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October 11, 2008 — These Hopkinton girls found the Hopkinton Reservoir Dam to be a fine place to spend some time on Saturday afternoon.

Silhouettes On the Water

October 11, 2008 — These two fishermen are equipped with a comfortable chair, four fishing poles, and an electric motor this afternoon at the Hopkinton Reservoir.


Your New Home Awaits You


   H   O   M   E   S         H   O   M   E   S        H   O   M   E   S         H   O   M   E   S

Stand By Me

October 11, 2008 — The male mallard stays behind to be sure his mate can get some distance from the human with the camera, on Little Pond today.

Rachel Scott was the first person killed in the Columbine High School Tragedy on April 20, 1999. She left behind an amazing legacy and a simple challenge to anyone who will accept it — treat others with kindness and compassion and you just may change the world you live in.

Scouting for Food set for Nov. 1 and 8

This year's annual "Scouting for Food" campaign takes place Nov. 1 and 8, 2008.  This annual event helps to replenish the Hopkinton Food Pantry for the holidays and the long winter.

The food drive comes at a critical time.  Project Just Because, which operates the food pantry, reports that many more families depend on the pantry but donations are down because of economic problems.

Hopkinton's Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts and parents will be distributing plastic bags to all Hopkinton households on Saturday, Nov. 1.  We ask that residents fill the bags with non-perishable grocery items.  Especially needed are canned meat, breakfast foods for children, school snack items, paper products, cleaning products and toiletries. The donated items should be placed near your mailbox by 10 a.m on Saturday, Nov. 8. Scouts will collect the bags between 10 a.m. and 2 p.m. and bring them to the pantry. 

Tax deductible cash donations, made payable to "Project Just Because Food Pantry," are also welcome.  Please send the donations to Project Just Because, Inc., 45 South Street, Unit G, Hopkinton, MA 01748.

Girls Earn Rose Petal Badges

Hopkinton Daisy troop 2973 worked very hard today picking up trash at EMC park and earned a rose petal badge for helping to make the world a better place. ~Troop Leaders Amy Hansen, Brian Karp & Susan Domski

BEE a part of the BUZZ in Hopkinton!

The HPTA & Hopkinton Education Foundation are proud to host

The 2nd Annual Hopkinton Community Spelling Bee

Hopkins School Cafeteria

Friday, November 14th, 2008

6:00 PM – 8:00 PM

Form a team, sponsor a team, sponsor a word or volunteer!

Don’t miss out on this fun event for all ages!

New this year – free “Mini Bee” for grades K-5

Admission: Adults - $3, Kids & Seniors – Free

Refreshments (pizza, ice cream, etc.) available for sale

For more information on how to get involved, go to


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Kathryn A. Kerins, Esq., a resident of Hopkinton, has become associated with Barron & Stadfeld, P.C.’s family law and probate department. She will focus her practice on divorce, pre-marital agreements, child custody, paternity, adoptions, child removal, guardianships, and other matters affecting families. Previously, Ms. Kerins was a judicial law clerk for the Massachusetts Probate and Family Court.


Ms. Kerins graduated from New England School of Law, magna cum laude, in 2007. While at New England School of Law, she was a Dean’s List student and graduated in the top 10 students in her class. She also served as a tutor to other students and received numerous awards, including the New England Scholar Award and the CALI Excellence for the Future Award for Personal Income Tax and for Taxation of Business Entities.


Your New Home Awaits You


   H   O   M   E   S         H   O   M   E   S        H   O   M   E   S         H   O   M   E   S

Hot Colors

October 10, 2008 — The gazebo at Ice House Pond enjoys a colorful vignette today, as it sits peacefully and unattended. The colors surrounding the borders of the photo, although beautiful to the human eye, have been electronically cranked up a bit for the photo.

Two Injured

October 10, 2008 — Two women were injured this afternoon in a three-car rear-end collision on East Main Street at Cookie's Corner, and were brought to MetroWest Medical. Above, one patient wearing neck support is being loaded into the ambulance by Firefighters; and another, also wearing a brace, is being supported by Officer Philip Powers before being placed into the ambulance. A student driver stopped for a person to let them cross the street, which set up the crash.


Hopkinton Parks and Recreation

Department  Fall/Winter Activities


The Hopkinton Parks and Recreation Department would like you to know that their Fall/Winter Activities Brochures has been mailed to every home and PO Box in Hopkinton. The brochure features pre-school exercise and art programs. We offer several youth clinics and programs, as well as recreational basketball, including teen intramural basketball. There is also information about adult volleyball, basketball and aerobics and bus trips, and dog training. If you have not received your brochure, you may look on line at or go to to register. You can pick up a brochure at the Recreation Office in Town Hall at 18 Main Street.

