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Selectmen Give Legs to Fruit Street Road Project

by Robert Falcione

August 27, 2008 — The Selectmen held a quarterly meeting Tuesday evening, and gave the Fruit Street Athletic Fields more than ample attention. The soccer fields are slated to fit into a spot in a corner of the town-owned 257-acre Fruit Street property opposite the corner of the property where the Waste Water treatment Facility is planned. Other uses of the site include a well, waste water treatment and affordable senior housing. Other approved uses, a DPW faculty and an elementary school, have been put on hold by those respective proponents.

       Representatives of Youth Soccer and Parks and Recreation detailed expected problems getting funding from banks for soccer fields while there is no adequate road to reach them. The cart path to the projected field location becomes muddy in rains, and impassable for some vehicles. The agreement with the town is that the town will kick in $1 million in CPC money toward the construction of the fields if the private group can come up with $500,000 on their own.

        DPW Chair Dan McIntyre asked, "Are we talking about a permanent road or a temporary road?"

        "I don't see a bank coughing up a half million dollars to an organization with temporary access," said Selectman Chair Brian Herr.

        "I'm wondering if you can do this in a two-step process," pondered Mr. McIntyre, "so the fields don't get held up. Because once we start looking at a permanent road, you're going to be looking at the fields, your going to be looking at the housing component, and all of the other components on that master plan, it's going to take a long time, and they (Youth Soccer) want to build next year" he said. The road on the conceptual plan goes through proposed senior housing, and would take more engineering to plan it for other uses.

       Selectman Chair Brian Herr, speaking about the conceptual road plan on the SSEIR (Second Supplemental Environmental Impact Report), said, "We need to take that conceptual plan to the hard-core plan... and get our kids playing on that field."

         "Mr. Chairman, I think you have the people in this room to get this done," said Selectman RJ Dourney. "Let's get a small group of people together and find out what the issues are. ...If that's the process, to do the temporary road, talk to the bank to make sure they're comfortable with it. Let's source the funding for a permanent road and get it done," he said.

         To install a permanent road, a Notice of Project Change would need to be filed with the MEPA (Massachusetts Environmental Protection Act) Office, something that is likely needed for each new component of the project as it comes on line; but DPW Director JT Gaucher said a notice would not be needed for a temporary road.

         "One quick question, as Appropriations always asks. How is this getting paid for?" asked Appropriations Committee member, Ron Eldridge.

           "We haven't got that far yet," answered Mr. Herr.

           "Remember the road to EMC and what a mess that was," said Vice-Chair Mary Pratt. That road was a sort of slate dust before it became paved.

           Town Manager Anthony Troiano, tasked with getting a group of people to move the issue forward, chose a team of people.

           "JT Gaucher, Elaine Lazarus, a member or two of the Parks and Recreation, and a member of the Board of Selectmen," Mr. Troiano said.

           "We have zero dollars appropriated for this road," Mr. Herr said.




Maria's has a kid-friendly menu.

At Your Service


August 27, 2008 — Stephanie Moran, working the window at the "Spoon," takes the food orders of a couple of youngsters on Tuesday. the Golden spoon has broadened their offerings the last few months by adding Wednesday and Thursday dinners to their traditional Friday evening feed.

      Just a few days ago, they took on the Red Barn Coffee Roasters brand after that coffee shop's lease ran out.

Exercise with a Smile

August 27, 2008 — These members of the Hopkinton Field Hockey team enjoyed running laps around the Downtown on Tuesday afternoon.

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H   O   M   E   S         H   O   M   E   S        H   O   M   E   S         H   O   M   E   S

   H   O   M   E   S         H   O   M   E   S        H   O   M   E   S         H   O   M   E   S

Tread Lightly and Carry a Long Proboscis

August 26, 2008 — Steven Spiegel shares of a photo he took in Westford, with HopNews readers, of a balancing act.

County/State Crime and Justice


Everett School Custodian, JV Basketball Coach Arraigned On Child Rape, Indecent Assault Charges


Woburn – Middlesex District Attorney Gerry Leone’s office informed the public today that an Everett man has been arraigned in Middlesex Superior Court in connection with the alleged rape and indecent assault of a 12-year-old boy.

