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Hopkinton Sports

September 17, 2008 ó Above, the field hockey team moves forward while Michael Richardson putts, below.

Ben Lewis took the HopNews camera to as many Hiller sports as he could today, thumbnails below.


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            BOSTON Ė (September 17, 2008) Attorney General Martha Coakleyís Office has reached an agreement with a Dominoís Pizza franchise in Framingham to settle allegations of child labor violations. Henry Askew, of Framingham, and his franchise, Dominoís Pizza of Framingham, agreed to pay $15,000 in penalties primarily for employing minors beyond permitted work hours and maximum daily hours.

            In May 2008, the Attorney Generalís Office began an investigation after receiving a complaint that Dominoís had violated the stateís Child Labor Laws.  The investigation and an audit of the companyís payroll records revealed that on 66 occasions between April 2007 and June 2008, the restaurant employed 15-year-old workers beyond 7:00 p.m. on a school night, the latest permissible hour for a 14 or 15-year-old to work during the school year.  In addition, there were eight occasions when the restaurant employed 15-year-old workers beyond 9:00 p.m. during the summer months, which is the latest permissible hour for a 14 or 15-year-old to work during the summer.  The investigation also revealed that a 15-year-old worked more than eight hours in a day in violation of the maximum hours permitted for 14 and 15-year-olds.  Dominoís Pizza was also cited for allowing a 16-year-old to work past 11:30 p.m. during the summer, the latest permissible hour for a 16 or 17-year-old to work in the summer.

           The Massachusetts Child Labor laws include restrictions on both the occupations in which minors may be employed, as well as the hours during which they may work.  The law also requires employers to ensure that teens have proper work permits prior to beginning work, and that employers post all minorsí work schedules in the workplace.

           Amendments to the Child Labor Laws were enacted in 2007 to provide new workplace protections for minors, including restricting employment of 16 and 17-year-olds to 10 p.m. on nights preceding school.  Another important safeguard in the law makes it illegal for minors to work past 8 p.m. without adult supervision. 

           Further information can be found at Attorney General Coakleyís youth employment website,  Those wishing to report violations of the Commonwealthís labor laws can call the Fair Labor Hotline at (617) 727-3465.

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Hillers Booster Store Now Open


Shop the high school Boosters store for all your favorite Hopkinton Hillers gear -- now open everyday -- 10:45 a.m. to 12:15 p.m. and additionally, 1:30 p.m. to 3 p.m. on most Wednesdays.  All proceeds benefit Hopkinton athletics.  Above, high school senior Mark Masucci is joined by a friend who models some of the many shirts available in a range of sizes.

 Senior Center Stuff


Do It Yourself Flowers

Recycling silk flowers


by Nancy L. Drawe



 September 17, 2008 ó There are quite a few places in town that catch my attention as I drive by during my daily travels, but because there are so many, Iíll just mention a few for now. One of those such places is the fence area at the corner of Mayhew and Main Street.  I just love looking at those flowers day after dayójust the assortment of colors alone are so prettyóphoto op number one.    Another is a house on Pleasant Street that has a ton of huge sunflowers in their front yard along the gate.    I always meant to take a picture of them, but I never happened to have my camera with me on the days I drove by.  Now Iíll have to wait until next year, because theyíve passed their prime now.    Last but certainly not least is the Hopkinton Senior Center.   Besides the display of military statues on the little island, I really admire the front of the building because itís so beautifully landscaped.   Even though the spring flowers are gone, there are still all kinds of little trees and bushes, some of them are even flowering now.   Itís definitely a photo op!

        Now, speaking of flowers, the Hopkinton Garden Club has yet again hosted another one of their very successful activities at the Senior Center.  The most recent one was a few weeks ago which was Silk Flower Arranging.   Joan Luciano and Simone Margolis, members of the Garden Club did it again as usual, bringing out the creativity in everyone who took their class.  This silk flower idea came from Simone; she said she liked the idea of ďgoing green,Ē so decided to recycle any silk flowers she could find.  ďYouíd be surprised at how many people buy a silk flower arrangement and after displaying it for a month or so, want to toss it out!,Ē said Simone.  READ MORE...

