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A Photo Review from January to June, 2007

Editor's Favorite Picks

(Photo Review now offline until next year)


Above, the Markey family makes a de facto totem pole. From the top, Julia, Joe, Bernadette and Dawson.

Below, the fire at the South Mill Street home of the Dobson family. The photos were selected because of their artistic or aesthetic qualities; or their because of their human interest or significance. (Full Photo Review now offline until next year)


Police News UP-TO-DATE  Today, December 31, 2007


4:02 pm A walk-in spoke with Officer Stephen Buckley regarding the theft of a magnetic sign from a motor vehicle...


1:44 pm A walk-in spoke with Officer Thomas Griffin regarding an internet check scam fraud.


8:04 am A caller reported that a person was rummaging through recyclables on Cunningham Street...


12:05 am A caller reported a large underage drinking party on Deer Run...

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Real Estate Transactions for Hopkinton, Massachusetts

Compiled by Eric Montville for, December 31, 2007






38 North Mill Street Treavor J. Weeden & Jamie L. Weeden $639,000 Dec 28, 2007 John Herrera
7 Palomino Drive Randy Charland & Jennifer Charland $599,900 Dec 27, 2007 Jane H. Lesslauer
Previous update:        
10 Wedgewood Drive Christopher N. Tenhoor & Kursten M, Tenhoor $764,600 Dec 21, 2007 Denis W. Aull & Linda J. Bailey
62 South Mill Street Robert Pedrelli & Judith Pedrelli $451,000 Dec 21, 2007 Cartus Financial Corp
62 South Mill Street Cartus Financial Corp $451,000 Dec 21, 2007 Sacha Renner & Mark Renner
78 Hayden Rowe Street Michael P. Leveille & Laura A. Leveille $318,750 Dec 21, 2007 Raymond W. Leveille & Denise M. Kimball & Dolores M. Dumas
25 Sanctuary Lane Barbara H. McNally & Paul McNally $517,818 Dec 20, 2007 Weston Development Group
71 Clinton Street Anton F. Ehrhardt & Nancy L. Ehrhardt $1,185,000 Dec 20, 2007 Pamela A French & Gary H. French
15 Cole Drive Robert B. Davis & Camella M. Davis $484,900 Dec 17, 2007 William A. DiPietri Trust & Lumber Street I Realty Trust

See Full List back to February 1,  2007

Link above is renewed each week

White Pond

December 31, 2007 — Golden Pond's gazebo on Ice House Pond is framed by snowy evergreen branches while it sits in isolation awaiting the next season for some company.

H   O   M   E   S         H   O   M   E   S        H   O   M   E   S         H   O   M   E   S

A Review of 2007 and a Look Back


by Robert Falcione

December 30, 2007 — There is a tradition in the news business to take a look back at the expiring year. Because HopNews has never really done that, we will start at the beginning, September 2003. Please enjoy a slide show of over 130 photos from one season in 2006 presented in a Flash movie on the linked page.

      PolyArts in September, 2003 was the first photo feature HopNews offered. There is no log of how many people saw that group of photos, but we do recall a watershed event three months later, when over 100 visits were had following "Mary Harrington Night" at Hopkinton Country Club. Mary must have a large family, someone remarked.

      At that time, HopNews had an Artists' page, featuring exclusively Hopkinton artists, who had proven themselves with a body of work. We also had periodical cartoons by the late George Foster, known to hundreds of local restaurant patrons who had received a napkin with a caricature of themselves from across the bar. His cartoon called Heshy Sez was about his namesake cat, his relationship with it, and his fantastical commentary on Heshy's view of the world.

     Cartoonist Ashley Jackson was just 19 when he started contributing to the works of this writer, with his skillful, stylistic labor of love, something he has been doing since he was five years-old. During 2004, former Selectman Dick Gooding contributed several articles explaining the process of developing a Town Charter. The Charter Commission began meeting in June, 2004, the process culminating in the hiring of a Town Manager, who started on January 1, 2007. When the process was completed, Mr. Jackson, with his special abilities, memorialized the members  in much of the same the way the signers of the Constitution are thought of.

 HopNews Cartoon by Ashley T.M. Jackson

        Although HopNews started archiving content in February of 2005, our statistics archivist, third-party vendor,, has been storing the visit counts nearly since we started. December, 2003 saw 1,113 visits. The next year increased by ten-fold, and the year after doubled, as did the year after that. The millionth HopNews visit was at 1:24 p.m. on March 12, 2007. Reader, Hopkinton High School student Greg Fraser, guessed noon on that day and was the closest, earning himself a $500 check from HopNews.  Video Editor David Sheehan awards Gregory a facsimile check, in the photo on the left.

      On February 10, 2005, HopNews broke the story of the offering for sale of much of Weston Nurseries' land. Other news organizations followed, and as many residents know, a two year process of study ended with the town forfeiting its Chapter 61A rights to purchase the land at Town Meeting earlier this year in a vote that would have gone the other way had three people voted the other way. (HopNews Archives Archives are available at the top of the page, and are listed by range of date.)

