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Westborough Uses Strong Language Regarding Wastewater

No new connections?


December 13, 2007 — After not receiving a reply from Hopkinton for nine months, John H. Goodhall, Jr. of the Westborough Treatment Plant Board, sent a strongly worded letter to Hopkinton officials inviting them to their meeting on January 9, 2008 in Westborough.

      "The primary subjects intended to be discussed at this meeting are the Hopkinton wastewater flows, the limits established in our agreement dated May 1, 1986, the occasions that the flows from Hopkinton have exceeded those limits, and how Hopkinton is planning to achieve compliance," Mr. Goodhall wrote.

      "The issue is serious," Mr. Goodhall wrote in bold print.

      Mr. Goodhall is specifically concerned that the wastewater flow to Westborough "was not to be exceeded under any condition."  The average monthly flow, he states, has been exceeded at least nine times in a six-year period, he wrote.

       Hopkinton Board of Public Works Chair Dan McIntyre (File photo) and Selectmen Chair Muriel Kramer have locked horns over the authority on the issue of Input and Infiltration of groundwater into the sewer system, and vowed to work on the issue. I&I is believed to be about 100,000 gpd extra during a rain event.

       "The Town of Hopkinton has violated the terms of the Agreement nine (9) times on this criteria alone," Mr. Goodhall wrote.

        The Cedar Swamp Conservation Trust and the Fruit Street 10 Citizens Group appealed the Groundwater Discharge Permit for the planned Wastewater Treatment Facility on Fruit Street in Hopkinton, claiming that if the I&I problem were solved, the town would gain over 100,000 gpd in capacity, that the need for a plant would be obsolete. An excerpt from the appeal:

Records for July and August 2007 (copies enclosed) show an average daily volume of
243,000 and 248,000 gpd respectively. This two month period was chosen due to the dry
weather to determine a true baseline flow with little impact from inflow and infiltration (I
& I) or leaks in the system. Based on the actual data Hopkinton has in excess of 100,000
gpd of unused capacity available daily at the Westborough facility. The first phase of the
proposed Hopkinton Fruit Street wastewater treatment facility is 100,000 gpd or less than
the current unused capacity. Hopkinton has a serious I & I problem during wet periods...



     "The [Hopkinton] Board of Selectmen and the Board of Water and Sewer Commissioners signed the agreement and/or its amendments, so I assume they both have a stake in this matter before it proceeds to Counsel," Mr. Goodhall wrote.

     The agreement referred to states in part, "In the event that the discharge of wastewater originating in HOPKINTON exceeds the rates or loadings established in section 3.1 (b) for any calendar month, HOPKINTON shall immediately cease further or additional connection of properties or buildings to its sewerage system."


The Town Hall is now closed due to the snow emergency. The building was scheduled to be closed at 2:00 pm in preparation of the Town Employee's Holiday Party later this afternoon, but Town Manager Anthony Troiano moved it forward due to traffic concerns. In addition, the Town's party has been rescheduled to December 19 at 5:00 pm at the Dynasty due to the inclement weather.

Traffic Advisory –  Department of Conservation and Recreation Declares Snow Emergency


Today, at approximately 2:00 p.m. the Massachusetts Department of Conservation and Recreation (DCR) declared a “Snow Emergency”. As a result of that declaration any vehicles that are parked on or remain standing on any DCR roadways may, and will, be towed at owner’s expense. The Massachusetts State Police asks all citizens of the Commonwealth to ensure DCR roadways remain clear ensuring the most efficient snow removal possible.

Winter Wonderland?

December 13, 2007 — Jamie Stewart of the Hopkinton Highway Department, above on Main Street, was out within 20 minutes of the first snowflake falling.  The snow is supposed to be totally stopped by tomorrow morning, with the temperature rising to 40° F by then. For up to the minute weather, choose the Weather button, which is always on the links bar at the top. Or choose from three Boston television stations, also in the links bar at the top of page one. 457

Hornet's Nest Location


    We received several emails guessing the location of the hornet's nest pictured. Some said Elmwood School, Route 85, Westborough, etc.

