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Turkey Trot

October 5, 2008 — These two male turkeys had a rafter of females following them in the yard of a residence on Fruit Street today.

Your New Home Awaits You


   H   O   M   E   S         H   O   M   E   S        H   O   M   E   S         H   O   M   E   S

Driver is Clueless

October 5, 2008 — The 35 year-old driver of this vehicle lightly sideswiped a vehicle parked near the pole, and then hit it head-on today, so hard that it activated not only front airbags, but side-impact airbags as well, and snapped the pole half-way up. An observer said she told Sgt. Charles Wallace, above, looking at the break in the pole, that she didn't know what happened. She was taken to Milford Hospital by Hopkinton Ambulance.

All's Well...

October 5, 2008 — "A working chimney fire..." was the call that Hopkinton firefighters got for a residence that had a hydrant in its front lawn if needed. However the homeowner, who said the fire sounded like a freight train, saw burning soot fall from the chimney and onto the fireplace. He doused the embers and the wooden logs he was burning and brought them outside before the Fire Department got there. The Fire department checked the flue and the chimney, and was gone  in minutes.


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Tents of Hope

October 5, 2008 — Leah Raczynski of Grace United Methodist Church in Hopkinton poses next to a Tent of Hope she helped to paint.  Three Tents of Hope were blessed during an interfaith service today in Westborough.  Pastor Leigh Dry, also of Grace United Methodist, co-officiated in the interfaith service.   


Each tent is a symbol of the loss suffered by 2.7 million people who have been uprooted from their homes and forced to flee to displaced persons camps in Darfur and refugee camps in Chad.  The tent is also a symbol of hope, reminding us that we are one human family.  It is a work of art and a focal point for concern, showing in a tangible way that we can transform loss into hope.  The Tents of Hope campaign will culminate in a collective action as communities bring their tents and delegations to a national event in Washington DC on November 7-9, 2008. 


Grace UMC is raising awareness and support for Darfur this month by (1) screening a documentary about the genocide, (2)  fundraising for the Solar Cooker Project to reduce violence against women and girls in the refugee camps and (3) participating in the Tents of Hope Project coordinated by the Westborough Interfaith Social Action Committee.  Donations are still being accepted toward the Solar Cooker Project.  Please call 508-625-1189 for additional information, or send your donation to 61 Wood Street, Hopkinton, MA 01748.

Barreling Through

October 5, 2008 — Michael Maresca greets a Medfield defender in his own special way while Hopkinton charged to a 28-14 victory at home on Friday. Photo by Ben Lewis.

Say "Popcorn"

October 5, 2008 — Hopkinton Cub Scout Pack 26 sold popcorn at Colella’s on Saturday from 10:00am-5:00pm. They will be doing so again next Saturday. Photo by Amy Ritterbusch.

Accident Results in Arrest

October 5, 2008 — A man was arrested on Hayward Street following a car crash into a wall at Maria's Caffe Italiano. The man was given field sobriety tests by Officer William Burchard, while Officers Gregg DeBoer and Matthew McNeil observed, and the event recorded on dashboard video.

Mirror Image

October 4, 2008 — The roving HopNews camera captured this aqueduct/bridge in Northborough today. If the water had been more still, it would have been a mirror image indeed.


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Fall Sports

October 4, 2008 — Anatoliy Deych has his safety suit on as he catches some wind at the top of the Hopkinton Reservoir Dam today. He said that he will convert his windskater to ice skates when the reservoir freezes over this winter.

Police Apprehend South Carolina Murder Suspect,

Alleged Accessories on North Shore


Massachusetts State Police, United States Marshals, Lynn Police and Peabody Police yesterday apprehended a suspect in a recent South Carolina murder and also arrested another man and a woman who allegedly help him flee to Massachusetts. The arrests were made in two North Shore communities.


RONALD WEBSTER, 34 (D.O.B. 9/10/74), was apprehended Thursday afternoon after troopers from the State Police Violent Fugitive Apprehension Section (VFAS), deputy US marshals, and Lynn and Peabody detectives and patrol officers found him at a house on St. Anne Avenue in Peabody. WEBSTER is wanted by the Berkeley, S.C., County Sheriff’s Department on a murder warrant charging him with the Sept. 25 shooting of 21-year-old Jason Gadsden in Ladson, S.C. Police believe WEBSTER was planning to stay at the house, where an acquaintance of his lives.


After arresting WEBSTER, police went to a home on Victory Road in Lynn, where they had determined the two alleged accomplices were staying with a relative of one of them. There, police apprehended ADAM L. DeQUINA, 32 (D.O.B. 11/13/75), and JOEVA D. YAGMAN, 40 (D.O.B. 7/3/68), both of whom are charged as fugitives wanted as accessories after the fact to murder.


Prior to yesterday’s arrests, WEBSTER, DeQUINA and YAGMAN were last believed to be living in a mobile home park in Ladson, S.C. The arrests were the result of a coordinated effort by State Police VFAS troopers, deputy marshals in Massachusetts and South Carolina, Lynn and Peabody Police, and the Berkeley, S.C., Sheriff’s Department to track the three fugitives through a variety of investigative methods.


At approximately 11 p.m. on Sept. 25, Berkeley County deputies found Gadsden fatally shot in his pickup truck on Royle Road in Ladson. Gadsden was a resident of Summerville, a town several miles away. The deputies’ investigation over the next few days led to the identification of the suspects.


All three suspects are expected to be arraigned today as fugitives from justice, and will be held by the Essex County Sheriff’s Department until they are rendited to South Carolina. WEBSTER’S arraignment was expected to be in Peabody District Court, while DeQUINA and YAGMAN were expected to be arraigned in Lynn District Court.

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Hopkinton 28, Medfield 14

Look, up in the sky...

October 3, 2008 — Stephen Hrusovsky catches some sky while coming down with this pass on the way to a 28-14 win over Medfield. Photo by Ben Lewis.

New Initiative To Prevent Instances Of Elder Abuse


MEDFORD - October 3, 2008 — Establishing a comprehensive partnership to better identify and prevent instances of elder abuse, as well as offer proactive services to seniors, Middlesex District Attorney Gerry Leone (File photo), the Office of Elders Affairs, and healthcare providers today announced the creation of the LEAPS initiative at a press conference at the Medford Senior Center.


            The LEAPS (Leaders in Elder Abuse Prevention) Initiative was created by District Attorney Leone in an effort to pull together agencies and health care providers responsible for the care of senior citizens. Members of the LEAPS program will work together to identify seniors who may be the subject of abuse or who are living in at-risk situations and assure that they are offered the proper care and services to prevent negative situations from developing. The various groups will also engage in trainings and information sessions to assure that all members are up-to-date on proper techniques and strategies to protect elders.


            The healthcare providers who presently have joined this important initiative include: Mount Auburn Hospital, Emerson Hospital, Lahey Clinic, and Newton-Wellesley Hospital.


            “When our office sees a case of elder abuse, it is already too late,” District Attorney Leone said. “And all too frequently, there were warning signs that a particular domestic situation could lead to abuse or injury to one of our seniors. Through this program, we are able to bring everyone together to better identify those warnings signs and assure that proactive care is provided to alleviate those negative situations. I want to commend the leadership of Secretary Festa and Elders Affairs as well as all of the health care providers who have joined this program as a way to better protect all seniors that we serve.”