       Two days after that scoop, St. John's treated their volunteers to an Appreciation Dinner with entertainment provided by three very talented members of the community. Click on the video icon to see the exciting performance captured by HopNews video at St. John's Parish Center on that evening.

        HopNews added extensive content and resources in 2005, and covered as many meetings and events as possible such as the HEF Gala, the HCE Telethon, Memorial Day and Veteran's Day, Little League First Day, High School graduation, sporting events and meetings of Boards and Committees. READ AND SEE MUCH MORE (Photo Review offline until 2009)

Say, "Milkbone"

December 31, 2007 — The Dlouhy family took turns taking photos of each other at Hopkinton State Park on Sunday.

Not the Real Thing

December 30, 2007 — After a traffic stop and field sobriety tests, Officer Matthew McNeil places a handcuffed suspect into his cruiser for a ride to the Police headquarters. It is not the real Teddy Bruschi. His passenger was also taken into custody.

$50.00 Reward for the Return of the Stolen Magnetic Sign


December 30, 2007 — A vehicle parked next to mine at the Gulf Mart with three or so young people in it, is likely where the person came from who stole the magnetic sign (Left) off of the side of the passenger door of my vehicle.

     What the people in the vehicle did not know is that while they were doing their deed, their friend, who walked into the store while they waited in the car, walked behind the counter into the cash register side, presumably in error, and putting himself on video. And in the process, drawing a lot of attention to himself. Everybody noticed.

      It is likely that whoever stole the sign will get curious and look at the website name featured on the sign and see the reward. If so, please return the sign, and there will be no foolish questions asked. 508-435-5534.

Join The HPTA For
 A College Funding Workshop
 Presented by Ron Foisy and HPTA Parent Programs

Tuesday, January 8, 2008
7:00 – 9:00 p.m. in the Middle School Lecture Hall
(NOT the High School Auditorium as listed in the Source Book)

This free workshop is back by popular demand and full of great practical information on how to navigate the college funding system, including tips like:

▪ Ways to get thousands of dollars for the college of your choice, even if you make a good living.
▪ How to double or even triple your eligibility for financial aid.
▪ How to pick colleges that give the best financial aid packages.
▪ The 5 greatest myths about college funding, and many other inside college funding secrets.

LAST YEAR WAS A SELLOUT! Please help us plan for additional seating and handouts by emailing your RSVP to  or  .

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Sugar and Spice

These Hopkinton Dancers performed in the Boston Dance Company’s performance of the Nutcracker on Friday December 21, 2007 at Worcester State College.

They are Lauren Donovan as a doll, Chloe DiMare and Megan Donovan as soldiers, Rebekah Goldberg as a Party Girl and Maeve McDonnell as an angel.

H   O   M   E   S         H   O   M   E   S        H   O   M   E   S         H   O   M   E   S

Hopkinton vs Westborough

December 29, 2007 — Senior Mark Sanborn and his Westborough counterpart come down from a jump ball at the Athletic Center Friday evening.

DPH Issues Consumer Warning for Milk Products Sold at Whittier Farms in Shrewsbury


Boston - The Department of Public Health (DPH) is issuing a warning to consumers not to drink any milk products from Whittier Farms in Shrewsbury because of listeria bacteria contamination.

      Four cases of listeriosis infection have been identified by DPH. The cases occurred in June, October and two in November. DNA fingerprinting conducted by the State Laboratory Institute showed that the bacteria causing these infections came from a common source. Samples collected showed product contamination.

Whittier Farms has agreed to voluntarily suspend operations and distribution at this time until a source of contamination is identified. The firm is contacting all customers.  The bulk of their distribution is home delivery to customers in the greater Worcester/Shrewsbury area. Brand names produced at Whittier Dairy include Whittier, Schultz, Balance Rock, Spring Brook, and Maple.

      Listeriosis is a serious foodborne disease that can be life-threatening to certain individuals. While most cases of listeriosis occur in adults with weakened immune systems, the elderly, pregnant women and newborns, infections can occasionally occur in healthy individuals.

The four cases involved three elderly residents and a pregnant woman from Worcester county. Two of the cases have died.

      “Although evidence suggests that contamination is likely to be at a low level and the risk of infection low, even in those at high risk, it is recommended that consumers do not consume these products and discard any of these products they have,” said DPH Director of Communicable Disease Control Dr. Al DeMaria.

Symptoms of listeriosis include fever, muscle aches and sometimes gastrointestinal symptoms such as nausea or diarrhea. The illness may be mild and symptoms are sometimes described as flu-like.

      About 2,500 cases of listeriosis occur each year in the United States. Twenty-two cases occurred in Massachusettsin 2006. For more information about Listeria, call (617) 983-6800 or visit

300 People Arrested Weekly in Massachusetts for Impaired Driving

State Police Offer New Year’s Holiday Travel Tips

In an effort to keep Massachusetts roadways safer during this upcoming holiday period, the Massachusetts State Police offers these six travel tips:

        Drive sober and well-rested;

        Obey speed limits and allow extra time for unexpected traffic and weather conditions;

        If celebration plans involve alcoholic beverages, designate a sober driver before heading out or plan to use mass transit, take a taxi, or sleep over at the event location;

        Never accept a ride with an impaired driver;

        Report impaired drivers by dialing 911;

        Make sure everyone is properly buckled up – it’s the best defense against a drunk, speeding or aggressive driver.