Found Guilty



September 17, 2008 ó Hopkinton Town Manager was found guilty today in Falmouth District Court of Motor Vehicle Homicide, stripped of his license for a yet-to-be determined length of time, and sentenced to Administrative Probation, according to Cape Cod Times.

Read their article online here.

Hopkinton High School Class of 1978 30th Class Reunion


Friday, November 28, 2008 - Doubletree by Hilton - 11 Beaver Street - Milford, Ma 01757


Cocktails 6-7pm - Dinner & DJ 7-11pm - Legends Bar 11-1am

Tickets $50 per person


To help defray the cost of our next reunion, we will have a raffle table. Please consider bringing something to donate or a monetary donation.


If you wish to stay over night, please call the Doubletree and ask to reserve a room under the HHS Class of Ď78 Reunion block, the cost is $79 for the room. You can call 508-478-7010 or 1-800-DOUBLETREE. Please call as soon as possible to book your room.  If you stay over night, we can meet in the morning for breakfast.

Please send a check to:

Marylou (Harrington) Knox

43 Proctor Street

Hopkinton MA 01748


Looking forward to seeing you there!

We are looking for the following classmates, can you help??

Barry Bray, Cindy Brown, Sue Capra, Mike Cole, John Davis, Jackie Duffy, Nancy Hewitt, Yvonne LaParl, Cindy Noble

Town Manager Testifies


September 17, 2008 ó Hopkinton Town Manager Anthony Troiano took the stand yesterday in his trial in Falmouth District Court for Motor Vehicle Homicide in the death of another motorist last year, according to CapeCodOnline.

     According to that report, Mr. Troiano testified that he did not know that his medical condition, sleep apnea, could have caused him to fall asleep while driving. A doctor who examined Mr. Troiano, testified that he never told Mr. Troiano not to drive. He also said Mr. Troiano could have fallen asleep in a locked position after passing the vehicle and crashing, somewhat down the road, head on into the oncoming vehicle. Under cross examination, the doctor agreed that Mr. Troiano could have simply fallen asleep at the wheel. Choose the link above to see the full story in the online version of the Cape Cod Times. File photo.

John Craycroft of Cedar Swamp Counters Selectman Herr's Letter to Governor


September 17, 2008 ó On September 11 (See story, below), Selectman Chair Brian Herr sent a letter to Governor Deval Patrick asking for his intervention regarding appeals of the town's Waste Water Treatment Facility approvals, in order to speed up the processes, and move the town toward increased sewer capacity and commercial growth.

     President of Cedar Swamp Conservation Trust, John Craycroft, one of the appellants of those approvals, has now countered with his own letter to the Governor (<---Link now works).

    In his letter, Mr. Craycroft claims that the DEP failed "to enforce the State's Storm Water Policy in critical resource areas such as Outstanding Resource Waters." He cites a story in the Boston Globe that quotes a DEP spokesman who allegedly says the laws were rarely enforced until January of this year.

    Mr. Craycroft has consistently complained at public meetings, as far back as before the Environmental Impact Report was submitted to the state by the Fruit Street Development Committee, that the location of the Waste Water Treatment Facility is too close to Whitehall Brook, which he names as an Outstanding Resource Water.

    He has offered to seek money from a Nyanza Supersite mitigation fund, but has been rebuked by Hopkinton officials, one of whom called his group, "obstructionists masquerading as environmentalists."


Carolyn Dykema Landslide for Democrats

Dan Haley, Unopposed, Choice of Republicans


September 16, 2008 ó The race that everyone has had their eyes on, the one for State Representative for the 8th Middlesex District between Ed Mills and Carolyn Dykema, has been decided handily; unofficial results for the district give Carolyn Dykema 2411 votes to Ed Mills' 972 votes, a landslide by anyone's calculation.

     Opponent Ed Mills said he would support Carolyn Dykema in the general election.