            Robert J. Shea, 57, of Everett, was arraigned today in the clerk magistrate’s session at Middlesex Superior Court in Woburn on charges of child rape (three counts), indecent assault and battery on a child under 14 (four counts), and open and gross lewdness.  Shea was ordered to post $15,000 cash bail and to abide by release conditions, including no unsupervised contact with children under the age of 16.

            Shea’s next court date is on September 24 at 9AM for a pre-trial hearing in courtroom 440.

            At the time of his arrest, Shea was employed as a custodian and the junior varsity basketball coach at the Everett Public Schools.

            It is alleged that the defendant, who was known to the boy, repeatedly raped and assaulted the victim at Shea’s Everett residence and in the former Everett High School building, to which Shea had access to as a custodian. The rapes and assaults are alleged to have occurred over a period of months in 2007.

            The victim came forward to Everett Police on April 4. Everett Police and the Middlesex District Attorney’s Child Abuse Unit conducted the investigation which led to Shea’s arrest.

            Shea was arraigned on April 7 in Malden District Court before Judge Matthew J. Nestor and was ordered held on $15,000 cash bail with conditions.  The conditions included that Shea have no contact with victim and his family, no unsupervised contact with children under age 16, and be on GPS monitoring.



HOPKINTON, MASS. (August 26, 2008) -- St. Paul’s Episcopal Church, 61 Wood Street (Rte. 135) will be kicking off its fall schedule with “Welcome Back Sunday,” September 7. Church School registration will begin at 10:00. Church School classes will be offered for children ages three and up, and a Nursery will be provided for infants and toddlers. Worship will begin at 10:30 a.m., with the children joining their parents in the church at 11:15 for communion. The service will be followed by fellowship and an ice cream social. Everyone is welcome!


Every Sunday at St. Paul’s is family-oriented, with Child Care, Church School and Holy Eucharist at 10:30 a.m. After every service everyone is invited to the Parish Hall for coffee hour and fellowship.


St. Paul’s Episcopal Church is called to be an embracing, nourishing and life-giving family in Christ. St. Paul’s members believe they are called to care for each other, for the community and for the world. For more information call 508-435-4536 or visit St. Paul’s website at



MetroWest YMCA Early Childhood Center, Hopkinton


Pre-Kindergarten Academy - A School Readiness Program Must be 4 by September 1.  Academic Year Calendar, wraps into Summer Camp.  Half day program with extended day options.


Discovery Corner - 2.9 - 5 years old Academic Year Calendar, wraps into Summer Camp. Half day program with extended day options.  7am-6pm Children benefit from a mixed age group setting.  For more information and program hours call:   Mary Anna Abuzahra at (508) 435-9345.  Financial Assistance is Available.

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H   O   M   E   S         H   O   M   E   S        H   O   M   E   S         H   O   M   E   S

   H   O   M   E   S         H   O   M   E   S        H   O   M   E   S         H   O   M   E   S

School Opens September 3, 2008


The Hopkinton Police Department would like to remind everyone that the Hopkinton Public Schools will be opening on Wednesday September 3.


To help protect the children we urge motorists to:

Slow down near schools and in residential areas

Obey speed limit of 20 MPH in School Zone when lights are flashing

Plan for extra travel time if you’ll be traveling during times when children will be traveling to and from school

Use extra caution at intersections, crosswalks and other locations where children may be walking to and from school

Always stop for school buses when they are loading or unloading passengers or have stop lights activated

Always maintain a minimum distance of 100 feet when following a school bus with passengers

The Hopkinton Police Department will be patrolling and enforcing motor vehicles laws to provide a safe trip to and from school for all children. Failure to obey the motor vehicle laws could result in a motorists being fined, some of the potential fines are;

Failure to stop for a pedestrian in a crosswalk – Minimum $200 fine

Failure to stop for a school bus while loading or unloading students – Minimum $250 fine

Failure to maintain 100 feet distance while following a school bus – Minimum $35 fine

On My Summer Vacation...

More than sixty children attended a four day Vacation Bible School at St. John's Church recently.  In keeping with the "Power Lab" theme the children performed many science experiments throughout the week.  The children especially enjoyed creating their own tie-dyed shirts which they are proudly wearing in the above photo.