            "The key to keeping seniors safe and independent in the community is to prevent incidents of elder abuse and intervene at the first sign of a problem," said Elders Affairs Secretary Mike Festa. "Raising awareness around elder abuse is critical to those early detection and prevention efforts. The Executive Office of Elder Affairs has a great partner in Middlesex District Attorney Gerry Leone and his staff.  Through such public-private collaborations as the LEAPS Initiative, we can ensure that we have a strong, comprehensive safety net for our elders."



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 School Committee Meeting

Borrego Solar Project

and Initiatives for School Year 2008-2009

by Jessica Aker

October 3, 2008 The Hopkinton School Committee (HSC) met last night in the Middle School Library to discuss 13 agenda items, including an update on the Borrego Solar Project, an initiative that has been discussed extensively over the summer of 2008. Vice-Chair Phil Totino was absent from the meeting, and HSC member Rebecca Robak was able to attend only the second half of the meeting.

Facilities Director Brian Main brought a revised proposal to the HSC regarding the continuation of the Borrego Solar Project. There were 3 applicants for the project, but Mr. Main asserted that Borrego “was the strongest candidate.”


A committee consisting of Mr. Main, Selectman Matt Zettek, Fire Chief Gary Daugherty, and Cara Morano (file photo), Energy Consultant from Borrego began negations that would crystallize updated terms of the agreement. Under the project, energy would cost 12 cents per kw hour, a 1.8 cent reduction from the current price of energy in Hopkinton. The Borrego plan would save $50,000 throughout the 20 year agreement.


“Cutting edge solar panels that would generate 430 kw as opposed to the original 340 kw proposed, and they will be available for the same price” said Mr. Main.


Other incentives to continue with the project are additional outreach and education programs to teach citizens about solar power. More information would be available online, in a press release, and fact sheets in order to “address concerns regarding the project,” said Mr. Main. READ MORE...

Hopkinton Town Manager Resigns

"Effective immediately" ~ Brian Herr

"I will miss you all." ~ Anthony Troiano

Gets 2 months salary ($18,300), + unused vacation and insurance compensation.

Above, former Town Manager Anthony Troiano turns in his keys this evening


by Robert Falcione

October 2, 2008 — Town Manager Anthony Troiano resigned this evening after the third executive session of the Board of Selectmen that apparently took up the matter of his position. The previous sessions were on September 23 and September 29.

       The embattled executive was convicted of Motor Vehicle Homicide on September 17 in Falmouth Court for a fatal crash in May, 2007, was placed on Administrative Leave on September 19, 2008 for unstated reasons, and cited for driving after revocation on September 22 by Hopkinton Police.

      The Board of Selectmen opened with Chair Brian Herr, Vice-Chair Mary Pratt, and Selectmen Matt Zettek and RJ Dourney voting to go into executive session, just prior to the arrival of Selectman Michael Shepard. Chairman Herr read the motion for the executive session from a prepared paper.

      "I move that this Board go into executive session for the purpose of discussing strategy with respect to negotiations with nonunion personnel and to consider the discipline or dismissal of, or to hear complaints or charges against, a public officer, employee, staff member, or individual; and that, at the close of the executive session, this Board shall return to open session."

      Mr. Troiano did not join the meeting of the Board of Selectmen in Room 211 this evening, as he has on the other two occasions, but instead stayed in a Town Hall break room with his attorney and brother-in-law, while Hopkinton Town Counsel Ray Miyares made several trips between the rooms, with no one visit lasting more than 15 minutes.

      At about 6:25 p.m., Mr. Troiano returned his keys to Town Hall and said some goodbye's, after having his belongings carried to his vehicle by people helping out.

      About 15 minutes later, his attorney emerged with multiple copies of stapled paperwork, pages curled over as if for a signature.

      At 6:55 p.m., Mr. Troiano emerged from the break room, his brother-in-law in the lead trying to block the photographer from having an angle to take a photo, as they left down the front stairs.

      "What are the results of the settlement?" asked a reporter.

      "Talk to the Chair [ of the Board ]," answered Mr. Troiano, as he hurried down the stairs.

      The Board of Selectmen quickly reopened the public session, and two reporters walked in, the only members of the public attending.

      "Effective immediately, Anthony Troiano resigns for personal and professional reasons," said Chairman Herr. Mr. Herr made Mr. Troiano's resignation letter available to the public.

      When asked how the vote to accept the resignation went, Mr. Herr said a resignation does not need a vote.

      Mr. Herr said that Mr. Troiano will receive two months pay [$18,3000], as well as 10 unused vacation days and compensation for the cost of health insurance during that period. The actual calculations will be done by Human Resources, he stated.

       The Board needs to appoint an interim Town Manager within 14 days, according to Town Counsel Ray Miyares, but has no time limit on the hiring of a new one, for a term that lasts three years.

       "I'm hoping we can expedite the whole process," said Mr. Zettek.

       Mr. Miyares, answering a question from Mr. Herr, said that once the focus of the search for a new Town Manager becomes narrowed to a specific group of people, the process becomes public. The Selectmen will discuss the selection of an interim Town manger and the hiring of a new Town Manger at their October 7 meeting. Following Mr. Troiano's tragic accident in May, 2007, Fire Chief Gary Daugherty was appointed as interim Town Manager.


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HOLLISTON - October 2, 2008 - Dan Haley, candidate to represent the Eighth Middlesex District in the state House of Representatives, today applauded reports that Governor Patrick will seek to eliminate the Massachusetts Turnpike Authority, a proposal that Haley fought to implement when it was first put forth by former Governor Mitt Romney, and that has been central to Haley's campaign this year.

WBZ radio this morning reported that "Governor Deval Patrick will try to... merge the authority into other state agencies." ["END OF THE ROAD FOR THE MTA?",, 10/2/2008]

"I have fought to eliminate the Turnpike Authority for years," said Haley, "first as a member of the Romney Administration, and more recently as a central tenet of my campaign. I hope that the Governor's plan will include dismantling of the tolls to end the unfair practice of funding the Big Dig on the backs of MetroWest commuters.

"I learned the hard way the first time around with Governor Romney that the Legislature will fight hard to protect their patronage-haven Pike," Haley continued. "If he is to succeed, the Governor will need more legislators willing to fight against the entrenched pro-Pike culture on Beacon Hill. My opponent, unfortunately, is on record in support of tolls, and has even called for a massive expansion of the toll system. There is already far too much of that kind of thinking on Beacon Hill."


October 2, 2008 — During her grassroots campaigning, Carolyn Dykema asked residents of Mission Springs what was on their minds. “All I heard was question after question about cable services,” said Dykema who is the Democratic candidate for State Representative in the 8th Middlesex District. “I thought I could help.”

With the assistance of Holliston’s local cable office, Dykema contacted the government relations office at Comcast and last week, Frank Foss of Comcast attended a meeting at Mission Springs to answer residents’ questions.


Foss explained that most of the residents’ concerns arise from the national effort to convert all televisions from analog to digital service. Because of communication difficulties during 9/11, the federal government plans to decentralize public safety communications. This effort requires taking over analog waves currently used for television programming, with all of the television channels eventually being converted to digital. The migration process began in July when The Hallmark Channel, MSNBC and several other channels disappeared from the standard cable lineup, causing concern among many Mission Springs residents.