Office hours are M,W, F from 10 AM to 1PM.

For more information you may call 497-9750 during those hours.



Updated 10/9/08











*For more information about any of these positions, please email

Geri Holland at

Starts Tonight!


ESL hosts The Bad Seed 8:00 pm @ ESL Studio


October 10, 11, 17, 18 ESL hosts The Bad Seed 8:00 pm @ ESL Studio, 30 Main Street, Hopkinton. Tickets: $16 adults, $13 students/seniors. Little Rhoda Penmark seems like a normal, sweet little girl.  But when one of her schoolmates is mysteriously drowned at a picnic, Rhoda's mother becomes suspicious. Its a chiller just in time for Halloween! .

High Touch/High Tech Enrichment “What’s the Matter?”

A fun and interesting HPTA sponsored Enrichment program took place October 6th, 7th, 8th and 10th for the second graders at Elmwood. They found out what really matters and had loads of fun while they explored all different types of matter. This was a compliment to their recent curriculum. The children used experiments to discover bubbling potions for themselves and watch air take up space and even had a contest with carbon dioxide! Ask them about the water molecule races! ~ Contributed content.


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Your New Home Awaits You


   H   O   M   E   S         H   O   M   E   S        H   O   M   E   S         H   O   M   E   S

Op-Ed From Middlesex District Attorney Gerry Leone and Boston 10 Point Coalition Founder Reverend Jeffrey Brown Re: Question 2


October 9, 2008 — For the first time in years we have some good news on drugs: Marijuana use among Massachusetts teens has declined significantly since 2001.


It’s good news because kids who smoke marijuana are more likely to do poorly in school and engage in violence. It’s good news because drivers who’ve smoked pot are 10 times more likely to be injured, or injure others, in car crashes.  It’s good news because marijuana is more carcinogenic than tobacco and young people who smoke pot are much more likely to then use other illegal drugs.  


Unfortunately, there is a radical effort underway to undo this progress. Question 2 on November’s ballot will decriminalize marijuana use and turn possession of an ounce or less of marijuana into a fine similar to a traffic violation.  For kids under 21, the penalties will be reduced well below penalties for alcohol possession.  


In the weeks ahead, out-of-state proponents of Question 2 will spend a lot of money to support their false claims and misplaced agenda. But at its core, this is an issue of simple common sense - and common sense will lead you to vote against this dangerous proposal.


Common sense tells us that if we decriminalize marijuana, removing the significant deterrent effects and increasing its accessibility, then we will see an increase in its use.


A vote for Question 2 will begin a slippery slope resulting in several negative consequences. It will result in increased addiction, to marijuana and other drugs, as we know that pot is a powerful gateway drug. It will result in increased related crimes, and additional taxpayer costs to combat them, as we know that drugs are the root of much of the violence that erodes our communities. And it will result in increased instances of impaired driving, and the tragic deaths that result from it.


This measure also will result in other unaddressed problems. For instance, there are no regulatory reviews in place to assure that these newly decriminalized drugs are safe, and we know that marijuana is now exponentially more potent than a decade ago. More disturbingly, it does not address the fact that if young people want to buy pot, they will still need to buy it from illegal drug dealers.  We can not think of many more dangerous, combustible situations than that.


In short, if this initiative passes, it is a virtual certainty to lead to more drug abuse by our young people, more lives lost, and more crime in our communities. There is no benefit of this measure that outweighs these great costs.


The proponents of Question 2 have two central arguments. First, that existing laws unfairly punish those caught with an ounce or less of marijuana. That is simply untrue. In fact, current law mandates that first time marijuana users receive no more than probation and have their record wiped clean if there are no further violations. Jail is not an option. Want further proof? In Suffolk and Middlesex Counties last year, there were exactly zero defendants sentenced to jail for first-time marijuana use alone.


Their second claim is that enforcement of marijuana laws leads to expansive police costs. That is also false. A survey of our busiest courts revealed that marijuana prosecutions account for only a tiny fraction of cases, and many of those also involved other violent crimes that so frequently accompany drug abuse. To claim that officers are out trolling the streets for marijuana users, at great cost to taxpayers, is simply not reality. 


And despite their best efforts to paint an ounce of marijuana as innocuous, the fact is that one ounce of marijuana is worth about $600 and represents about 60 individual sales.


In communities throughout Massachusetts, law enforcement and neighborhood and faith-based organizations work together to improve public safety.  Question 2 is a misguided approach that threatens to derail much of that important work. 


We cannot afford to take a step back in our efforts to combat drug addiction and reduce violence in our communities. We can not afford to empower drug dealers and allow more tragic deaths due to impaired driving. And we absolutely can not afford to send mixed messages to our kids about the seriousness and dangers of drug abuse.