If you are holding a New Year’s celebration, consider serving festive, non-alcoholic “mocktails” based on recipes at As during all holiday periods, hosts need to be extra vigilant to prevent guests from leaving their events impaired or those under 21 years of age from accessing alcoholic beverages.


With funding from the Massachusetts Executive Office of Public Safety and Security, the State Police and hundreds of local police are conducting extra traffic enforcement focused on arresting impaired drivers as part of a national Drunk Driving. Over the Limit. Under Arrest. Mobilization through January 2nd.  State Police will conduct up to three sobriety checkpoints this weekend.


On average each week 300 people are arrested for impaired driving in Massachusetts.  A first-time conviction for drunk driving in Massachusetts can cost more than $7,800, plus the significant expense of years of insurance surcharges

Born Free

December 27, 2007 — The Ciriello family missed seeing these turkeys at their Wood home since perhaps around Thanksgiving. But they have returned and appear to be finding some food on top of the snow.

Water Sewer Rates to be Studied


Water and Sewer Customers:

The DPW Board has begun work on the annual review of water and sewer rates. The first step in the process, which involves the development of the budgets for the water and sewer enterprise funds, is under way. The budget process involves a review of all aspects of the water and sewer departments and involves the DPW staff, Town Treasurer, Chief Financial Officer, Town Manager and other key financial groups. In addition the Board will also continue to use it's rate consultant, The Abrhams Group, which has developed a detailed financial plan for the enterprise funds.

The budget and rate review is expected to be complete in early 2008. The Board will then hold a public meeting to set the rates for fiscal year 2009. Any rate change will take effect July 1st 2008.

The DPW Board would like to remind users that since billings are based on semi-annual meter readings, water used beginning January 1st 2008, will be subject to the rates effective July 1st 2008.

Respectfully, Daniel McIntyre, DPW Board Chairman


Boy Scouts to Pick Up Christmas Trees


January 5,12,19 Boy Scout Troop 4 of Hopkinton will be providing a Christmas tree pickup and recycling service for residents of Hopkinton.    The cost is $5.00 for trees under 8 feet and $10.00 for trees over 8 feet.  Scouts will pick up trees on Saturday, January 5th, 12th, and 19th. To request a pick-up, please go to or call (508) 293-6396 and leave your name, address, date for pick up, and tree height.  


 Please make your request by Thursday of the week chosen for pick-up. Trees should be put curbside by 9AM along with payment in an envelope attached to the tree (Ziploc bags work best!).  Payment can be made in cash or check payable to “Troop 4 Hopkinton.”  Please no plastic bags around the tree.


Editor's Note: This is a Hopkinton Calendar event linked from the Hopkinton Happenings icon on the button bar at the top of the page.  It is a resource that Eric Montville spends many hours a  month updating frequently, sometimes daily, with local happenings. It is one of our more valuable resources. Please take advantage of it.

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Watch the Patriots on Widescreen


at Cornell's or Maria's



The poll provider went offline, stopping the poll in its tracks a few hours ago. However, it did archive the results — in fact we could post it and continue with the voting — which are displayed in duplicate on the left and right.


A witnessed surge of votes for Romney earlier today indicates the possibility of tampering, something that has been done in the past.


A quick look at past polls show a liberal bias among readers on issues such as global warming, the surge, and reinstituting the draft.


We'll keep this poll on file and compare it to others to come. Thanks for participating.

H   O   M   E   S         H   O   M   E   S        H   O   M   E   S         H   O   M   E   S

Friends of Bernadette and Carol at ESL Coffeehouse Jan. 5

December 26, 2007 – Hopkinton residents Carol Cheney and Bernadette Keane will be showcasing their great musical harmonies in varied musical genres, including folk, alternate county, and light contemporary rock, at the ESL Coffeehouse on January 5. They will perform at 8:00 p.m. at ESL’s intimate studio setting at 30 Main Street in Hopkinton. Tickets are $10.00.

Enter Stage Left Theater, Inc. is a non-profit, performing arts center in Hopkinton offering theater education, training and performances for students of all ages. For more information call 508-435-2114 or visit 

Hopkinton Fire Department Now Offers Child Seat Inspection and Education


Hopkinton Fire Department will offer free child seat inspection and education. Lt. Patrick Gross (File photo), a certified CPS (Child Passenger Safety) technician will work with the parents to install the child safety seat in the safest manner.

Installations Monday to Thursday by appointment only.


Call 508-497-2325 between 8:00am and 4:00pm Monday to Thursday to schedule an appointment.

The Show Must Go On


December 26, 2007 — Alex Ernst backs into his place behind the curtain to prepare for his next puppet show at the MetroWest YMCA of Hopkinton's Holiday Vacation Club.

     To learn more about the YMCA, choose their ad icon, and to see this event and others listed in our HopNews Calendar, choose the Hopkinton Happenings icon.


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