for the town and the neighbors." The plan allows one field to be lit, which will add one more game per evening.

        "We'll be able to light another one in 12 years," he said.  


[NOTE: In the original form of this report, the date for the continuation of the hearing was incorrect. The correct date, January 26, 2009 at 8:00 p.m., is stated in bold above]

Your Baby Doll Doesn't Have to Stay Broken. Call Jenny's!

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“Hopkinton’s Junior Miss” Chosen


December 15, 2008 — Elizabeth “Lisie” Michel has been named “Hopkinton’s Junior Miss” after participating in a local Junior Miss program in November in Franklin, MA. The Junior Miss program seeks to empower high school women by providing scholarship opportunities, developing life skills, and encouraging positive values. Contestants are judged based on scholastics, interview skills, talent, fitness, and self-expression.


Lisie is one of fifteen high school seniors in Massachusetts chosen to proceed to the Junior Miss state program in Franklin this February. The winner of the state program, to be named “Massachusetts’ Junior Miss,” will proceed to the 52nd Annual National Finals in Mobile, AL, this June. The winner of that program will be named “America’s Junior Miss.” Over $150,000 in scholarship funds is awarded to national contestants; lesser amounts are awarded at the state level.


Lisie Michel is a senior at Walnut Hill School, an independent school for the arts in Natick, where she majors in ballet. She is currently dancing the role of the Sugar Plum Fairy in their yearly production of the Nutcracker. In addition, Lisie leads the Jewish Student Union at her school and is a member of Math League. She has won the underclass writing award, the school math award, and the Wellesley Book Award. She is also a National Merit Commended Student. Lisie has lived in Hopkinton since the age of five. Contributed content.

Tall Tree Topples Twice

December 15, 2008 — In a repeat of a fallen tree on Kerry Lane last year, the other half of the apparently diseased tree came tumbling down today, pulling  down the wires of the electrical service from the very top (High power) nearly to the ground, and bending one of the telephone poles (left) in the process.

     The Fire Department ordered the power shut in two homes, one of which had a burning smell coming from the microwave as it did the year before.

     NStar was called, as the Highway Department stood by to cut and clear the tree.

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 Caution - Deer Rutting

3rd deer hit since Saturday


Area deer are in the season of the rut, a period of heightened sexual activity and mobility.


Three deer have been struck on Hopkinton roadways since Saturday, no two in the same area.


One was struck on Ash Street, one on Cedar Street, and today, a year-old doe was struck by the the Ice House Pond shortly after noon. Police were dispatched to euthanize it, which Detective Timothy Brennan did.


One West Main Street passerby described through tear-filled eyes, a peaceful animal sitting in the middle of the road on West Main Street with a gushing chest wound.


Deer can often be seen crossing in that area, as there is apparently a large population on the Terry Property across from the pond, which travels, according to Hopkinton Patrolman Gregg DeBoer, to the Elm Street area to bed down, where hunters do not shoot, as it is too close to homes.


And people hiking in the State Park proper, or behind the headquarters, can often see "watchable" wildlife, including deer and coyote. The Hopkinton State park as well as Lake Whitehall State Park are off-limits to hunters; but the Upton State Forest is not.


According to Officer DeBoer, the season of the main rut has ended, and there is a secondary rut, called post rut, that the deer are involved in at this time.


"Shotgun season ended Saturday, and now is the muzzle-loader season," said Officer De Boer, and avid hunter.


People are cautioned to drive the speed limit, be alert, and be prepared to stop, because deer do not understand vehicular traffic. File photo by Robert Falcione, Saddle Hill Road.

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December 15, 2008 ~ Three OUI Arrests




6:20 pm A caller reported that army tanks were driving up and down Downey Street...


10:14 am A caller from Bridgetown Way reported that she heard a door slam on the first floor and she believed that someone may be in her house...


3:11 am A 911 caller reported that a tree had fallen into his house and now the house smells of natural gas.


2:01 pm A caller from Huckleberry Road reported that a suspicious motor vehicle was parked and running for the past two hours across the street from them. ..


Real Estate Transactions for Hopkinton, Massachusetts

Compiled by Eric Montville for,  December 15, 2008






Address Buyer Price Date Seller
26 Overlook Road Bradley R. Roark $907,000 Dec.  12, 2008 Gregory A. Briers & Melissa B. Briers
73 Winter Street David I. Freed & Karen Putnam Freed $545,000 Dec.  12, 2008 Thomas E. Perna & Danielle Perna
Last Week:        
10 West Elm Street Jason Molfetas & Laura M. Molfetas $575,000 Dec.  05, 2008 Edward C. Davis & Derek Davis, Trustees
of Nala Realty Trust
206 Wood Street Christine M. Mastrogianis $195,000 Dec.  05, 2008 James D. Mehigan
19 Smith Road Philip D. Miller Jr. & Holly B. Miller $820,000 Dec.  03, 2008 Maria M. Dwyer
Previous Week:        
26 Trevor Lane unit 15 Betsy Stechler $560,000 Nov.  25, 2008 Maillet & Son LLC


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Be Safe Question of the Day

Q. What percentage of Hopkinton HS students, 12-20 year-olds, report being binge drinkers?

a)   5 %

b)  12 %

c)  20 % - Nearly 20 % is the correct answer.

d)  25 %

* From the Hopkinton Youth Risk Behavior Survey

 Services for the Home

Marathon Bibs Now Available

HAA begins charitable initiative


December 14, 2008 — The Hopkinton Athletic Association (HAA) has several invitational numbers available for runners who are interested in running the 2009 Boston Marathon.


These numbers, provided by the Boston Athletic Association, are allocated to runners who agree to raise money that supports the HAA’s programs and initiatives. Runners must raise a minimum of $2,250. In turn, the runners are provided myriad benefits, including training and coaching from experienced marathoners, access to training runs offered by the Hopkinton Running Club, an indoor location to relax and warm-up on the morning of the Marathon, a "Team Hopkinton" singlet, and an opportunity to meet with elite, Kenyan runners at their annual visit to Elmwood School several days prior to the race.


The non-profit HAA supports multi-generational health and fitness-oriented programs in Hopkinton and the Metrowest area. The HAA has awarded grants to a variety of organizations and programs, including the Hopkinton Council on Aging, the Girl Scouts, the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society, the Juvenile Diabetes Research Association, the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute, the Hopkinton Education Foundation, the “Marathon Fitness Challenge” for students at Elmwood School, and the Hopkinton Special Olympics, who received a multi-year commitment enabling them to offer new athletic/fitness programs to athletes in Hopkinton and other Metrowest communities.


One recent initiative by the HAA raised money to help pay for a new van for Dick and Rick Hoyt, the iconic father-son team who have run the Boston Marathon more than 25 times. Interested parties should contact Stephanie Whelan at as soon as possible. More information about the HAA can be found at the organization’s website,

File photo, Lance Armstrong.

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