For the benefit of our children and our communities, we urge you to vote no on Question 2.


Gerry Leone is the District Attorney of Middlesex County

Reverend Jeffrey Brown is co-founder of Boston Ten Point Coalition

Woodville Rod and Gun Club

Saturday, November 15, 2008

6:30 pm with complimentary beer and wine

7: 00 pm- 11: 00 pm Cash Bar

7:00 p.m. buffet dinner by Ciao Time

     Hopkinton Youth Lacrosse is pleased to announce its first ever Fall Fling on Saturday, November 15, 2008. This lacrosse gathering will be held at the Woodville Rod and Gun Club, conveniently located in Hopkinton.
     All proceeds from this event will benefit Hopkinton Youth Lacrosse and its growing need for fields, uniforms and training.
     The evening will include a silent auction, dancing and much more. 

     Tickets are $30.00 per person and can be purchased at
or send payment to Hopkinton Lacrosse, P.O. Box 83, Hopkinton MA 01748
     The attire for the evening is lacrosse casual- jeans are fine!
     Mark your calendar for Saturday, November 15, 2008 and plan to be a part of the first Hopkinton Youth Lacrosse Fall Fling. This will be an evening not to be missed.
     Any questions contact Joanne Brine 508-435-2669 or email Hopkinton Lacrosse.

Ring Around the  Gazebo...

October 9, 2008 — Tommy Nation, who just turned 5 on Wednesday, demonstrates to his little sister, Katie, how a 5 year-old has fun. Their Dad, Christopher, will be donating his time framing the new gazebo. In the background of this photo, Tom McIntyre is in the middle of tearing down the old one.

   Tom McIntyre of McIntyre Loam donated his time all day, and with a machine, as well as gravel to fill the hole in, and filled four dumpsters donated by E. L. Harvey and Sons.

   Peter Mezitt of Weston Nurseries brought a crew to remove the large shrubs surrounding the gazebo for safekeeping and replanting at another time.

     To see more of the demolition, choose the YouTube/HopNews video below.


Going, Going...

October 9, 2008 — The Veterans' Memorial Gazebo, the construction of which was spearheaded by Ernie Fecteau, and completed just 20 years ago, came down today to make way for a new one, built with the same spirit of volunteerism that went into the first. Above, Tom McIntyre pulls down the main structure after the railings and spindles were removed. Click on the icon to see a conceptual drawing of the new  gazebo.








CALL 508-478-2600.

Wayne R. Davies, B.S., J.D., LLM Tax, CFP®, ChFC,

Financial Strategist* & Investment Consultant*

288 Main Street, Milford, MA 01757-2521


H.D. Vest Financial Services® is a wholly owned non-bank subsidiary of Wells Fargo & Company.   In addition to other recent podcasts, The Wells Fargo Private Client Services division has produced a third audio recording that helps put the recent events in the financial markets into perspective.


In this podcast, Lincoln Yersin, National Segment Manager with the Wealth Management Group will speak with Dean Junkans, Chief Investment Officer for Wells Fargo’s Wealth Management Group and Ron Florance, Director of Asset Allocation and Strategy. The topics discussed will include:

  • Why the financial markets remain extremely volatile, even though the bill enabling the $700 billion Troubled Asset Relief Program to go into effect was signed into Law last week,

  • Why now is not a good time to throw in the towel, and

  • Suggestions on what you can do to help maintain your focus on your long-term plan in these difficult times.

Click here to listen to the October 7 market commentary podcast

The views and opinions presented in this podcast are those of Dean Junkans and Ron Florance of Wells Fargo and not those of H.D. Vest Financial Services, its subsidiaries, Wayne R. Davies, or Davies Wealth Management Strategies.

Feel free to contact me at 508-478-2600 to discuss your thoughts on the events in the market, how they’ve impacted your portfolio and what, if any, action might be beneficial to you right now.

Registered Representative and Advisory Representative. FINRA Series 6, 7, 24, 63, 65 Licensed

* Securities offered through H.D. Vest Investment Services SM . Member SIPC.

Advisory Services offered through H.D. Vest Advisory Services SM . Non-bank subsidiaries of Wells Fargo & Company.

Diversification does not assure or guarantee better performance and can not eliminate the risk of investment losses .

Investment advice is offered through Wayne R. Davies. Davies Wealth Management Strategies is not a

Registered broker/dealer or independent advisory firm and can not directly offer investment advice or services.


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Success Has Many Fathers

Dear Editor,


I would like to make a correction about the name that was attached to the photo of the handsome cat holding his prize after an excellent job hunting.


That photo is of myself, Bugsy Brown, I live at 25 Winter Street and hunt by the dam regularly, and brought this wonderful prize to my family that afternoon.