     "I want to say that Ed Mills ran a fantastic campaign," said Ms. Dykema. "His family is incredible. They have been there every step of the way. And I really appreciate the support of the people in the town of Hopkinton."

      During the day, Ms. Dykema visited the polls in all of the towns in the district. In the video below, HopNews chats with her and her staunch supporter, former state Rep Barbara Gardner outside the Hopkinton Middle School.


Ms. Dykema, a Holliston resident will square off with Republican Dan Haley, also of Holliston, in November.

A HopNews sponsored roundtable is tentatively scheduled for October 28, 2008 at 7:00 pm, live on HCAM-TV.

Republican hopeful, Dan Haley, with former Governor William Weld outside the Middle School, below.

Please scroll down for video.

Please give a listen to former Governor William Weld and candidate Dan Haley, below.



Town Manager Anthony Troiano on Trial


by Robert Falcione

September 16, 2008 ó The trial of Hopkinton Town Manager, Anthony Troiano, charged with vehicular homicide in the crash that took the life of Lilija Berents, began yesterday in Falmouth District Court. Vehicular Homicide, in the absence of drugs and alcohol, is a misdemeanor.


According to conversations with Mr. Troiano, he has little memory of the evening after leaving the Selectmen's meeting to drive home, over an hour away. (File photo taken that evening).


A witness has sworn that Mr. Troiano passed his car and never returned to his own lane, and never applied his brakes or swerved before hitting the other vehicle head on.


Mr. Troiano has confided to this reporter that he has a medical condition, sleep apnea, that could have contributed to the crash, and that claim was repeated in court yesterday, according to reporter Aaron Gouveia of the Cape Cod Times. Mr. Troiano has said that his staying in the passing lane lends credence to the theory that he was not conscious at the time of the accident. Early claims that Mr. Troiano passed in a no passing zone have not been repeated.


 Also reported in that story in CapeCodOnline, Mr. Troiano's attorney, Augustus Wagner, is expected to call a witness who will testify that the damaged aorta, discovered after the crash, could have occurred before the crash, implying that it could be cause of Mr. Troiano's loss of consciousness.

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Athletes and Parents Attend Assembly

September  16, 2008 ó Middlesex District Attorney Gerry Leone, above, may have been the keynote speaker at Monday's mandatory assembly of athletes and parents, but decision making was surely hot in the spotlight. Before he addressed the gathering, Mr. Leone laid his credentials out ó multi-sport athlete at Franklin High where his father was the AD, Harvard University, father, and now the top law enforcement officer in Middlesex County, the largest in the state.

     Mr. Leone challenged the young people to make good decisions, and related stories from his perspective as a prosecutor of bad ones that ended in death. And to those parents who believe that letting their children drink in the house is okay, because they are in a safe place, he admonished, "You are going down a slippery slope."

     Wellness Coordinator Jill leach laid out some startling statistics gleaned from a survey of students in process; among them, that 122 Hopkinton High School students have reported passing out after drinking.

     Hopkinton Detective Timothy Brennan, standing in for School Resource Officer Philip Powers, warned of the "zero tolerance" of the Hopkinton Police toward drinking and driving, and boasted of having the highest rate of arrests for drunk driving of all of the towns in the area.

     Athletic Director Eric Karjel said, "Our number one priority is to keep our and our opponents' athletes safe." He also asked for good decision making on and off the field, and enumerated the penalties for infractions of the chemical violation policies.

     The students and parents were moved by the evening's speakers.

NOTE: Watch for excerpts tomorrow from video captured at this event.


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The "A" Team

Police and Fire receive safety seat grants

September 15, 2008 ó Hopkinton Police Officer Buckley (And officer Linda Higgins, not shown) and Fire Department Lieutenant Patrick Gross have teamed up to get the message to the community that the week of September 21 though September is Child Passenger safety Week. A grant of $10,000 to the Police and another of $1,500 to the Fire were given by the Executive Office of Public Safety to the departments.

     "Part of the effort is to make sure are belted properly, and that the parent is using the proper seats," said Officer Buckley.