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Planning Board Approves Solar Site Plan

Solar collectors to be installed on municipal roofs

by Robert Falcione

August 26, 2008 — Cara Morano, an energy consultant with Borrego Solar, appeared before the Planning Board Monday evening to explain the tentative deal inked with the town to install photo-voltaic solar panels on the roofs of school and municipal buildings. Ms. Morano said the panels and the system, installed at no cost to the town, would provide 11% of the energy needs of the schools, selling it back to the town and schools at a discount rate, with no more than a 3% increase each year.

       Facilities Director Brian Main said that the town saw a 9% increase in energy costs in the last year. 

      The town will still need to buy the remainder of its electricity (89%) the old-fashioned way, but nonetheless, the town is projected to save $500,000 over the life of the contract, Ms. Morano said.

       "After 14 years, the town can consider purchasing the panels," Ms. Moreno said, with no mention of price.

       "At year 20, the town can consider purchasing the panels, or tell Borrego to remove them or opt for another 5 year term," she said.


Joint Meeting


      The Planning Board hosted a joint meeting with the DPW, the Downtown Revitalization Committee, the Historic District Commission, and others interested in hearing an update on the progress of plans for work on the Downtown.

       Public Works Director JT Gaucher detailed a list of projects for Main Street that could take five years in the planning; such as a new water main to replace the current 1880's vintage one, new drainage, sidewalks, curbing, roadway and burying utility lines. Once a plan is developed, said Mr. Gaucher, state funding could be sought for all, except the water.

        "A lot of people are thinking some of this should be done right away," said Planning Board member Claire Wright, a sentiment also expressed by Chairman Pro Tem Joseph Markey.

        "We need to make some improvements because of public safety," Mrs. Wright said.

        Mr. Gaucher agreed, but complained that his budget has been cut $175,000 over the last two years.

        "The money isn't there," he said.


        Robert Nagi of the Engineering firm VHB presented a work in progress on Boulder Capital's promise to upgrade the signals at the main intersection in town — Main/Grove/Cedar Streets — next spring (Excerpt below- red color added by HopNews for reader orientation).

         Mr. Nagi said the installed signal fixtures would be able to be moved easily in case of a need to do later on. At a previous meeting, a speaker disclosed  that the signal lights would be operated by a video sensor, as opposed to an asphalt-based sensor, adding to their mobility.

         Chairman Mark Abate suggested reconstructing the intersection.

         "If there is any realignment, there would be widening at Colella's," said Mr. Nagi.

         "I would like to know what the end-game is at full build-out," Mr. Abate said.

       Legacy farms will be building 940 residential units and 450,000 square feet of retail/commercial/industrial space on former farm land in East Hopkinton. In Ashland, over 500 units are in the works near the T Station and the Nyanza Super-fund site.

         Selectman Chairman Brian Herr, one of three Selectmen attending, he said, as private citizens, said. "I don't see traffic signalization as the [sole] solution to the problem."

          Mr. Herr said the Selectmen will be discussing the issue Tuesday evening.


Editor's note: A statement attributed to Mr. Abate has been corrected.


Local High School Student Experiences Marine Science

Firsthand at Woods Hole Science Aquarium


August 25, 2008 — They came from diverse educational and family backgrounds and from states across the nation, and for Keith Love of Hopkinton, Mass., one of the 11 high school and college students who spent the summer working or volunteering at the Woods Hole Science Aquarium (WHSA) in Falmouth, Mass., it was a summer to remember.


“I love being outdoors doing something active,” said Love, a senior at Hopkinton High School. This summer he had a chance not only to be active but to learn more about the marine environment through a five-week internship at the Woods Hole Science Aquarium in Falmouth, the oldest continuously operating research aquarium in the United States.


Feeding fish, training harbor seals, cleaning tanks, leading shore-side collecting trips for the public, and helping children and adults learn about marine animals at the touch tanks were all part of his daily routine. The WHSA offers two summer programs for high school students who have completed grade 10 or higher, a five-week internship and a two-week career seminar in late July. Both programs are run by the WHSA staff, and are projects of NOAA’s Northeast Fisheries Science Center and the neighboring private, nonprofit Marine Biological Laboratory.