After February 17, 2009 television owners will need to 1) contract for a pay service (Comcast, Verizon, satellite), 2) purchase a converter box or 3) own a “digital-ready” television in order to receive television service. For further information and coupons for purchase of a converter box, visit the federal website,


“I was very glad that I could get this information directly to the residents of Mission Springs. I view constituent service in broad terms and want to serve residents whenever I can, even if the issues aren’t front page news and public policy,” said Dykema.

Carolyn Dykema, Candidate for State Representative with Frank Foss of Comcast as he responds to questions from residents of Mission Springs in Holliston. Dykema arranged for Foss to attend a Q&A session after learning that residents had questions about recent changes to Comcast’s services.

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   H   O   M   E   S         H   O   M   E   S        H   O   M   E   S         H   O   M   E   S

Enter Stage Left Theater, Inc.


in celebration of 

“It’s The Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown”


Paint or carve a pumpkin and drop it off at the ESL Studio (30 Main Street, Hopkinton) on Wednesday, October 22 between 10:00 am and 3:00 pm.

Four age groups: Preschool, K-Grade 1, Grades 2-3, Grades 4-5

One winner chosen from each age group.

Winners receive a “Family 4-Pack” to one performance of

“It’s The Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown” and a Halloween treat

All entries will be displayed during the production at Weston Nurseries


Saturday, October 25 & Sunday, October 26
at 3:00, 4:00, 5:00, 6:00 & 7:00 pm

Tickets: $7 Adults / $5 Children
Purchase at Weston Nurseries Garden Center

One Person CAN Change the World


Many people would like to see the world change; however, only a few are willing to selflessly take on such a challenge that at times seems so hopeless. Can one person really change the world? I believe so. One person can make a difference, one person with the determination, the courage, the strength and above all love. How do you begin to take on such a challenge? My response would be one person at a time. How often do you make the effort to help someone else out, even if it means sacrificing some of your time, money, and energy?

At this time I want to express my deepest appreciation for a certain woman that dedicated herself to help change my world, my family’s world. About a decade ago my family discovered that our well was contaminated by an unknown source. Can you imagine knowing that your family has been drinking from a source which could cause blood cancer or other illnesses? That was the fear that we lived with. We were unable to drink our own water, and it seemed as if no one cared to help us. At that time my mother was very ill with cancer and my father was working overtime in order to support my family, we were on our own. Not long after this news became public knowledge, Mary Pratt decided that she was going to do anything in her power to provide my family with drinkable water. FULL LETTER


Please be advised that our annual May through September, State mandated water use restrictions have ended for the season. ~Eric Carty, Water Supervisor.


 Congressman James McGovern Meets With Business Leaders in Hopkinton

October 2, 2008 — Congressman James McGovern, above, on a 10 minute video of his one-hour visit yesterday.

Congressman James McGovern Visits Hopkinton

Endorses Carolyn Dykema for State Rep

Speaks on economic mess


October 1, 2008 — United States Congressman Jim McGovern visited at the First Congregational Church of Hopkinton on Wednesday morning to endorse Holliston resident Carolyn Dykema for State Rep and to speak with a group of business people about the "rescue package" that Congress is hammering out. They took time off because of Rosh Hashanah, a Jewish holiday. "Thank goodness!" remarked one attendee, implying a cooling off period was letting cooler heads prevail.

     Speaking of the bailout, Congressman McGovern said, "We are trying to avert a catastrophe. Doing nothing is not an option.

      "Doing nothing will put us into a situation we will not be able to get out of," he said.

     To answer those who are looking for a pound of flesh from those who some believe caused the crisis, Congressman McGovern told the story of a man who owned  a business that sold silk shirts to working men. "And then the stock market crashed.

      "'Those scoundrels on Wall Street got what they deserved'," the congressman quoted him as saying. He said the man took glee in the misfortune of those people.

       "In a year, he was forced to close his shop," he said, explaining the effect on everyone that he believes inaction would have now.

       "When the credit markets begin to tighten up, and in some cases crash, we are in deep trouble. The economy ceases to work," he said.

       The congressman said he has already voted for the "Rescue Plan" once, and will vote for it again on Friday.

       Note: We will hopefully have a YouTube video up soon with a few minutes of the one-hour occasion. The upload function is currently not available.

Hopkinton Wins Varsity Volleyball

Game 1: 25--11, Winner: Hopkinton. Game 2: 25--20, Winner: Hopkinton. Game 3: 25--19, Winner: Norton
Game 4: 25--12, Winner: Hopkinton.

September 1, 2008 — Above, Laura Knox strikes fear in the eyes of the Norton opponents as she prepares to return.


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Congressman McGovern Addresses Hopkinton Businesspeople

October 1, 2008 — Massachusetts Congressman James McGovern spoke to Hopkinton business people today, making a pitch for the plan Congress is putting together. More on this later.

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   H   O   M   E   S         H   O   M   E   S        H   O   M   E   S         H   O   M   E   S

October 1, 2008 — Hiller Golf Team member John Leteria watches his drive as he follows through at the Hopkinton Country Club today.

CORRECTION: Dan Haley, Republican candidate for 8th Middlesex District, has taken issue with a HopNews headline accompanying his and Carolyn Dykema's, simultaneous press releases from September 26.

It has been changed to be without comment. See it here.

More Cowbell!

September 30, 2008 — Kathryn Curry shows off one of the hundreds of cowbells she has hand painted, at PolyArts last Saturday.  To see a few seconds of the Will Farrell SNL skit that inspired her work, click here. Apparently NBC/SNL has had all full versions of the skit removed from YouTube.

Middlesex County Crime and Justice


Buonomo Indicted For Alleged Theft Of Public Monies


WOBURN – September 30, 2008 - The former Middlesex County Register of Probate has been indicted in connection with his alleged theft of public monies, Middlesex District Attorney Gerry Leone announced today.

             John R. Buonomo, 56, of Newton, was indicted today by a Middlesex County Grand Jury on charges of breaking and entering into a depository with intent to commit a larceny (12 counts), theft of public property by a city/town/county officer (eight counts), and larceny under $250 (eight counts).

 An arraignment date has not yet been set. 


            On August 6, Buonomo was arrested by State Police assigned to the Middlesex District Attorney’s PACT Unit. It is alleged that Buonomo, a then county-wide elected official, engaged in a repeated pattern of stealing cash and coins from copy and money machines at the Office of the Register of Deeds over a period of weeks.

            Video surveillance cameras installed by the PACT Unit captured the defendant engaged in these acts numerous times during the months of June, July, and August. The Register of Deeds office is located in the same building as the Register of Probate office.

Buonomo resigned from his position as Register of Probate on September 7.

            The investigation began in June when information was obtained regarding the suspected ongoing theft of monies from numerous copy machines and cash machines within the Registry of Deeds, located at 208 Cambridge Street in Cambridge. The Registry of Deeds had noticed monthly shortages in receipts received from their copy machines estimated to be as much as thousands of dollars over a period of months.