Bugsy Brown

25 Winter Street


October 8, 2008

Your New Home Awaits You


   H   O   M   E   S         H   O   M   E   S        H   O   M   E   S         H   O   M   E   S

Catch Me If You Can...

October 8, 2008 — Stephan Lynch has the lead in Wednesday's Cross-Country meet, as he runs atop the Hopkinton Reservoir Dam. He kept his lead and crossed the finish at 16m41s.


Cuz's Crusaders

October 8, 2008 — The Walk to Cure Diabetes, sponsored by the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation, took place this past Saturday October 4th, in Boston. Robert Cusanelli, 13 years old, along with a group of 7th graders form the Middle School, as well as his family members from Hopkinton and Pennsylvania, and other friends, took part in the walk, bringing to almost $5,000 the amount that the group has raised in two weeks.

DCR Gathering at Hopkinton State Park 

October 9, 2008 — DCR staff got together today at Hopkinton State Park on Wednesday to share ideas and triumphs. They speak on the video.

Below are summaries of the ballot questions for November's election.

See the full brochure from Secretary of State's Office:

Information for Voters


QUESTION 1: Law Proposed by Initiative Petition

State Personal Income Tax


This proposed law would reduce the state personal income tax rate to 2.65% for all categories of taxable income for the tax year beginning on or after January 1, 2009, and would eliminate the tax for all tax years beginning on or after January 1, 2010.

The personal income tax applies to income received or gain realized by individuals and married couples, by estates of deceased persons, by certain trustees and other fiduciaries, by persons who are partners in and receive income from partnerships, by corporate trusts, and by persons who receive income as shareholders of "S corporations" as defined under federal tax law. The proposed law would not affect the tax due on income or gain realized in a tax year beginning before January 1, 2009.


The proposed law states that if any of its parts were declared invalid, the other parts would stay in effect.


QUESTION 2: Law Proposed by Initiative Petition

Possession of Marijuana

Abbreviated Summary:

This proposed law would replace the criminal penalties for possession of one ounce or less of marijuana with a new system of civil penalties, to be enforced by issuing citations, and would exclude information regarding this civil offense from the state’s criminal record information system. Offenders age 18 or older would be subject to forfeiture of the marijuana plus a civil penalty of $100. Offenders under the age of 18 would be subject to the same forfeiture and, if they complete a drug awareness program within one year of the offense, the same $100 penalty.


Offenders under 18 and their parents or legal guardian would be notified of the offense and the option for the offender to complete a drug awareness program developed by the state Department of Youth Services. Such programs would include ten hours of community service and at least four hours of instruction or group discussion concerning the use and abuse of marijuana and other drugs and emphasizing early detection and prevention of substance abuse.


QUESTION 3: Law Proposed by Initiative Petition

Dog Racing


This proposed law would prohibit any dog racing or racing meeting in Massachusetts where any form of betting or wagering on the speed or ability of dogs occurs.

The State Racing Commission would be prohibited from accepting or approving any application or request for racing dates for dog racing.


Any person violating the proposed law could be required to pay a civil penalty of not less than $20,000 to the Commission. The penalty would be used for the Commission’s administrative purposes, subject to appropriation by the state Legislature. All existing parts of the chapter of the state’s General Laws concerning dog and horse racing meetings would be interpreted as if they did not refer to dogs.

These changes would take effect January 1, 2010. The proposed law states that if any of its parts were declared invalid, the other parts would stay in effect.


NOTE: The above are summaries or excerpts from summaries of the questions prepared by the Secretary of State.




Thousands of Massachusetts Residents Impacted By Shoddy Dental Work, Deceptive Financing


BOSTON- October 8, 2008 -Today, Attorney General Martha Coakley’s Office obtained a preliminary injunction against 15 individuals and corporations that allegedly operated high-volume dental clinics through a web of corporate fronts in order to exploit patients and obtain funds from finance companies and insurers. Under the terms of the court order, entered by Judge Bruce Henry in Suffolk Superior Court, all defendants are barred from engaging in any dental or medical business in Massachusetts.  The preliminary injunction also orders the defendants to disclose to the Attorney General’s Office within five days the existence of any assets they own in whole or in part, including checking accounts, IRAs, trusts and real estate. Additionally, all defendants must disclose any other dental practices, corporations or clinics in which they have an ownership or interest in. 


  According to the complaint, filed on September 24, 2008, hundreds of patients were left with dental problems and thousands of dollars in debt after the defendants suddenly abandoned their three dental operations in Fall River and Weymouth.  The Attorney General’s Office obtained a temporary restraining order, which remains in effect, that secured assets the defendants may have, barred any practice or business of dentistry in Massachusetts, and prohibited them from destroying or altering any records. 