     Marty Aaron drew a belly laugh when he suggested that the hornet's nest was in Room 211 last night, referring to the cell tower story.

     But the one and only person to guess the correct location was Brad Fenn, who guessed Fruit Street, in front of Pratt's Farm.

Residents Pack Board of Appeals Hearing

Opposed to cell tower in residential neighborhood


December 13, 2007 — About 85 residents and those associated with them packed and overflowed Room 211 (Selectmen's Hearing Room) at a Public Hearing to oppose the application by Omnipoint/T-Mobile for a Special Permit and Variances to locate a 100' cell tower in a residential yard at 72 North Mill Street, a property that one neighbor described as a "junkyard." A home on the property is currently rented from absentee landlord, Cindy Lou Jordan. Ms. Jordan's brother expected to represent his sister, but was denied that privilege after telling the Board that he was not an attorney. In addition, Ms. Jordan did not sign the application, a condition that Board of Appeals Chairman Wayne Davies said was "not fatal" but needed to be addressed.

      Attorney Jennifer Lewis, representing Omnipoint/T-Mobile, presented the applicant's case for a Special Permit. The engineer who accompanied her claimed that no other tower existed within two miles, a criteria in Hopkinton for locating a cell tower and related equipment.

     "After evaluating customer feedback," said T-Mobile contractor, RF engineer Sameer Parakavetty, "T-Mobile decides where to construct a site." He said the purpose was to fill some gaps in coverage.

     Mr. Parakavetty showed drawings that detailed the locations of surrounding cell towers to prove his point, but one speaker presented documents from Holliston proceedings that pointed out that the company just received a permit from a Holliston board that allowed it to build an antenna in that town presumably within the two-mile radius. Ms. Lewis was asked why tower had been omitted from the plan presented.

      "Because it has not been built," said Ms. Lewis to spontaneous laughter from the group.

      "In terms of a residential area, it is ideal," said Ms. Lewis during her presentation. However, the group of residents and abutters would later disagree unanimously.

      "We would have to determine that you cannot collocate on another tower," said Mr. Davies. An applicant for a tower must first determine that there is no other existing tower it can locate on in order to provide coverage for the area in question before it can build a new tower.

       "There is no tower in the coverage area," said Ms. Lewis.

       "Are you within two miles of another tower?" asked Mr. Davies. Someone pointed out that a tower exists at Cornell's.
       "We are on that tower," said Ms. Lewis.

       "By your scale, you are less than two miles," said member Rory Warren.


Concert Band a Labor of Love

Holiday concert on Sunday at St. John's

by Demian David Tebaldi


December 13, 2007  — The pews of the church of St. John the Evangelist in Hopkinton will be reserved at 3:00 pm for a very special event on Sunday, December 16, and for very special guests – the public.  For the ninth time in as many years, the Southeastern Massachusetts Community Concert Band, a 40-50 piece wind symphony under the direction of conductor Bruce Houston, is presenting to the public a masterfully arranged holiday concert, absolutely free of charge – with a catch.  Admission is a donation of laundry detergent, school snacks or cereal.  For a box of Cheer or peanut butter crackers, which are donated to the Hopkinton Food Pantry (now Project Just Because), one may enjoy an afternoon suffused with music and community spirit in a place of splendor.


“The church [of St. John the Evangelist] is a magnificent venue,” says Everett Carr (Photo), co-Treasurer and board member of the SMCCB.  “This coming Sunday should be great.  At this time of year, at that time in the afternoon, the stained glass windows catch the sun just right, and the place just glows. It’s perfect for a pops style concert and special performance by the St. John Children’s Choir."


Mr. Carr, who has been with the SMCCB since 1988, in the past serving as Treasurer of the organization, also plays the euphonium for the band.


“It’s the cello of the wind instruments,” explains Mr. Carr, with a twinkle in his eye.  “Picture a tuba, only smaller and easier to carry.” 