Love participated in the five-week internship program June 30 through August 1. The annual program provides students with the opportunity to work with a professional staff caring for a collection of about 140 species of fish and invertebrates common to the continental shelf from Maine to North Carolina, two harbor seals, and sometimes sea turtles held for rehabilitation and eventual release. The interns learn about marine animal husbandry, aquarium operations, conservation, and public education. They are also trained to serve as assistant naturalists on public collecting walks to local harbors and estuaries.


He also participated in the two-week Careers in Marine Science Seminar July 21 to August 1, along with seven other high school students from California, Utah, New York and Massachusetts. The career seminar students get training in marine animal husbandry and basic aquarist chores, hear presentations from scientists working in a variety of marine fields, go on collecting trips, visit other Woods Hole science institutions, and go on field trips to the New Bedford and Nantucket.


The seminar is designed to give students an idea of what people working in Woods Hole do and how different areas of science contribute to the larger effort to understand the marine world and to manage marine resources wisely. READ MORE...


 Real Estate Transactions for Hopkinton, Massachusetts 

Compiled by Eric Montville for,  August 25, 2008

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Fatal Crash on Route 195 in Wareham

Fatal victim not wearing seat belt


August 25, 2008 — Today, at approximately 9:55 a.m., Troopers assigned to the State Police Barracks in Bourne responded to a two-vehicle crash on Route 195 East beyond Route 105 (exit 20) in Wareham that resulted in one fatality.  

Preliminary investigation by Trooper John Kiley indicates that 21-year-old Samantha Cardillo of Taunton was operating a 1999 Toyota Camry on Route 195 East in the left travel lane when she lost control of her vehicle, entered the right travel lane and collided with the rear driver’s side of a Cadillac Deville operated by an adult male.  After the initial collision, the Cadillac lost control, spun out, exited the road to the left, and struck several trees before coming to rest at the bottom of an embankment.  The Toyota also lost control after the collision and exited the road to the right.  The operator of the Cadillac was not wearing a safety belt, suffered serious injuries in the crash and was declared deceased on the scene.  Cardillo and the front seat passenger of the Camry, 19-year-old Ronald Varney of New Bedford, were both wearing safety belts and were both uninjured in the crash. The identity of the deceased is being withheld pending proper family notification. 


As a result of the investigation, a summons will be sought for Samantha Cardillo for Motor Vehicle Homicide, Reckless Operation of a Motor Vehicle, Marked Lanes Violation and Possession of a Class D Substance. 


This crash remains under investigation with the assistance of the State Police Collision Analysis and Reconstruction Section and the State Police Crime Scene Services Section. The Wareham Fire Department, Wareham Police Department, and MassHighway assisted troopers at the scene.

Police News UP-TO-DATE  <--click for more

Today, August 25, 2008


3:55 pm A caller reported witnessing a heavy set male get out of a new black Ford Explorer or Expedition, operated by a another male, and break into her brother's red pickup truck that was parked by the State Park beach picnic area.


9:04 am A resident from Wood Street spoke with Officer David Shane regarding several people on one of the Lake Whitehall islands...


8:40 pm A caller from Apple Tree Hill reported that her neighbor was continuously intoxicated and was starting to go onto her property...


3:20 pm A walk-in reported that a suspicious male, wearing no shirt, was walking in the area of a West Main Street business, looking into vehicles...

A "Real" Pizza

August 24, 2008 — Maria Forte, right, owner of Maria's Caffe Italiano on South and Hayward Streets, winds down at the end of an evening last week with employees Matthew Bacoulis and Sarah Robinson.

     "This is a real pizza, the way pizza is supposed to be made," she said as the pizza was brought from the kitchen. Ms. Forte said she invested over $750,000 on the renovation, as well as new equipment, after taking over the location from the former O'Toole's.

     Maria's has added a kid-friendly menu, with five choices for $5.95 each, has brought in the Galvanic Spa on Mondays at 6:00 p.m., and has a trivia contest every Thursday in the lounge.

    In addition, after Labor Day, Maria will bring back her popular Sunday brunch with entertainment by the Carmen Spada Quartet, have a luncheon buffet every day, and host an Italian Festival, complete with Italian music and games for the children, one day in September.