The lawsuit was filed against the following 15 defendants, eight of which are corporate entities that the defendants formed to advance or conceal their unlawful operations. The complaint alleges that the defendants engaged in civil conspiracy, fraud and violated the Massachusetts Consumer Protection Act. 

o       Gary Anusavice, a dentist who took and maintained a leadership role in creating and operating the defendants’ scheme.

o       Michael Rinaldi, Joseph Robbio, Vincent O’Neill and Heather Pavao, all finance advisors and business managers at the dental operations.  READ MUCH MORE...


 Senior Moments

You Put Your Left Foot In...



by Nancy L. Drawe




What’s really hot at the Senior Center these days?  It’s a new class called ZUMBA, the latest in the exercise category that specializes in Latin music and dance moves.   As I previously wrote, it’s like an “exercise in disguise,” and it’s certainly taking off at the center!   This weekly class is taught by Ceil Sharon, who comes to us from Marlboro.  Ceil is a professional dancer/teacher and has her certificate in teaching special fitness to older adults.   Zumba has been going on for about five weeks now and everyone is totally enjoying it.  As of now, there aren’t any men in the class, but I’ve heard a few express their desire and “willingness” to possibly join at some point.  If you’re interested, the classes are held every Wednesday at the Center from 11-12.  Come on and “move to the beat!”


October is a new month and besides enjoying the nice, cool weather, you can enjoy some great fall activities up at the Center.   How about Bulb Planting?  This is one of the Hopkinton Garden Club’s seasonal events and will involve planting 200 spring bulbs that they have donated.   The ArtReach group from the high school will also be there to help dig the holes, so if you’d like to just come and show your support to them, that would be wonderful!   Another fall type flowery activity is the annual Pumpkin Floral Arranging on Thursday, October 30 at 1 pm.    For many years, Pratt’s Farm and Sunnyside Gardens have provided all the supplies to the center so that the seniors could make a great centerpiece with hollowed out pumpkins FREE!  Each person attending gets to make two pumpkins—one to take home and one to leave at the center, which will then be used to decorate the dining room tables.  Make sure you call to sign up for this fun activity. 


There’s also something very new coming up!   Since the Veteran’s Friday breakfasts are such a hit on the second Friday of each month, the Center has decided to start a new breakfast on every third Friday.  This one will be inviting all the town officials.  It’s a great idea, because it’ll give everyone a chance to meet the fine people up close and personal who are running this town.  It’s also important for them to get to know us, because as we already know, we’re a great bunch of people!    Let’s make this as good a turnout as the Veteran’s do for their breakfast, so rise and shine and come join us on Friday, October 17 (continental style breakfast) at 8:30 am. 


Would you like to sell your crafts at the Center’s 2nd Annual Craft Fair?  There is still space available for this event that will be held on Saturday, November 1st from 9-2.   The spaces are $25 each and include a table (a big plus).   It’s a perfect time for the shoppers to buy all your handmade crafts, so call to register for a spot.   There will also be a baked goods table, so make sure you bring your sweet tooth.    The center also serves lunch—last year the hot turkey sandwiches were a very popular, so that’s what we’ll be having again this year. 


Speaking of crafts, I’d just like to say a few words about the Polyarts that was held Saturday, September 27th on the Common.   Even though it was a terribly rainy day, thanks to co-chairpersons Mary Brown and Kathy Curry and the other members of the Polyarts Committee for doing a great job despite the weather.    People still came armed with umbrellas and everyone made the best of it!   Think SUN for next year!


Next week, I’ll be telling you all about the Lion’s Club Spaghetti Dinner, so be prepared for a little meatball and pasta talk! 


That’s it for now, so if you have any comments or suggestions, you can email me:  Until next time, have a great week!

Arthur Earl Irvine, 87
May 25, 1921 - September 30, 2008


Mr. Arthur Earl Irvine, age 87, of Douglasville, GA passed away Tuesday, September 30, 2008. He was born May 25, 1921 in Waltham, Mass. son of the late Arthur Earl and Hazel Alice Lougee Irvine. He was also preceded in death by his daughter Linda Rizzotto and grandchild Billy Irvine. Mr. Irvine was a veteran of the U.S. Navy and the U.S. Air Force. He was
retired from Eastern Airlines with 30 years of service as an aviation mechanic. He loved taking care of his family, his wife, and was passionate about his conservative political views. Mr. Irvine was a member of Bright Star United Methodist Church.


Selectmen Consider:

New Pike Exit for E. L. Harvey

Grant for Sewer

Sending Sewer to Milford

And more...

October 8, 2008 — The Board of selectmen played host to Facilities Manager Brian Main and Borrego representative, Cara Morano, before signing an agreement to allow Borrego to install photo-voltaic arrays on the roofs of Hopkinton municipal buildings at no cost to the town. The company will then sell a percentage of the electricity back to Hopkinton, and the remainder to other clients.