            Based on this and other information obtained during a subsequent investigation, the PACT Unit commenced video surveillance on the second floor and basement areas of the Registry of Deeds office. During the following weeks, usually at the end of the work day, Buonomo is regularly observed on video accessing the money machines in the basement and second floor of the Registry of Deeds. He was often captured on video removing a stack of dollar bills, counting the money, and then returning a portion of those bills to the machine while pocketing the rest.

            During the weeks of the investigation, Buonomo is captured on video accessing one of the machines on at least eighteen separate occasions. He is believed to have taken cash and coins for himself on at least eight of those occasions.

            According to the Registry of Deeds, Buonomo has no authority to access the cash machines or copy machines on the Registry of Deeds side of the building nor does he have the authority to remove money from the machines.

            After his arrest, Buonomo was arraigned in Cambridge District Court on August 7 where he pleaded not guilty and was released on personal recognizance.

            The investigation into his alleged actions is ongoing.

The Middlesex District Attorney’s PACT Unit, established when District Attorney Leone took office, is dedicated to the investigation and prosecution of cases of public protection (including narcotics and organized crime), anti-terrorism, corruption, and technology.

            These charges are allegations, and the defendant is presumed innocent until proven guilty.

            The case is being investigated by the Massachusetts State Police assigned to the Middlesex District Attorney’s PACT Unit. It is being prosecuted by Assistant District Attorney John Verner, Chief of the PACT Unit.

ESL Welcomes SPARKS! Art Studio

September 30, 2008 — Enter Stage Left Theater is happy to announce the addition of the SPARKS! Art Studio at the ESL Annex at 11 Walcott Street in Hopkinton. Founded by Hopkinton residents Robin Batchelder and Nancy Barton, SPARKS! is designed to be an environment where students feel comfortable and inspired to ignite the sparks of creativity within them. “Our classroom is a large, well organized and brightly lit space which is conducive to working with a large variety of materials,” Barton explained. “Class sizes are limited to 10 children with two instructors, so individualized attention is available for each student.” SPARKS! class information and registration forms can be found at .


“We have been blessed with our connection to ESL. They have been tremendously supportive of us, and have mentored us in starting our business,” said Batchelder. “We all share a passion for the Arts and believe in the importance of its strong presence in our community.”


Both Nancy and Robin are breast cancer survivors and are members of the Healing Garden in Bolton, a support center for those dealing with the disease. They participate with a group of artists in creating “Wind Blessings”, vertically hanging collages with inspirations written on them. These are donated to cancer patients receiving treatment at a local hospital. SPARKS! is offering a workshop involving art as healing for adults on Friday mornings.

Hopkinton High School Senior Honored as Outstanding Writer in the

 2008 NCT Achievement Award in Writing




September 30, 2008 — John McCarthy, Principal at Hopkinton High School, along with The National Council of Teachers of English (NCTE) is pleased to announce that Jaclyn Perreault was one of 525 high school seniors named outstanding writers in the 2008 NCT Achievement Awards in Writing. Jaclyn was chosen from 1,789 students nominated in their junior year by their teachers from fifty states, the District of Columbia, the Virgin Islands, Canada, and American Schools Abroad.


The National Council of Teachers of English (NCTE) commends the Hopkinton High School Department of English “for excellence in its instructional program, as revealed by its evident contribution to the high quality of writing of its student honored with the NCTE Achievement Awards in Writing.”


The Achievement Awards in Writing program was established in 1957 to encourage high school students in their writing and to recognize publicly some of the best student writers in the nation. The writing excellence is based on student samples of their own best prose or verse and on impromptu themes that are written under supervision. A team of English teachers chosen from throughout the students’ home state judges the writing, looking especially for writing that demonstrates effective and imaginative use of language to inform and move an audience.


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If you see the Island Princess today, September 30, wish her a Happy 50th Birthday!

Town Manager Situation Unresolved

Meeting continued until Thursday


September 30, 2008 — A marathon executive session of the Board of Selectmen in Room 211 of Town Hall that started at 6:00 pm, ended after 10:00 pm Monday evening without a stated resolution.

     This meeting was a continuation of last Tuesday's executive session meeting, which had been noted for "personnel matters and contract negotiations."

      The presence of embattled Town Manager Anthony Troiano (Right), his attorney Robert J. Hennigan  Jr., (Left in photo) and Human Resources Director Maryrose DeGroot leaves little doubt that Mr. Troiano's future status was on the table.

     Mr. Troiano was placed on "administrative leave with pay" on September 19, 2008 by the Selectmen, according to a press release on that day, following his conviction earlier in the week of Motor Vehicle Homicide, in the May 15, 2007 head-on crash that killed 69 year-old, Lilija Berents of East Falmouth, who was not wearing a seat belt.

     Although Mr. Troiano was wearing a seat belt, he suffered a torn aorta, broken pelvis, and other injuries. He was placed into an induced coma to allow his injuries to heal without further risk.

     And then on Monday of last week, he was cited by Hopkinton Police for Driving After Revocation after officer David Shane spotted him driving following his conviction.

     "I don't know if there is a notice there [home] today," he said at the time. Mr. Troiano said he was in Hopkinton for a meeting. "I was told I could drive until I was notified," he said.

     "A judge cannot take a person's license. Only the Registrar can revoke a person's license," Mr. Troiano stated.

     "My attorney and my Probation Officer are calling Framingham District Court to get this sorted out," he said during a cell phone conversation following the citation that day.

      Monday evening, the entire Board of Selectmen, Town Counsel Ray Miyares and an associate, Mr. Troiano and his attorney, as well as Personnel Committee member Kathy LaFlash were seen entering the room where the meeting was held.

      On two occasions, the door of the room opened and some grim-faced attendees exited the room and took a short break.

      However, as the evening wore on, on two other occasions Mr. Troiano and his attorney left the meeting and went into another room, presumably so that one or both sides could discuss the apparent negotiations in private.

      After returning to Room 211 for the final time, Mr. Troiano and his attorney, who said, "No Comment," exited the room and left the building.

      Chair of the Board of Selectmen Brian Herr said, "The executive session of Monday September 29 has been continued until Thursday, October 2 at, 5:00 pm.

      "I have no further comment at this time," he concluded.

Charter Rules

      If the Selectmen decide to terminate a Town Manager, according to the Town Charter, it must be by a vote of four members to start the proceedings. The Town Manager could then file a request for a public hearing at a meeting of the Board of Selectmen, which must be held between three and twenty days later.

      If he does not request a public hearing, a second affirmative vote of four of the Selectmen may adopt a final resolution of removal.

Charter Quote

"4. Any action by the Board of Selectmen to terminate, remove or suspend shall be conducted pursuant to the provisions of M.G.L.A. c 39, sec.23B, the Open Meeting Law. "

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   H   O   M   E   S         H   O   M   E   S        H   O   M   E   S         H   O   M   E   S

The Birds

September 29, 2008 — In a scene reminiscent of Alfred Hitchcock's "The Birds,"  part of the flock of hundreds hopped up a few feet at the sound of an automobile horn on Route 9 today, captured by the roving HopNews camera in Westborough.


September 29, 2008 — A woman walks a small dog and talks on  the telephone, while a foreboding cloud looms in the background today at the Hopkinton Reservoir. The spillway is raging, which is in contrast to last year's dry season, when the reservoir level was 30' from shore at this time, and the spillway was bone dry.