     "We want to make sure the kids are as safe as possible," added Lt. Gross. "Both the Fire department and police department can do car seat checks and educational sessions by appointment," he said.

     Officer Buckley called the Child Passenger Safety law, that was went into effect on July 10, 2008, a Primary Enforcement Law. "That means a person can be pulled over for a violation and fined $20," he reported.

     "The adult seat belt law is not a Primary Enforcement Law," Officer Buckley said.

     Lt. Gross said, "Hopefully, with the grant money, we could set up somewhere and have a child safety seat checkpoint where people could just drive through voluntarily."

     But for now, people needing to learn about their child safety seat ó how to use it, or if it is up-to-date, can call Officer Buckley or Officer Higgins at 508-497-3401, or Lt. Gross at 508-435-6365.

Fuming Over Gas Prices

September 15, 2008 ó Hopkinton Gulf refused some recent shipments of gas after the wholesale price skyrocketed $.30 in one jump.

    "I would be losing money after calculating the credit card charge," said business owner Jerry Lazzaro today, while his pump nozzles were covered with socks indicating no gas. The wholesale cost of the gas last night was $3.71, he said, making it impossible to make any money.

    The station recently started sporting the Gulf brand after the owner of Gulf, Cumberland Farms, dropped the Exxon brand, to which it had been paying royalties for the use of the Exxon brand at the East Coast stations it had purchased from the energy behemoth.

    Wholesale prices are expected to come down overnight, and Hopkinton Gulf is expected to be back in the game on Tuesday.

Engineering 101 - Earn a Coupon Book

September 15 ó This insect nest on a tree on East Main Street is the work of some very clever engineering, or some very clever instincts. There are canopies over the openings, as well as a system of gutters and drains to force rain water to travel off of the structure. There is an enlarged inset of one of the insects in the upper left. To earn a Varsity Gold Coupon Book for savings at a score of local stores, and cards for repeat savings at locally-based national chains, too, be the first to email two links with pictures and verification of the type of insect from this email link only: NO MORE EMAILS, PLEASE. SOMEONE HAS WON!

Marc has sent this link.

Police News UP-TO-DATE  <---Click

September 15, 2008


9:50 pm A caller from Price Street reported that her 9 year old brother was missing and last seen at the High School football game...


1:38 pm A caller from Cross Street reported that it appeared that his house had been broken into...


4:51 pm A caller complained about a group of young males who were throwing rocks at vehicles entering a Cedar Street business...

Real Estate Transactions for Hopkinton, Massachusetts

Compiled by Eric Montville for,  September 15, 2008






39 Chamberlain Street Stephen A. Sousa $313,000 Sep. 11, 2008 HSBC Bank USA National Association
Previous update:        
254 Pond Street Mark Eusebio & Katherine Pierce $520,000 Sep. 08, 2008 Paul Apkarian
120 Hayden Rowe Street Leslie S. Miller $305,000 Sep. 03, 2008 Christopher J. Pentheny & Iris E.Pentheny


Wandering Pet

September 15, 2008 ó This ball python, a snake indigenous to Africa, is most certainly someone's pet that has escaped, and we hope, not abandoned. It was discovered by a Chamberlain Street resident whose wife would prefer jumping into a pit of molten lava, than to have the snake stay in their trash receptacle another minute. The snake will be picked up for safe keeping by the resident's friend, and kept comfortable until HopNews or some other entity reunites the owner with its pet. Know whose it is? Call 508-435-5534.

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Three People Escape Fire

September 15, 2008 ó Acrid smoke filled the air this  morning, hours after firefighters evacuated three residents from 24 Hayden Rowe Street at 4:00 am this morning, and investigators reconstructed the scene on the second floor of the multi-family dwelling. Two investigators from the State Fire Marshall's Office as well as Hopkinton Detective Timothy Brennan remained at the scene investigating at 10:00 am this morning. Detective Brennan said the fire, the second in as many years, is not deemed suspicious.