More sewer to Westborough

     DPW Board Chairman Dan McIntyre introduced professional grant writer Carolyn Britt, hired with the help of Lonza, Inc., Mr. McIntyre said, to secure a $1 million grant for the replacement of the sewer line as well as the sidewalk and roadway down the length of Elm Street, to allow a gravity feed system to carry more capacity.

      "It will improve the traffic conditions on Elm Street," said DPW Director, JT Gaucher. He added that there was an additional $180,000 set aside for improvements to Elm Street. 

      The Board voted unanimously to sign the grant submission.


Sewer to Milford

        Mr. McIntyre related his discussions with Lonza, Inc., which received Tax Increment Financing (TIF) from Hopkinton that gives them tax breaks over a time period. The breaks are conditional with their expansion in Hopkinton that will create 280 new jobs. He said Lonza really likes Hopkinton and would be willing to tie the sewer main on South Street to the one just over the town line in Milford.

       "The lines are about 20' apart," he said.

      Mr. McIntyre also said he is discussing the idea with his counterpart in Milford. The entire time Mr. McIntyre spoke, Vice-Chair Mary Pratt was shaking her head no.

       "It's an inter-basin transfer. No way," she said. "This is clear water being dumped into the ocean."

       After meeting with Selectmen, Mr. McIntyre spoke with reporters and agreed that the inter-basin transfer, taking water from the basin in Hopkinton is in, and dropping into the basin Milford is in, will be a priority question.

       "That's the main question we have to address," he said.

       Mr. McIntyre said the years-old agreement with Milford is capped at 500,000 gpd. He said that there was an inter-municipal agreement signed between the towns, and was ready to be implemented when the DEP said to establish a CWMP (Comprehensive Wastewater management Plan).

        "The CWMP said to build Fruit Street," he said, referring to the waste water treatment facility planned for the town-owned Fruit Street property, which is various stages of appeal.

         When asked about the chances of getting the capacity from Milford, Mr. McIntyre said, "It's worth asking.


Package Store Loses License for 3 days

       Star Package Store lost its license for three days for selling alcohol to an intoxicated patron, with one day to be determined by Chief of Police Thomas Irvin, and the balance suspended for one year, a motion moved by selectman Michael Shepard.

       Mr. Shepard said, "It is important to support our police department, and send a message to to those two kids sitting out there (Government students in the audience) that we are serious.


Pike Exit for E. L. Harvey

       The Selectmen voted to approve Chairman Herr to write a letter supporting the concept of an exit  off of, and onto, the Mass Pike at the Pike access road to the rest area off of Wood Street.

       Currently, there is a gated DPW two-way access from the Pike westbound onto and from the access road.

       In addition, there is an access onto the Pike on the other side of the bridge heading eastbound.

       "This is a win-win," said Selectman RJ Dourney. "They could be right on the Pike and not be on the roads of Hopkinton," he said.

       Selectmen Matt Zettek and Michael Shepard agreed, but Mary Pratt was the lone dissenter when the vote was taken, choosing to abstain.


Interim Town Manager

       The Board of Selectmen is asking current Town Government employees and volunteers to submit their names and qualifications for Interim Town Manager to human resources Director Maryrose DeGroot for an initial culling process. The names will be presented at a meeting of the selectmen next week, where they will need to chose one.

Pumpkins, Pumpkins Everywhere

October 7, 2008 — Above is Pratt's Pumpkin Patch on North Street, all Hopkinton-grown pumpkins.

Do I Hear a Dollar?

October 7, 2008 — Detective Timothy Brennan acknowledges a bidder at the Police Bicycle Auction last weekend at the DPW, where dozens of bicycles went to the highest bidder.


Senator Karen Spilka Announces Hopkinton Office Hour

Friday, October 24, 2008
9:00 am to 10:00 am
85 West Main Street
Hopkinton, MA 01748
(508) 435-6922

State Senator Karen Spilka (D-Ashland) and her Constituency Services Director, Michele Goldberg, will hold informal office hours for the residents of Hopkinton to discuss issues of importance to them. All constituents are encouraged to stop by and meet the Senator in person, as well as raise any questions, concerns or ideas they may have.

Any resident unable to attend should feel free to contact the Senator's State House office at (617) 722-1640 at any time.


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Accident on Crosswalk

October 7, 2008 — Luckily, no one was in the crosswalk when these two vehicles collided at Main and Hayden Rowe Streets.

 UPDATED: October 7, 10:31 pm

Fatal Crash on Route 95 North in Lexington This Morning

Driver ejected


October 7, 2008 — Today at approximately 6:15 AM, Troopers assigned to the State Police Barracks in Concord responded to a report of a motor vehicle crash on Route 95 North in Lexington that resulted in one fatality.