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September 29, 2008




12:11 pm A resident of Tammer Lane reported that rocks were thrown through his home windows...


6:01 pm A 911 caller reported that her daughter and friend were just approached and questioned by a white male, in his 60's with a small poodle...


4:54 pm A walk-in reported that an older white male just exposed himself to him in the upper parking lot of the Hopkinton State Park...

Real Estate Transactions for Hopkinton, Massachusetts

Compiled by Eric Montville for,  September 29, 2008






Address Buyer Price Date Seller
103-105 & 107-109 South
Southfield Properties III LLC $5,000,000 Sep. 24, 2008 Summers Massachusetts Family LLC
Previous update:
13 Meserve Street Fredrice E. Weldon $360,000 Sep. 19, 2008 Keith A. Cheverie & Caryn E. Cheverie
8 Weybridge Lane unit 24D Alison B. Sholock $260,500 Sep. 16, 2008 Jason Sebell & Deena Sebell
6 Cole Drive unit 11 Robert P. Wood $494,900 Sep. 15, 2008 William A. Depietri, Trustee of Lumber
Street I Realty Trust
22 Trevor Lane unit 11 Noriko Kuriyama $500,000 Sep. 15, 2008 Maillet & Son LLC
1 Lilac Court unit 12A Victor C. Galvani $265,000 Sep. 15, 2008 Prabhakaran Makkathai & Vitya


Positively Hopkinton

Water Power Revisited

Above, from left Madeline, Gabrielle and Andrew Boyce. Their dam is behind them, and the spillway, owned by the state, is to the right in the photo.


September 28, 2008 — "The timing couldn't be better," said Andrew Boyce today, about the microhydro turbine he has received permission from the Hopkinton Conservation Commission to install on the shore — his shore — of the Sudbury River. He expects the turbine to supply up to 90% of the electrical needs of his home, which is the last house on the left before entering Southborough. He shares the home with his girls, above, and his wife, Teresa.

      For perspective, Mr. Boyce compared his 700-watt output electrical generator to the 20,000-watt capability of the spillway beside the dam, which has enough potential to power twenty average homes. He said his design is modular, and can accept another unit, which would give him the capability to use the additional electricity for home heat. Unfortunately, hydro power is not allowed to connect to the grid, Mr. Boyce said.

      Mr. Boyce said the process that started two years ago was complete this year, but the river water has been too high to pour the cement footings that will form the base of the small structure. He has begun clearing land on the North side of his property, where he will build the approved garage and barn that will house the electrical works. A trail leads from that area of his property through Aiken's park at the keystone arch stone bridge, the old Route 85, and to the T, which he takes to work.

     Mr. Boyce said that an MBTA spokesman told him that they were also considering harnessing some of the power of the Sudbury at that location.

     Please click on the thumbnail image to see an overhead of the pond, with notations, that feeds the Sudbury River.

Operator Arrested for OUI, 4th Offense,

Also charged with Operating After Suspension for OUI While OUI

September 29, 2008 — Officer Matthew McNeil administers field sobriety tests to Corey J. Colbeth, 32, 3 Kerry Lane, who he pulled over Sunday night for an alleged Marked Lanes Violation. He was charged with that infraction as well as OUI 4th Offense, and Operating After Suspension for OUI While OUI. He was being held on $5,000 cash bail. The latter offense, according to Officer McNeil, is part of the recently enacted Melanie's Law.


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The Rising

September 29, 2008 — Fog lifts over the water and across the street through the trees in the hills of Hopkinton on Sunday afternoon as the sun peeked through the clouds briefly at the Hopkinton Reservoir. Two ducks are central in the photo, and a fishing line is being pulled to shore at the bottom of the picture.

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No Danger From Above

September 28, 2008 — Angel's garden Center has a new full time resident that looks like a leaf to predators flying above. The tiny tree frog is less than an inch long, and prefers red flowers today.

Grace Abigail Cunningham


Casey and Lauren Cunningham proudly announce the birth of their second child, daughter Grace Abigail Cunningham on July 28, 2008 at Milford Hospital.  Grace weighed 9lbs 2oz and was 20 inches long.  Her maternal grandparents are Richard and Karen Parmenter formerly of Hopkinton, and her paternal grandfather is William D Cunningham of Hopkinton.   Casey, Lauren, big sister Julia, and Grace live in Framingham.

September 27, 2008 — Jeff Doyle plows through the Westwood line on Friday evening.

The Hopkinton Hillers lost a heartbreaker last night in Westwood 27-23 a game which they probably should have won. The Hillers while nursing many injuries and depending on young talent caught the wolverines at 21-21 as Kelly Cook scored with just under five minutes to tie the game! Hopkinton scored on a safety which appeared to have brought the win home. 


The Wolves, with 22 seconds left, barreled in for the winning score. The game was played under a steady rainfall as both teams played great under the circumstances. Jeff Doyle threw two touchdown passes including a pass to Cook. Cook racked up 172 yards on 25 tackles. The Hillers, a very young team, have shown that they can play with anybody. The team was hit with the loss of many graduates from last year team. The Hillers  were great in defense as they pushed Westwood pretty much all around the field at certain times. Doyle is starting to show signs of mobility and Cook is outstanding as a running back. - Peter Marso special to HopNews.

Positively Hopkinton

Olympic Echoes


September 27, 2008 — At the PolyArts Festival today, Hopkinton sculptor Michael Alfano demonstrates his technique in clay on this maquette that he designed for a contest for the Beijing Olympics. He is completing for private purposes, and intends to cast 250 in bronze and make them available for sale. Each figure is engaged in an Olympic sport, while being integrated into the familiar design.

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Hopkinton 23, Westwood 27

September 27, 2008 — Kelly Cook, slips through the highway made for him by  Michael Maresca on his left, and Zach Carroll on his right, last night in Westwood.


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Press releases from Eighth Middlesex district candidates:

HOLLISTON – Carolyn Dykema, candidate to represent the Eighth Middlesex District in the state House of Representatives, today repeated her call for a comprehensive plan to address inequities in how transportation is funded in Massachusetts.


Today the Boston Globe reported that the Massachusetts Turnpike Authority is considering a sizeable toll increase. In response, Dykema issued the following statement.


“The proposed toll hikes further increase the toll inequity borne by MetroWest commuters. I spoke out on this issue at the hearings in January, and I will continue to do so until the state’s transportation costs are allocated fairly through a comprehensive plan. MetroWest legislators must have a loud and unified voice on this issue. Continuing to approve toll increases only delays the hard decisions that will lead to real systemic change. Our commuters need to see some light at the end of the tolls tunnel, and this proposal goes in the wrong direction.”


HOLLISTON - Dan Haley, candidate to represent the Eighth Middlesex District in the state House of Representatives, today repeated his call for the Massachusetts Turnpike Authority to be eliminated, the tolls taken down, and Pike operations rolled into the Mass Highway System. The Boston Globe today reported on a meeting this week of the Turnpike Authority Board, at which immediate toll increases of as much as $1.00 at the Allston/Brighton and Route 128 tolls, and a whopping $5.00 at the harbor tunnel tolls, were discussed.
"For many years, until the tragedy of the Big Dig ceiling collapse forced a small degree of change, the Pike was a money-wasting patronage haven, protected by the legislature, with accountability to no one," said Haley.
"As a result of decades of mismanagement, today the Pike pays over $100 million a year just to service its debt.