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Light From Above

September 14, 2008 ó The roving HopNews camera found the Sun beaming through this hole in the thick cloud cover over Wachusett Reservoir this afternoon, making a select area of the water glow brilliantly. The reservoir holds 65 billion gallons of water.

500 meatballs in the dish on the table, 500 meatballs in the dish...

September 14, 2008 ó Ralph Potenzone, above, hands over some sauce to go to some visitors of his and Jackie's home during the "Taste of the Garden" tour of nine Hopkinton kitchens on Saturday. Someone in the know said that Ralph prepared 500 meatballs to cook.

      After the photographer tasted a meatball with sauce, Jackie said, "Now do you see why we never go out to eat?"

Please, Do Not Touch the Animal

September 14, 2008 ó The roving HopNews camera discovered this young porcupine culling the clover from the grass on the very top of Mount Wachusett this afternoon. The animal's quills are not yet fully developed, except for the grey ones which are mature. It turned its back, albeit slowly, to any human that approached, but did not flee.

Lake Maspenock Facts and Figures

The surface area is 234 acres.
In itís original form, it was probably 30 to 40 acres.
The lake is bounded by Hopkinton, Upton and Milford.
The lake is approximately 2 miles long and 2,000 feet
wide at its widest part.
At Itís outlet the lake drains approximately 1,813 acres.
ďLake MaspenockĒ literally means, choice fishing place or
excellent fish pond.
The lake eventually flows into the Blackstone River and then into the Atlantic Ocean.
It takes approximately 260 days to fully displace the entire
volume of water.
The lake contains approximately 619,116,900 gallons of water.
The lake has an average mean depth of 8 feet.
The flow rate of water is approximately 28 feet per second.
The lakes base elevation is 348 feet. The lake is at the longitude of 75.50 and a latitude of 88.60 421055N 0713312 W.
Lake Maspenock is a ďGreat PondĒ. The ordinances for
great ponds were created as far back as 1641. A great pond is a body of water greater than 10 acres and itís ownership (more or less) is the state.

Facts from the LMPA (Lake Maspenock Preservation Association).

Photo of Lake Maspenock Dam taken in August from Sandy Island.

A Taste of the Garden

September 13, 2008 ó Dave and Maureen Holmes opened their kitchen, above, as well as their first floor, and offered guided tours of the rest of their 52 Hayden Rowe Street home, as part of the "A Taste of the Garden" kitchen tours on Saturday, sponsored by the Hopkinton Garden Club. Over 250 people purchased tickets to visit nine Hopkinton kitchens and sample the wares of Garden Club members or the boastings of the resident chefs themselves.

Fatal Crash on Route 95 South in North Attleboro

Driver ejected


September 13, 2008 źó Today at approximately 6:45 a.m., Troopers assigned to the State Police Barracks in Foxboro responded to a single vehicle crash on Route 95 South, south of the Route 152 Overpass in North Attleboro that resulted in one fatality.


The preliminary investigation by Trooper Mario Monzon indicates that passing motorists reported a crash into the woods off the right side of Route 95 South in North Attleboro involving 25 year-old Heather A. Smith of Providence, Rhode Island who was operating a 1998 Chevy sedan.  Smith was ejected during the crash and suffered serious injuries as a result of the crash.  Smith was pronounced deceased at the scene.   


This crash remains under investigation with the assistance of the State Police Collision Analysis and Reconstruction Section and the State Police Crime Scene Services Section.  The North Attleboro and Mansfield Fire Departments assisted troopers at the scene. 

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Hillers Bow to King Phillip Regional, 22-6

Things were not looking good for Hopkinton in the first quarter as King Philip ran a punt fake on their first possession to help them drive to the goal. Then, King Philip did an onside kick and recovered the ball.  Above, John Bicknell is examined after having trouble standing up following a play.


September 12, 2008 ó The Hopkinton Hillers under new head football coach Steve Simoes lost their season opener to Non- League foe King Phillip Regional, 22-6 in a game played Friday night during a steady drizzle in Hopkinton. The Hillers lost the game but also lost a big key player in the presence of Captain Kelly Cook, who was injured quite severely in the first period of the football game, and was transported to UMass Medical.