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   H   O   M   E   S         H   O   M   E   S        H   O   M   E   S         H   O   M   E   S

Hold on Tightly

August 24, 2008 — Two year-old William Johnson marvels at the balloon given to him by the food vendors at Hopkinton Common on Sunday.

Slimming Fast

August 24, 2008 — Michael Torosian, HCAM-TV employee, shows off his new physique, which is 110 pounds slimmer than this past March, due to a diet, and subsequent bypass operation. Photo taken at the Common this evening.




Maria's has a kid-friendly menu.

Officer Phil

August 24, 2008 —Hopkinton School Resource Officer Philip Powers chats with some football players selling coupons on behalf of the team at the Hopkinton Common this evening. Coincidentally, "Officer Phil" is a character (Unrelated) that visits Center School each year, offering safety tips through skits and lessons, as Officer Phil Powers contributes.

No Tarter Sauce Needed

August 24, 2008 —This water snake has apparently unhinged its jaw to devour the fish it has caught at the Hopkinton Reservoir Sunday afternoon.


Where's the Sun?

August 24, 2008 — This cormorant spreads his wings to dry this past week on Lake Whitehall. People often mistake seeing the wings spread as those of an injured bird. Because they spend so much time diving under water, their wings become water-logged, and must dry before flying. Oftentimes, they can be seen running across the top of the water to assist with take off.

Rep. Paul Loscocco's Senior Picnic

August 24, 2008 — Cherylann Lambert-Walsh, a school-mate of Rep. Loscocco, helped this past week at the Representative's Annual Picnic.

Apple Crisp


The Friends of the Hopkinton Library need your help making Apple Crisp this year.
Please signup to bake Friday September 26, 3:00 to 7:00

First Congregational Church Kitchen


Saturday Sept. 27 at PolyArts selling. Sign up at the Hopkinton Public Library


Contact Linda Kimball 508-435-4872 or


Thursday, August 28, 2008, 9:00 a.m.

     Last year was the inaugural Hopkinton Middle School orientation using IGNITE principles, where 8th grade students act as role models and mentors to the incoming 6th grade students, giving them their perspective and sharing their similar experiences. A letter has gone out to parents with some suggestions and specifics of the morning's activities.


9-9:15 Students and parents in the auditorium together
9:15-10:00 Students into the Brown Gym for the opening exercises of the IGNITE orientation led by Bill Howard
10:00-10:15 Students prepare to go to classrooms with their 8th grade IGNITE leaders for small group games and orientation information
10:15-11:15 Students in 36 classrooms (groups of 8-10) and taking guided tours (these will be fun because the 8th graders will be coming up with themes that could include costumes for their groups)
11:15-11:30 Back to the Brown Gym for the closing of the IGNITE orientation.


The students-only orientation will take place in the Brown Gymnasium led by the eighth grade IGNITE Leaders, Mr. Bill Howard and Mr. Evren Gunduz from 9AM – 11:30AM. The parent orientation will take place in the Middle School auditorium led by Mr. Geoff Bruno and Mr. Keith Verra from 9AM- 10:30 AM.



Hopkinton Parks & Recreation presents Summer Concerts on the Common Double Play, Classic hits & dance music

Sunday, August 24, 2008

5-7:00 p.m.

Hopkinton Garden Club


“A Taste of the Garden:

A Kitchen Tour”

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Nine exceptional kitchens in Hopkinton, including award winning kitchens, downtown restored antiques, and other special kitchens will be on the tour. We invite you to join us on Saturday, September 13, from 11am to 4pm to celebrate the best-of-the-best kitchens in Hopkinton.

Hopkinton Garden Club will enhance the homes with seasonal floral arrangements, delectable garden food treats, and tablescapes.
Kitchens on Tour:
52A Hayden Rowe Street 23 Hayden Rowe Street
12 Wood Street 11 Pheasant Hill Road
20 Teresa Road 26 South Mill Street
1 Edgehill Road 10 Andrea Drive

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H   O   M   E   S         H   O   M   E   S        H   O   M   E   S         H   O   M   E   S

   H   O   M   E   S         H   O   M   E   S        H   O   M   E   S         H   O   M   E   S

Serious Crash on Route 495 North in Marlborough UPDATE


August 24, 2008 — Yesterday, at approximately 10:40 p.m. troopers assigned to the State Police Barracks in Millbury responded to a single vehicle rollover crash on Route 495 North in Marlborough that resulted in two serious injuries.