"The Turnpike Authority is a fundamentally dysfunctional entity that will continue to hemorrhage money until we elect leaders with the courage to implement the only real solution: elimination of the Turnpike Authority, eradication of the inefficient and unfair toll system, and integration of the Pike into the Mass Highway System."
The last toll increase was imposed just eight months ago.

Poll Results Not Good for President's Economic Plan


September 27, 2008 — After a poll spanning a little more than a day, of 353 people who took part, the majority voted resoundingly not to support the President's plan.


Nearly 20% did support the plan, but almost 80% did not, some with a simple "no," and to their credit, 31% said they did not have enough information.


The group tweaking the plan hopes to work over the weekend and have something concrete by Monday.

State Police Investigate Fatal Plane Crash in West Tisbury


On Friday, September 26, 2008, at approximately 8:00 p.m., Troopers assigned to the State Police Barracks in Oak Bluffs responded to the crash of a double-engine aircraft on Nip and Tuck Lane in West Tisbury that resulted in one fatality.


The preliminary investigation by Trooper David Parent indicates that a Cape Air 6 passenger double-engine aircraft took off from Martha’s Vineyard Airport in route to Boston when it crashed in the area of Nip and Tuck Lane in West Tisbury.  The pilot, 61 year-old David D. Willey of Vineyard Haven was the only occupant of the aircraft.  Willey suffered serious injuries as a result of the crash and was pronounced deceased at the scene.   


This crash remains under investigation with the assistance of the Mass. Aeronautics Commission and the Federal Aviation Administration.  The West Tisbury Police Department, West Tisbury Fire Department, Cape and Islands District Attorney’s Office and the Medical Examiners Office also assisted troopers at the scene.






PHOTO: Attorney General Martha Coakley and students from the Perkins School for the Blind test out a new version of iTunes that is accessible through new assistive technology. From L-R: Jim Denham, Assistive Technology Coordinator, Perkins School for the Blind, Massachusetts Attorney General Martha Coakley, Cory Kadlik, Perkins School for the Blind Student, age 17 years old, Laurie Cherry-White, Perkins School for the Blind Student, age 17, Dr. Marc Maurer, President of National Federation of the Blind, Steven M. Rothstein, President of Perkins School for the Blind.



BOSTON – Today, Attorney General Martha Coakley and the National Federation of the Blind reached an agreement with California-based Apple, Inc., that will provide blind consumers and students full and equal access to Apple’s iTunes® and iTunes U®.  Under the terms of the agreement, Apple will ensure that both iTunes and iTunes U are accessible to blind consumers and students using assistive technology called screen access software. Screen access software is software that renders on-screen information into Braille or speech so that blind persons can independently navigate the Internet, access information and interact with software programs on a computer using keyboard commands. 

For several months, Attorney General Coakley’s Office, the National Federation of the Blind, and Apple have worked towards this agreement.  As part of these efforts, Apple released iTunes 8 on September 9, which was the first step toward enabling improved access for blind people. The agreement will provide meaningful benefit to blind persons nationwide, including over 35,000 blind residents and students in Massachusetts.  In addition, under the terms of the agreement, Apple will contribute $250,000 to the Massachusetts Commission for the Blind to purchase assistive technology for blind consumers that will enable them to independently access computer programs and the Internet. READ MORE...



Generous gift to Starlight Children’s Foundation Helps to Bring Entertainment
and Relief to New England’s Littlest Patients


September 26, 2008 When parents learn their child has been diagnosed with a serious illness, their world is turned upside down; parents and siblings struggle to grapple with the intrusion of illness or injury into their lives. While the child faces untold number of hospitalizations, medical procedures and onerous treatment regimens, parents and children find themselves living from one treatment and hospital to the next.


Brad Cohen, a young man at 13 years old, was motivated to team up with Starlight Children’s Foundation to help kids his own age to break up the monotony of a child’s hospitalization and painful treatment. Brad Cohen is contributing a portion of his Bar Mitzvah money to place a Fun Center at MetroWest Medical Center. Fun Centers provide a welcome distraction from the challenges of treatment by lifting spirits and putting children’s minds at ease. Fun Center’s can roll right up to the bedside of young patients or anywhere in the hospital setting and feature a Nintendo Wii™, a DVD player and a Sharp AQUOS™ LCD TV. ~Contributed content.

Nation - April Wedding



Craig Nation and Lyndse April were married on August 9, 2008 at the Easton Country Club.

Parents of the Bride are Tobi and Bruce April.

Parents of the Groom are Cheryl and Ron Nation.

The Bride's sister, Kelsey April served as the Maid of Honor. Christopher Nation, brother of the Groom, was the Best man.

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Skeeter Hawk

September 26, 2008 — This dragonfly photographed on Fruit Street this week is known as a skeeter hawk in some parts of the country, because of its friendship to mankind in having the ability to eat its own weight in mosquitoes in 30 minutes.


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September 26 & 27 
at 8:00 pm at ESL Studio
With: Mark DiCampo, Phil Doherty,
Lyndie Laramore and
 Mary Scarlata-Rowe
This musical is a series of stories about
relationships.  An intimate, insightful tale about
love, security, and happiness - and holding onto
them in a world that pulls you in a hundred
directions at once. 
Grab your loved one or your best girl friends.
Come on out for a great evening of song.
Can't see the video? You may need to "allow blocked content."

Short Distraction

September 25, 2008 Police and Fire raced to the Center School Thursday after the report of an audible alarm. The children were evacuated for a short while as the Fire Department investigated, and then gave the okay for a return.

Fourth Annual Hopkinton Tennis Tournament Results


Men’s Beginner Singles Round Robin

Chris Lindon def Dan Staring 6-1,6-4

Chris Lindon def Rand Curry 6-,2-6,6-2

Rand Curry def Dan Staring 6-1,6-2

Finals winner: Chris Lindon

Men’s Intermediate Singles

Sundar Sivaraman def Jason Karlin 6-1,6-1

Ajay Kapur def Nevin Taneja 6-4, 6-1

Bill Moser def Dexter Siglin 6-0, 4-6, 7-6(7-4)