    The luck just didn't go the Hiller's way as fumbles and mistakes contributed to the loss. The Hiller's Jeff Doyle broke the ice as he ran six yards for Hopkinton's only score. Alex Anagnostares played terrific as did Dan Donahue who opened holes for the gutsy Hillers. Kelly Cook's injury put the Hillers behind early on. When you lose a Kelly Cook it will definitely upset any team. Ben Macdonald had a terrific night and Jon Atkinson played excellent defense. Steven Cronin had a fumble recover in the game. The Hillers will look to climb back in the win column as they travel to Middlesex League foe Stoneham next Friday at Stoneham. Lets hope Kelly will be okay! Peter Marso Special to Hop news!

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Transformer Fire

September 12, 2008 ó Hopkinton Firefighters with three engines, as well as a ladder truck from Ashland, responded to a business on E Street this evening to find a transformer fire that was put down by employees, and the acrid smell of an electrical fire. Firefighters continued to investigate at this time.

Mountains of Clouds

September 12, 2008 ó Photographs of clouds like this are usually taken from above the clouds, but these were visible from the ground, gliding over Hopkinton reservoir

Ed Mills Collects over 300 Signatures


September 12, 2008 ó In a press release received today, Ed Mills, Democratic candidate for the 8th Middlesex District, has announced the collection of over 300 signatures on a petition to reduce the burden of the Big Dig costs on MetroWest commuters who use the Mass Pike, which he calls unfair.

     Mr. Mills states in his email, that the cost that has been maintained by raising tolls on users of the Massachusetts Turnpike.

     He promises, if elected, he will pursue the issue in the Mass legislature. He will attempt to have the entire state share the cost of the Big dig, rather than just the MetroWest Communities

Dan Haley Seeks 8th District Seat


To the Editor (an open letter to the voters of the Eighth Middlesex District):

Tuesday's primary will determine my opponent in the race to succeed Paul Loscocco, who has ably represented our District in the House for the past eight years. I am pleased and honored to have my friend Paul's endorsement and support for my candidacy to succeed him as our Representative.

No matter which candidate emerges from the primary to face me on the November ballot, my message will remain constant: the profound imbalance in our State government has given us detached, unaccountable and irresponsible governance. This fact is neither partisan nor ideological. The results of the current imbalance are not merely theoretical; they are in our newspapers every day. Last year the Commonwealth took in more of our tax dollars than in any year in history. Yet at the local level we are forced to pit neighbor against neighbor in 2-1/2 override fights, as we struggle to adequately fund public education, critical infrastructure projects and other local priorities that impact all of our daily lives. Last year the Legislature took in and spent more than a billion dollars more than was budgeted at the beginning of the year. Yet due to runaway spending we ended the year a billion dollars in deficit. Our local officials fight and scrap every day to attract quality new employers to our district, to expand the local tax base and relieve the pressure of continually increasing residential property taxes that are pricing our neighbors out of our communities. Yet at the State level the Legislature seeks to plug the huge hole it blew in the budget by increasing taxes and fees on businesses across the state by - again - nearly a billion dollars. This undermines local efforts to attract new businesses and drives the employers we already have out of Massachusetts. 


2 Red Sox Tickets for Saturday make up game at 12:30 p.m. w/ Toronto

- $26 face value each - Call Ben 508-736-8960



Hopkinton Basketball Association - Travel Team Tryouts!!  Please see for tryout dates and registration process.

Letter From Selectmen Chair Brian Herr to Governor Deval Patrick

Chairman makes case for Governor's intervention


September 11, 2008 ó In an unusual move, Chairman of the Hopkinton Board of Selectmen Brian Herr has sent a letter to Governor Deval Patrick asking for his intervention with state agencies to speed up the processes regarding the appeals of the Fruit Street Waste Water Treatment facility.