Preliminary investigation by Trooper Christopher Fraser indicates that a 2006 Chevrolet Cobalt sedan was involved in a rollover crash into the median on Route 495 North, just south of Route 20 in Marlborough.  As a result of the crash an occupant, 22 year-old Jessica A. Jackman of Sutton was ejected from the Chevy and another occupant, 26 year-old Shayne Safford of Worcester was trapped in the vehicle.  Jackman was taken by medical helicopter with serious injuries to Beth Israel Hospital in Boston and Safford was taken by medical helicopter with serious injuries to UMass Medical Center in Worcester.   


This crash remains under investigation with the assistance of the State Police Collision Analysis and Reconstruction Section and the State Police Crime Scene Services Section.  Also, Marlborough Police Department, Marlborough Fire Department and MassHighways assisted Troopers at the scene. 


Due to the crash investigation and vehicle removal, all lanes of Route 495 North were closed for over 1 ½ hours. 

 File photo.




Maria's has a kid-friendly menu.

Cheerleaders Car Wash Sunday AM

The HHS Varsity Cheerleaders are holding a car wash at Carbone's restaurant Sunday, 8/24 from 9:30 a.m. to noon to raise money for our choreography fee, new mats, general team expenses etc. Your support would be very much appreciated. Hope to see you and a friend tomorrow! Thank you.

Fire Dept. Raises $2,200

August 23, 2008 — The Hopkinton Fire Department would like to thank everyone for their generosity. We were able to raise more than $2200 to help the MDA in support of Jerry's Kids. Lt. Patrick Gross.

Clayton Willoughby Sings Shine on Harvest Moon


August 23, 2008 — That venerable entertainer Clayton Willoughby played a series of four songs for HopNews readers last summer. This song, Shine on Harvest Moon, is the fourth, and last in the series. It is a one camera, one microphone production.

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H   O   M   E   S         H   O   M   E   S        H   O   M   E   S         H   O   M   E   S

   H   O   M   E   S         H   O   M   E   S        H   O   M   E   S         H   O   M   E   S

Donna Hayres, 61,


HOPEDALE- Donna Hayres, 61, of Hopedale and formerly of Hopkinton, died Thursday, August 21, 2008 at Umass Memorial Hospital in Worcester. Born in South Boston, she was the daughter of Katherine (Barnes) Farmer of Hopkinton and the late John Farmer. She was the wife of the late Thomas P. Hayres Jr,. who passed in 1997.

A four year resident of Hopedale, she was on the Planning Board in Hopedale and was formerly on the Conservation Commission in Hopkinton.

Besides her mother, she is survived by 1 son, Thomas Lee Hayres and his wife Sirlene of Hopkinton, 2 daughters, Cherilyn Hayres Fox and her husband Richard of Los Angeles, Janine Hayres and her fiancee Brad Studley of Hopedale. She also leaves 3 sisters, Gail Cummings of Raynham, Kathie Salfity of Plymouth, and Cheryl Ann Sousa of Plymouth.

Arrangements complete.

Ed Mills to Begin Petition Drive


Holliston — August 23, 2008 — From his campaign headquarters, Edward J. Mills of Hopkinton is announcing a petition drive starting this Saturday. At this point in his race to secure the state representative seat on Primary Election Day for the Democratic Party, Mr. Mills has knocked on over 3,000 doors in the communities of Holliston, Hopkinton, Medway, Southborough, and Westborough.


Among the issues he has heard from the voters is that it is wrong for commuters in MetroWest to shoulder the burden of paying for the Big Dig fiasco. Just this week the Secretary of Transportation has gone on record telling us that there will be no tolls on Route 93, information on where relief will not come from but no information on help for the commuters of metro-west.


Friday, the head of the Mass Turnpike called for the elimination of the fast lane discount. This is the equivalent of an immediate toll increase for metro-west communities. Enough is enough! Mr. Mills finds this unacceptable and will be adding the petition drive to his campaign activity. Ed will be accepting all signatures from those voters interested in signing a petition to ask all parties to roll back the Mass Turnpike tolls to pre-Bid Dig levels. This Saturday he will be taking signatures from nine to eleven in the morning in front of the Superette in Holliston below his headquarters. Mr. Mills will carry this petition for basic fairness to each community in the 8th Middlesex District. Ed ill deliver copies of this petition to the Governor’s office, Secretary of Transportation, and the Mass Turnpike Board.  ~ Press Release from the Ed Mills campaign.