Ezat Parnia def Vipul Minocha 6-2,3-6,7-5

Medi Servat def Sean O’Beirne 6-3,5-7,6-3

Lyn Calkins def Medi Servat 6-3,6-1

Ezat Parnia def Bill Moser 6-2,6-2

Lyn Calkins def Ajay Kapur 6-4,6-4

Finals winner: Lyn Calkins def Ezat Parnia 4-6,6-4,6-1

Women’s Intermediate Singles

Jill Craft def Diana Beck 6-0,6-1

Ana Gallagher def Michelle Stevens 6-2,4-6,6-1

Heidi Krapf def Natasha Linton 6-1,6-1

Anna Gallagher def Jill Craft 3-6,7-5,6-2

Heidi Krapf def Sarah Keeley 6-1,6-4

Final Winner: Heidi Krapf def Ana Gallagher 6-3,1-6, 6-0

 Men’s Advanced Doubles

Jeff Austin/Dave Heverling def Nat Evarts/Brad Nagel 6-4,6-0

Arthur Faden/Rick Jacobs def Eric Jonassen/Eric Jonassen 6-3,6-4

Finals Winner: Jeff Austin/Dave Herverling def Rick Jacobs/Arthur Faden 6-3,6-3

 Men’s Intermediate Doubles

Bob Snyder/Jack Speranza def Dexter Siglin/Mark Ehrenzeller 6-4,6-2

John Gallant/Doug Hunt def Steve Beck/Dave Beck 6-2,6-4

Ezat Parnia/Sean O’Beirne def Bob Snyder/Jack Speranza 4-6,6-3,6-3

Finals Winner: Ezat Parnia/Sean O’Beirne def John Gallant/Doug Hunt 6-0,6-0

 Women’s Intermediate Doubles

Ana Gallagher/Jill Craft def Allison Cofone/Beth Patrick 6-0,6-2

Grace Roche/Diana Lindon def Teri Gallant/ Caroline Bolick 4-6, 7-6 (7-4) default-injury

Finals Winner: Grace Roche/Diana Lindon def Ana Gallagher/Jill Craft 6-0,6-0

Mixed Advanced Doubles

Vivian Normandeau/Joe Gammal def Caroline Bolick/Rick Jacobs 6-2,6-1

Lyn Calkins/Tim Titcomb def Teri Gallant Hal Whitehouse 6-0,6-2

Finals Winner: Lyn Calkins/Tim Titcomb def Vivian Normandeau/Joe Gammal 6-3,6-0

Mixed Intermediate Doubles

Debbie West/Burt Baum def Grace Roche/Jack Roche 6-4,6-4

Beth Reynolds/Jeff Reynolds def Sarah Keeley/Bob Snyder 6-0,7-5

Finals Winner:Beth Reynolds/Jeff Reynolds def Debbie West/Burt Baum 7-5,6-2

Donate Used Bicycles -- Needed in Developing Countries


St. John the Evangelist Parish in Hopkinton is collecting bicycles to send to the poor in developing countries, in conjunction with the Bikes-Not-Bombs (BNB) program in Jamaica Plain.  Bikes can be remarkably effective in developing countries, improving men’s and women’s ability to haul farm produce or other goods to market and increasing access to health care, jobs and schools.  Bike repair shops stimulate local economies as well.  Donated bicycle materials from BNB have been used to build pedal-powered machines such as grain grinders, peanut shellers, and well water pumps.


BNB has sent over 33,000 bikes to Central America, the Caribbean and Africa (and New Orleans ) in the last 24 years.    BNB currently receives approximately 5,000 used bicycles and tons of used parts each year. They ship a major portion of these bikes to economic development projects (micro-enterprise bike businesses, sustainable technology projects, Earn-A-Bike and youth training programs) in Ghana , Guatemala , South Africa and Tanzania .  BNB also sends technicians and tools for start-up projects in developing countries.  BNB uses the remainder of the collected bikes at their Jamaica Plain center; some are used in their co-ed youth Earn-A-Bike programs and others are repaired by teenage mechanics as part of vocational training programs and are for sale at BNB’s bike shop.  BNB also offers girls-only programs all year round.  Recycling is a large part of what BNB does with the bikes donated by people who cannot stand to see good resources getting thrown out.  They send unusable parts to appropriate metal recycling yards, but mostly the bikes and parts are put back into use, in Boston’s lower-income neighborhoods or in developing countries.


Please check your basements and garages for any bikes you no longer use, and bring them to St. John’s, 20 Church St. , Hopkinton.  The bike collection will be Sunday, Oct. 5 from 8 a.m. to 2 p.m.  However, bikes may also be dropped off at St. John’s Monday through Saturday, Sept. 29 thru Oct. 4.  Bikes should be left in the very back parking lot, behind the Parish Center (look for our sign).  BNB requests a donation of $10 per bike, to help defray the costs of refurbishing, international shipping, storage, and operation of the youth programs. BNB will of course accept bikes without this donation.  For more information about the bike collection, go to St. John’s website, or call St. John’s parish office at 508-435-3313.



WOBURNToday, a Middlesex Superior Court judge convicted a Bolton man for creating a fake teaching certificate to get a teaching position in the Lincoln Public School system. Stephen McDonough, age 43, of Bolton, was found guilty on the charge of Larceny under $250. Middlesex Superior Court Judge Dennis J. Curran sentenced McDonough to serve two years of probation, and ordered him to pay $20,000 in restitution.  McDonough was also ordered to perform 50 hours of community service.


In December 2004, the Lincoln Public Schools superintendent sought to confirm teaching certifications for 6-10 teachers whose licenses were not current.  In the verification process, Department of Education (DOE) officials reported that McDonough’s address did not match the information the superintendent had supplied as that belonging to McDonough.  Additionally, McDonough’s application, resume and transcript all reflected that he received a B.S. in Physical Education from the University of Massachusetts Boston.  The superintendent contacted UMass Boston officials who confirmed that the transcript McDonough had allegedly supplied was not valid.  On January 14, 2005, McDonough was placed on administrative leave and on January 18, 2005, he resigned.  The forged certificates were all discovered during a system-wide teacher certification process required and performed by the DOE. 


McDonough was indicted on September 28, 2007, by a Middlesex Grand Jury.  He was arraigned on October 15, 2007, and released on personal recognizance.  Today, after a two-day trial, Judge Curran found McDonough guilty of Larceny under $250, and sentenced him to serve two years of probation.  Judge Curran also ordered McDonough to pay $20,000 in restitution, and perform 50 hours of community service.


The case was prosecuted by Assistant Attorney General Ina Howard-Hogan, of Attorney General Martha Coakley’s Corruption and Fraud Division, and was investigated by Paul Stewart, Director of Financial Investigations.

What Goes Down, Must Come Up

"Storm shall pass"

by Bill Newell


Anatomy of a crisis


I was still on vacation when the news began to creep out about troubles and capital shortfalls at several large financial firms. Lehman Brothers had been unable to find a buyer. Its holding company would file for bankruptcy, making it the largest casualty to date in the credit crisis that began in the summer of last year. Merrill Lynch was acquired by Bank of America for $50 billion. American International Group (AIG), meanwhile, had been seeking capital without success. The markets were shaken by this news, and the Dow Jones Industrial Average fell by 505 points — its largest single-day loss since 9/11.

Spreads on credit default swaps (derivatives used to buy protection against defaults) widened for major brokers to levels not seen since the Bear Stearns rescue in mid-March. By September 16 overnight LIBOR (the London Interbank Offered Rate — the rate at which international banks are willing to lend short-term to one another) had risen to 6.4% — a sign of a lack of confidence in the banking system. By mid-week news stories were circulating about the possible sale of some of the surviving large investment banks to commercial banks or sovereign wealth funds.