Preliminary investigation by Trooper Kevin Haley indicates that a 2007 BMW X3 being operated by60 year-old Benjamin Nahabedian of Arlington was traveling North on Route 95, North of exit 30, in Lexington when it lost control.  The BMW, while traveling in the left lane, veered to the right striking a 2005 Nissan Altima causing the BMW to rollover several times ejecting Nahabedian.   The Altima, operated by 57-year-old Joseph Grace of Framingham, sustained minor damage and GRACE was uninjured.  The BMW came to rest on its roof off the right side of the road.  The operator of the BMW sustained fatal injuries and was declared deceased at the Leahy Clinic in Burlington.  The name of the deceased is being withheld pending proper notification.


The crash remains under investigation with the assistance of the State Police Collision Analysis and Reconstruction Section and the State Police Crime Scene Services Section.  The Lexington Police and Fire Departments and MassHighway assisted Troopers at the scene. 


Due to the investigation, the two right lanes of Route 95 North were closed for approximately 2½ hours.

Booster Club Membership Drive


The Hopkinton Athletics Booster Club is currently in the midst of our 2008-2009 membership drive. As a parent support organization our mission is to provide for the needs of our student athletes. We provide for all team requests that are not provided for in the school’s athletic budget. Requests come from all teams’ coaching staffs and the athletic director.


Recent purchases include an indoor pitching mound, a starting system for the swim team, movable score boards, soccer goals, training equipment for track, baseball and basketball, mats for Cheerleaders, lacrosse helmets and team jackets and warm ups. The Booster Club regularly provides for trophies, Athletic Center banners, plaques and certificates, as well as for fan buses to tournament games.. The Boosters also funded a Fitness Coordinator and staff to monitor the weight room for athletes during the summer. In addition, two athletes benefit from our annual scholarship.


During the school year the Booster Club offers fun get-togethers/fundraisers for students and community members. In November look for the Alumni/School/Community Turkey Bowl Classic where football and fun are synonymous. The first annual Booster Bowl will be held on February 7th. In addition, the Booster Club Store, located in the High School lobby, offers clothing and gift items for Hiller enthusiasts!


The best way you can help is by joining us. We are in need of people who are able to give a little of their time, ideas, and money. The Hopkinton Athletics Booster Club meets the first Wednesday of each month @ 7:00 PM in the High School Principal’s conference room. Please become a member of the Hiller Booster Club by emailing or calling

508-435-6807. Membership forms can be picked up at the Booster Store, the Dog House at home football games or online through the high school web site. Please support Hopkinton student athletics.

Donna E. Taylor, 51


HOPKINTON - Donna E. Taylor, 51, passed away peacefully on Monday, October 6, 2008 surrounded by her family.  She is survived by her husband of 32 years, Rick Taylor.  She was the daughter of the late Louis and Janet (Beauchene) Drowne.

She was a 1976 graduate of Hopkinton High School and was employed by Market Basket for the last nine years, and by the Hopkinton High School cafeteria previously.  She was an amazing Nana to her grandchildren and a private childcare provider.

In addition to her husband, she is also survived by her children, Rick Taylor and his fiancé Cindy Reynolds of Hopkinton, Jen Distasio and her husband Steve of Clinton and step-daughter Lori Sewall Taylor of Gloucester.

Arrangements complete

Permit Process for Low-income Housing Begins

Planning Board recommends approval with conditions

Above is a composite of an overhead satellite view, and a conceptual plan by Reinhardt Associates.


October 6, 2008 — The Planning Board was presented a plan for 12 units — 2 units each of 6 modular buildings— of low income housing on state property next to the Hopkinton Senior Center, which is also on state property leased by the town. The project is designed to use 4 acres of the 7-acre site.

     The Hopkinton Housing Authority has submitted a 40B proposal to the Board of Appeals, which has the sole authority to grant the comprehensive permit. The Board of appeals is soliciting opinions from other boards, including planning.

     The project will consist of 12 units in 6 buildings, a mix of 2 and three bedrooms, as well as an ADA unit for handicapped.

      People will qualify along guidelines for the Section 8 voucher system, but will be a project-based voucher, rather than based on an individual. For instance, a family may have a voucher for housing  that is transferrable, but they will have to give up their voucher and reapply for this project.

     Gas and water for the site will be tapped from existing stubs on the Senior Center, designed for this purpose, and sanitary will be pumped in an existing stub, according to Richard T. Misiaszek, an engineer from Reinhardt Associates.

      Planning Board member Claire Wright expressed concern that one  half of the units that had nothing but a crawl space, also had no storage. Hopkinton Housing Authority Director Linda Donahue agreed with Ms. Wright that storage sheds would be needed.