August 22, 2008 — Hope Sheehan brought her daughter, Allie, 2, to visit with Allie's grandmother, Pat, at the Senior Center on Thursday, as grandparents hosted a fun day of games and food with their grandchildren. Above, they look at a book that is unseen by the camera.

Colella's lunch specials are on their website every day! Please click.




Candy Shoppe Musical

August 22, 2008 — Enter Stage Left Theater Workshop just completed a two-week musical theater workshop with the youngsters above, who arranged their own musical, using songs from the Fifties and Sixties, and using dialogue that they wrote themselves. The play took place in a candy shoppe, and was directed by Mark DiCampo of ESL.

Hopkinton Class of 1938 70th Class Reunion

Left to right: Helen (Fair) Cady, Christine (Peaslee) nelson, Davison Welch, Doris (Claflin) King, Eunice (Claflin) Porter, Carl Porter, Genevieve (Reed) Haynes, Myrtle (Davidson) Swanson, Betty (Wonderly) Clarke, Agnes (McIntyre) Penney. Not shown in picture – Phil Camlin and Freddie Mannino


August 22, 2008 — The Class of 1938 treated themselves to a feast at the Hopkinton Senior Center this noontime, as they held their 70th High School Reunion.

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H   O   M   E   S         H   O   M   E   S        H   O   M   E   S         H   O   M   E   S

   H   O   M   E   S         H   O   M   E   S        H   O   M   E   S         H   O   M   E   S

     Lake Residents Warned by LMPA



 In an email to members, but information that may be important to non-member Lake Maspenock neighborhood residents as well, the Lake Maspenock Preservation association has sent the following email:

     "There has been a recent rash of car break ins and thefts in our neighborhood. Lake Shore Drive was the most recent target.

     Please remove valuables from your vehicles and keep your doors locked. Remember to report any suspicious activity to the Hopkinton Police and to spread the word to your neighbors.
Thank you, The LMPA Executive Board."


     NOTE: On August 10, 2008, there were over 20 mailboxes damaged in the neighborhood, in a crime spree that remains unsolved.

Invitation to HopNews Roundtable on HCAM-TV

Part Art

August  21, 2008 — A good photograph, as well as a two-dimensional piece of artwork, can consist of artistic elements that have been proven to  work; such as the diagonals, vanishing point, and much more, in the photo above of the Hopkinton Reservoir Dam.

Quicker Than the Mind

August 21, 2008 — Charles Prairie, an entertainer for the kid's/grandparents' day at the Senior Center today, offers Jack McInerney a card to look at and remember. Charles guessed the right one, as he did with everyone else.

     And then Mr. McInerney surprised Charles by guessing correctly that he taught Charles's father at school.

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Blankets for Babies

August 21, 2008 — Hopkinton Methodists heard about a need for baby blankets in Hazarajat, Afghanistan and responded by sewing a large number of blankets. These blankets were presented to Tom and Libby Little this past week during the 9:00 AM Sunday service. Tom and Libby Little have been attending Grace United Methodist Church during their two-year break from their work in Afghanistan. Tom, who works for National Organization for Opthalmic Rehabilitation (NOOR), has been updating his ophthalmic credentials here in the United States. His wife, Libby, told of volunteers at a women’s medical clinic in Hazarajat, a central mountainous region of Afghanistan, cut off from the rest of the world for at least 6 months of the year due to harsh winter conditions. She visited the workers at this clinic at least twice a year and during one visit, asked what a newborn baby would be wrapped in. Baby blankets for newborns simply did not exist. The mother wrapped her newborn in the outer layer of her own clothing. Contributed content.

Poll Results



The results are in and a clear majority of readers choosing to participate in the poll favor lowering the drinking age to 18 years-old or higher.


The question itself, after 309 people took part in the all-day poll, had the support of 43% of the respondents.