The Fed responded to the crisis by broadening the collateral it would accept in return for providing liquidity to include non-investment grade securities and, for the first time in its history, equities. It also expanded its Treasury Security Lending Facility, which allows financial firms to swap bonds such as mortgage backed securities with the Fed for U.S. Treasuries that are more easily accepted as collateral for borrowing in the markets. At its meeting on September 16, however, the Federal Open Market Committee, the Fed’s monetary policy-setting group, left rates on hold and mentioned only that “Strains in financial markets have increased significantly” in its statement to the public. Many market participants had been hoping the Fed would cut rates, believing that such a move would have helped ease the crisis, even if only at the margin. One reason the Fed did not cut rates is that it was in talks with AIG that ultimately culminated in a $85 billion loan from the Fed in return for warrants that would give it an ownership stake in the company. This was unprecedented – a word that commentators would use over and over again during the week. The Fed likely thought that the loan to AIG would calm the markets. It did not – the Dow fell by another 449 points the day after the rescue of AIG was announced, and credit and money markets continued to seize up. By the morning of September 18 central banks all over the world were injecting hundreds of billions into global money markets in a coordinated effort to liquefy the system.


Implications of the crisis    READ MORE....


Investigation Being Conducted Into Shooting Incident Last Evening In Framingham

Defendant Shot At Framingham Police Officers With Shotgun


            FRAMINGHAM – Middlesex District Attorney Gerry Leone informed the public today State Police assigned to his office are investigating a shooting incident that occurred last evening in Framingham.

             According to authorities, at approximately 10 p.m., Framingham Police responded to reports from a female who had been assaulted by her boyfriend. Based on their interview with the victim, they then traveled to 35 Coburn Street in Framingham in order to arrest the suspect, Michael Boyd, 24, of that address.

             When officers arrived, they found the defendant inside the home with two young children. The defendant is alleged to have yelled to the officers that he was armed and “willing to use it.”

             Within moments after the arrival of the police, the defendant fired a single shot with a shotgun at an officer through a porch window. The officer returned fire and is not believed to have injured Boyd at that time.

             Other officers then took up a second position outside a different window. Boyd is alleged to have aimed the shotgun at the officers outside the window. Boyd was ordered two times to drop the shotgun. When he failed to drop the weapon, one officer then fired a single shot, striking Boyd in the upper chest.

             Officers gave initial treatment to Boyd until medical personnel arrived. Boyd was then med-flighted to a Boston hospital where he is currently listed in critical condition.

             There were no injuries to the children or the officers. The Department of Children and Families has been contacted and was on scene.

             “The suspect is alleged to have armed himself and intentionally shot at officers who had responded to a call for helpputting two young children in an extremely dangerous situation,” District Attorney Leone said. “We are continuing to investigate the circumstances of this incident to determine what charges are appropriate against him.”

             At the request of Framingham Police, State Police assigned to the Middlesex District Attorney’s Office are also conducting an investigation to determine whether the officers acted justifiably in discharging their firearm.

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Frisbee and...

September 25, 2008 — Michael Peirce adds a little choreography to this catch from his friend Andrew Fabricant on the common this morning.

Lake Maspenock Draw-down Announced



September 25, 2008 — The Lake Maspenock Preservation Association has been informed that the annual draw down of the lake has been started as of Wednesday, September 24, 2008.  The Town of Hopkinton controls the lake level and has begun the release of the water.  The goal is a gradual draw down of approximately 1 inch per day until the lake has dropped the usual 3-4 feet.  The speed of the draw down could be affected by unusual rain events, and will be monitored by town employees.  Please be alert to the lake level in regards to boating and the removal of boats. ~ LMPA

File photo

Hopkinton High School Commended Students in the

2009 National Merit Scholarship Program


John McCarthy, principal at Hopkinton High School has announced that the following students have been named Commended Students in the 2009 National Merit Scholarship Program. Laura Brisson, Brittany Collins, Benjamin English, Daniel Fortin, Rachel Gately, Danielle Gendron, Lindsay Kramer, Chelsea Lyman, Vladimir Parfenov, Deanna Payson, and Michael Richardson


About 34,000 Commended Students throughout the nation are being recognized for their exceptional academic promise. Commended students placed among the top five percent of more than 1.5 million students who entered the 2009 competition by taking the 2007 Preliminary SAT/National Merit Scholarship Qualifying Test (PSAT/NMSQT®).

“Recognition of academically talented students and the key role played by schools in their development is essential to the pursuit of educational excellence in our nation,” commented a spokesperson for NMSC. “The young people named Commended Students have demonstrated outstanding academic potential by their strong performance in this highly competitive program. We hope that this recognition will enhance their educational opportunities and that they will continue to diligently pursue their professional goals.”

Happy 5th Anniversary To Us!

HopNews turns 5


by Robert Falcione

September 24, 2008 — The internet registry can confirm that, officially known and trademarked as Hopkinton NewsTM, has just passed its fifth anniversary of creation, which was September 11, 2003.

       Way back then, there was no Town Charter, no Town Manager, no Legacy Farms, no Main Street Specialties or Sauce on Main, and the Harveys were going through tedious hearings to expand their business into Hopkinton.

    The Charter Commission had yet to be elected, and furthermore, former Selectman Dick Gooding had yet to write a series of articles promoting a charter. In addition to Mr. Gooding's coming articles, his nephew sent to us a series of stories and photos from his mission of building schools in Afghanistan during those first months.

     Ann DiLeo sent us her weekly "Senior Moments" column, long before a spade was turned at the Senior Center, and the Police Station demolished with a new one built in its stead.   

     On one day in December, 2003, the HopNews counter logged over 100 visits for the 24-hour period, a milestone that did not go unnoticed. The visits followed our coverage of Mary Harrington Day at the Hopkinton Country Club. Someone joked that all of her relatives must have logged on.

    That same counter saw 3,578 visits today, and over 2.15 Million to date since creation.

    Very early on, this writer had to write all of the html code that built the pages, until a certain dispatcher recommended Microsoft FrontPage, which has turned out to be an invaluable asset. The Town Talk page is an exclusive feature of that development tool. Thanks, Dave.

    At the beginning of HopNews, most websites did not extend below the computer screen (Remember?), because they were designed for dialup, which was the majority method of logging on at the time (Kids, with dialup, you could not watch movies online or see large photos. Scary, huh?). AOL's main page never extended past the bottom of the screen, and they only had three stories that they rotated out every three or four days. Heck, I thought, HopNews can do better than even AOL. The trend of a coming broadband revolution was obvious. READ MORE...




Come and discover why indoor rock climbing is the hottest new sports craze. In this four week introduction to the techniques and fundamental skills of bouldering and indoor rock climbing, you will learn; the proper setup and safety protocol for "top roping", proper equipment use, rope skills and secure belaying procedures. And as well as; basic commands used by climbers, how to conserve energy, principles of movement and much more. Climbing facilitates the development of; self confidence, body awareness, coordination, strength and well-being while strengthening the role of group dynamics in challenging situations. Come and experience the thrill and challenge of rock climbing and come away with skills to help you face real life challenges ahead. All equipment will be provided. Our experienced rock climbing, co-facilitators suggest you come to HOLLISTON HIGH SCHOOL gym dressed in comfortable, loose clothing.

Rich Boles & Glen D’Avanzo

4 weeks starts October 29, 6-8:00pm $105.00    See Full Brochure


Updated 9/24/08



BOARD OF APPEALS – Associate member – TWO (2)







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Geri Holland at


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