     Planning Board member Sandy Altamura asked if Hopkinton residents would be given preference, and Ms. Donahue said that up to 60% of the units would be set aside for Hopkinton residents.

     Ms. Wright also saw a need for additional parking, and the representatives agreed.

     The Planning Board voted unanimously to recommend the approval of the plan to the Board of Appeals with the changes mentioned above, and with screening by the cemetery and the retention pond if necessary.   

Your New Home Awaits You


   H   O   M   E   S         H   O   M   E   S        H   O   M   E   S         H   O   M   E   S

SPEAC Hosts Families First – Pre-Teen and Teens on October 21


HOPKINTON, MASS. (October 6, 2008) – Hopkinton’s Special Education Advisory Council (SPEAC) will be hosting Families First – Pre-Teen and Teens on Tuesday, October 21 at 7:00 p.m. at the Hopkinton Middle School Lecture Hall. This evening, done in conjunction with the HPTA, will feature speaker Marilyn Buckler of Families First Parenting Programs and will cover how to keep the lines of communication open, convey values, and set appropriate limits with pre-teens and teenagers. The event is free and open to the public.


Authorities Continue To Investigate Lowell Homicide 

Update: Arrest Made And Victim Identified By District Attorney's Office 


            LOWELL – Middlesex District Attorney Gerry Leone informed the public today that authorities are continuing to conduct a homicide investigation into an incident that occurred early Sunday morning in Lowell and have made an arrest in connection with the incident.  

             Roberto Garcia, 20, of Lowell, was arrested in connection with the incident and was arraigned today in Lowell District Court on a charge of armed assault with intent to murder. Lowell District Court Judge Rooney ordered Garcia held on $50,000 cash bail. Garcia is also being held on a probation violation. 

             Garcia's next court date is set for November 3, 2008.  

             According to authorities, at approximately 2 a.m. Sunday, Lowell Police responded to Santoro’s sub shop on Gorham Street in Lowell for reports of a fight. When they arrived, they discovered the victim, Jimmy Foresti, 38, of  Lowell, was unresponsive and exhibited injuries consistent with an apparent beating.

             Mr. Foresti was transported to a Boston hospital for treatment and pronounced dead later that morning.  An autopsy is still being completed by the Medical Examiner's Office.  Further investigation disclosed that during a fight that had taken place within Santoro’s, in which the defendant was involved, the defendant had pulled a gun and threatened the life of a second person.

             Lowell Police and Massachusetts State Police assigned to the Middlesex District Attorney’s Office continue to conduct a homicide investigation into the circumstances of the incident.

Donna Taylor, 51

HOPKINTON - Donna Taylor, 51, died Monday, October 6, 2008 at home.  Funeral arrangements, entrusted to the Callanan-Cronin Funeral Home, are incomplete at this time.


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Police News UP-TO-DATE  <---More

October 6, 2008




2:41 pm A caller reported that a group was fighting on the Town Common.  Five units responded along with Lieutenant Richard Flannery and Police Chief Thomas Irvin...


8:22 pm A caller reported that a vehicle just crashed into a wall on Hayward Street and was trying to leave the scene...


11:45 am A 911 caller from Kerry Lane reported that there was an unwanted person at their residence...


1:12 pm Officer Matthew McNeil issued two complaint applications to ATV operators on Pond Street... 

Time of the Season

October 6, 2008 — Like the plowed under corn, this abandoned fishing bobber, with its Picasso-like designed fishing line hanging from a tree at blood's Pond today, heralds the change in the season.

Real Estate Transactions for Hopkinton, Massachusetts

Compiled by Eric Montville for,  October 6, 2008






Address Buyer Price Date Seller
17 Fawn Ridge Road William S. Ober & Gayle Fleischer Ober $1,800,000 Oct.  03, 2008 Mark S. Lewis & Sharon A. Lewis
37 Lakeshore Drive Patrick M. Roddy & Heidi M. Roddy $258,000 Sep. 29, 2008 Sarah E. Molloy & Harold J. Molloy
Previous update:        

103-105 &

107-109 South

Southfield Properties III LLC


Sep. 24, 2008

Summers Massachusetts Family LLC


On the Stump

October 6, 2008 — Highway Department worker Jamie Stewart, grinding several stumps on the Town Common this morning, is framed by railing posts from inside the Veterans' Memorial Gazebo.

Chucky Feral Caught in the Act

October 5, 2008 — This cat in the woods on Highland Street, prize in mouth, has been identified since yesterday, when the photo was first displayed. Chucky Feral is a rescued feral cat who is being cared for by the Griben family of Winter Street.

     Family matriarch, Denise, was indeed proud of her adopted cat. "I wondered when he was going to start hunting," she said.


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