       In his letter, Mr. Herr details a history of the town's approval processes as well as appeals currently pending. In one case, he asks the Governor to note that although the DEP may take 90 days to assemble the case record, it is not a requirement. Mr. Herr's letter says, in part:

      "The Town of Hopkinton respectfully requests assistance from the Governorís Office in directing those agencies under your control to consider the urgency of our wastewater treatment project, and make it a priority within each respective agency to consider each appeal expeditiously."

        Mr. Herr concludes:

       "The Board of Selectmen realizes and understands that the appeal process has value for our community. It is our hope, with your support, we will bring the appeals process to a close and begin construction of this needed infrastructure.

Thank you for your attention to this matter."  Read Full Letter Here.


         John Craycroft, President of Cedar Swamp Conservation Trust, replied with this email statement to HopNews:

     "The actions of some Hopkinton politicians are simply too amazing for words. I am extremely surprised that the Chairman and some members of the Hopkinton Board of Selectmen would seek Governor Patrickís intervention in the legal matters involving the appeals of the proposed wastewater facility.

     "I expect the Governor will decline and that he certainly has an understanding of the Commonwealthís residentís right to look for resolutions through the appeal process.  One must remember that about 70 residents have signed on to the various appeals. It is a controversial project lacking in supportable data and having an extreme cost. Alternative solutions exist that have not been considered including using the Elmwood Park short-listed site which would save the Townís property owners selected to pay for the facility about $5 to 6,000,000." Note: Cedar Swamp is one the the appellants. File photos.

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September 11, 2008 ó Meghan Melina prepares to launch the  ball down the throat of Millis as her teammates set up for defensive play last night. Photo by Ben Lewis

Lois M. Davis, 82

Lois M. Davis, 82, of Hopkinton, died Wednesday, September 10, 2008 at the Milford Regional Hospital. Born in New Hampshire, she was the daughter of the late Phillips and Grace (Sandle) Manseau. She was the wife of James Davis who passed in 1984.

A Hopkinton resident since 1958, she was a manager at the Framingham Thrift Store.

She had seven children, Mildred, Joyce, Linda, Kevin, Michael, Ronald, and Steven. She also had 3 brothers, Freddie, Jimmie, Ritchie, and 2 sisters, Hazel and Ruthie. She also leaves behind several nieces and nephews as well as a few grandchildren.

A funeral home service will take place on Friday, September 12, at 1:30p.m. at the Chesmore Funeral Home of Hopkinton, 57 Hayden Rowe St. burial will follow at Evergreen Cemetery in Hopkinton.

Favorite Candidate? Got a Letter?

It is surprising that no letters have arrived in support of candidates for the Eighth Middlesex District. Usually before an election, HopNews springs a deadline randomly, and cuts off those who are planning last-minute, unanswerable charges. And in no way do we imply that all late letters are of that ilk.

             In the spirit of being kinder and gentler, we now offer a deadline of tomorrow, Friday, September 12, 2008 at 3:00 pm as the deadline for political Letters to the Editor.

Passenger Ejected - Driver arrested

Car vs. tree on Ash Street

September 10, 2008 ó Neighbors in the area of Ash Street and Stone Crossing Way were startled at the sound of a car crashing into two trees, and then spinning around before stopping a short way down the road, as a male passenger was ejected onto the street. Neighbors rushed to the scene and called 911 to report the passenger lying in the street, and stood by while police and fire department personnel arrived.

      The street was strewn with scattered car parts as fire fighters spoke with a bloodied, very loud female occupant, who one good Samaritan said was, "out of it." Emergency vehicles crowded the street, and local residents gathered near, while firefighters strapped in the victims and police inspected the vehicle, which had deployed several airbags. 

      Two young women, the driver and a passenger, as well as the male passenger who got ejected, were taken to area hospitals.

      According to Hopkinton Police, the driver, Kayla Mae Vorce, 18, of 19 Meserve Street, Hopkinton, was arrested, accompanied to the hospital by Officer Stephen Buckley, and charged with OUI Liquor, Speeding, and Minor Transporting Alcohol.

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