Why did people vote the way they did? Discuss further in:  Please visit our discussion page

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Senior Center Stuff

Punky Looks for America

New Senior column to start next week

by Nancy "Punky" Drawe

August 21, 2008 —Welcome to my first Senior Center column! I hope you all have had a great summer so far. Thank goodness there’s still a few weeks left before all the trees start turning color. I’ve been on vacation for the past few weeks, but now it’s time to get back to the real life and a new adventure!


My new adventure is that I will be sending my column about the Senior Center to each week where I’ll be keeping you informed about the goings on at the center—past, present and future. This first week though will be about my vacation and not really anything about the Center—that’ll start next week.


This year for our third annual RALF Tour (RALF stands for Relaxing, Adventure, Learning and Fun), my friend Susan, her 10 year old nephew and myself decided to take a driving vacation because of the high cost of plane fares. Mark picked Michigan’s Upper Peninsula because he saw a show called “Cash and Treasures” that showed a place in the UP where you could actually go copper mining. Even though it sounded exciting to a 10 year old, it wasn’t something that I was interested in. But after doing a lot of research, I discovered all kinds of things to do in Michigan’s Lower Peninsula as well as the Upper. Besides the possibility of becoming rich with all the copper we were going to find, it was an added plus that we could drive there, since Susan and Mark live outside Pittsburgh, PA. I also have an aunt and uncle living outside Detroit, so it would be a chance to visit them. So, armed with all kinds of maps, our itinerary, a cooler filled with ice, sodas and water, some gear for the mining (the rest we would rent right at the place), suitcases, etc., we headed off to Michigan. I call these vacations “Looking for America” because that’s what I like to do—find all kinds of cool places right here in the USA. Michigan would be our newest discovery. READ MORE...

Fourth Annual Hopkinton Tennis Tournament


Open to Hopkinton residents 18 years and older of all playing abilities, the Fourth Annual Hopkinton Tennis Tournament will take place at Hopkinton High School's tennis courts Thursday-Sunday, September 18-21. Divisions consist of beginner, intermediate and advanced in men's and women's singles, doubles, and mixed doubles. The fee is $15 per person per event entered. To register, please go to the Parks and Recreation site at If you have any questions, e-mail us at For further information and tournament updates, please go to


Registration is still open for Hopkinton Youth Soccer's fall Kick Start program for 4 and 5 year olds. Children must be 4 years old as of Aug. 31, 2008, to participate. The Kick Start program begins Sept. 13 and is designed to introduce children to the basics of soccer.


Each session will focus on the non-competitive, fun development of soccer-related skills, including balance, coordination, and foot skill / ball control.  All players must bring a size 3 ball each week; balls will be available for purchase on the first day.  No soccer experience is necessary.


Registration for this program will close on Sept. 3, so please register today at


Colella's lunch specials are on their website every day! Please click.




From the Town Clerk's Office

Sept. 16th is the State Primary

Aug 27th is the last day to register to vote.

The Town Clerk’s Office will be open until 8:00 P.M. on Aug. 27th.

 Absentee ballots are available at the Town Clerk’s Office.


Fall Hours are resuming on Sept. 2.

   Mon, Weds, Thurs. Fri.

    8:00 AM – 4:30 PM

Tues. 8:00 Am – 7:00 PM

Passport Applications accepted

during all office hours.

Breast Cancer Marathon of Information



        Taking place in 14 cities nationwide, the Breast Cancer 3-Day is a three-day, 60-mile walk that provides an opportunity to educate tens of thousands of people about breast health, including the importance of early detection. Breast Cancer 3-Day participants commit to raising a minimum of $2,200 and walking an average of 20 miles a day during each three-day event. Proceeds from the Breast Cancer 3-Day are used for breast cancer research, education, and community outreach programs.     


       As the primary beneficiary of the Breast Cancer 3-Day, Susan G. Komen for the Cure receives 85 percent of net proceeds and the remaining 15 percent goes to the National Philanthropic Trust Breast Cancer Fund. Please visit, or call 800.996.3DAY for more information.


Sarah Howe from Paxton, and Dayle Pauli-Doherty (Angel's Garden Center)

Paul Loscocco Last Senior Picnic 

August 20, 2008 — Paul Loscocco says "thank you" to the senior citizens of the area by feeding them at his Senior Picnic.


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