“As for the band itself, it is ‘community’ in the truest sense.  Our conductor, Bruce Houston, is a consummate professional – thirty years experience teaching in the public schools of Natick, and while we’ve had one or two professional musicians participate in the past, for the most part we are administrators, doctors, janitors, dentists, retirees.  Our only criteria for membership are that one be able to play an instrument and read music,” says Mr. Carr.  READ MORE...

Nest of Inactivity

December 12, 2007 — This hornets' nest has been ravaged by some unknown force, but is still a remarkable creation. Be the first to email the exact location and win $25.00.

Falmouth, MA Police Seek Public's Assistance in

Locating Missing / Endangered Child


December 12, 2007 — The Falmouth, Massachusetts Police Department is seeking assistance from the public in locating 6 year old Christopher T. Seychew.  On December 8, 2007, Christopher was abducted from a residence in Falmouth by his father, Richard T. Warren.  Warren does not have custody rights, and neither he nor Christopher has been seen since that date. Christopher may be endangered.


Warren fled the area with Christopher in a silver or gray Dodge minivan with unknown registration plates.  It is believed that Warren may be heading to the area of Baltimore County, Maryland.  He is also known to drive a black Jeep Wrangler with Maryland registration plates.


Christopher T. Seychew is a 6 year old white male with brown hair.


Richard T. Warren is a 44 year old white male, 6' tall, 195 lbs. with brown hair.


Anyone with information is asked to contact the Falmouth Police Detective Bureau at

(508) 457-2526. 


ZAC Looks at More Legacy Farms Issues

No Roche Brothers for Hopkinton

by Robert Falcione

December 12, 2007 — Boulder Capital's President Roy MacDowell, Jr. shared a vision Tuesday evening with the Zoning Advisory Committee of the type of retail environment he believes would work in the commercial Subdistricts of his 720 acre Legacy Farms OSMUD (Open Space Mixed Use Development).

       In the drawing of one of the pods, right, Route 135 is shown on the bottom, colored in grey. Above it, behind a buffer of landscaping, is a retail area that is projected at no more than 150,000 square feet. To put that into perspective, ZAC Chairman Ken Weismantel said, the three-story 77 Main Street (ReMax) is 57,000 square feet. Mr. MacDowell would later point out that his buildings would be on a 20 acre site.

       Mr. MacDowell (Photo) said they were looking at siting a restaurant and a grocery store. He said that Roche Brothers was not interested, because they had just opened a store in another location.

     "We met with Colella's and understand their concerns," he said, offering later that Colella's did not want to relocate from their downtown location. Colella's,  a family-owned supermarket, has been at the same location for over 50 years.

     "We are looking at perhaps a green grocer," he said.

     "We believe with appropriate landscaping, we could provide an adequate buffer," he said, answering concerns about visuals from the street. Mr. MacDowell, who also owns a premier landscaping company, said that the trees would be twice the size normally planted in this type of development.

      "We've spoken with Trader Joe's, Roche Brothers, Stop & Shop. We'll be talking traffic at another time, but the retailers are not seeing enough," Mr. MacDowell said. He spoke of Route 135 not having enough traffic to support a lot of retail, because the bulk of the traffic on the roadway is during the rush hours, when people do not traditionally shop.

      "We need some type of anchor to make this work," he said.

      Mr. MacDowell and the Committee discussed buffer zones and heights of buildings, which were set for four story apartment buildings abutting Curtis Road. ZAC member Sandy Altamura (Photo) objected to the height.

      "Four stories is a huge structure. It's like Cambridge," she said. "I am not comfortable with four stories among those Cape Cod homes," she said.

     "If we have to cede the issue for the community, we will do so," Mr. MacDowell said.

     ZAC and Boulder Capital will meet again on December 18, 2007.

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"Towering Inferno" Expected to Get "Bad Reception" at Board of Appeals*


December 11, 2007 — Omnipoint Communications/T-Mobile is scheduled for a 7:30 pm Public Hearing in front of the Hopkinton Board of Appeals on Wednesday, December 12 to present their application for a Special Permit or Variance to construct a 100' tall communications tower behind a home at 72 North Mill Street in a residentially zoned neighborhood. The entire plan is here.  


    Public Hearings are held in the case of uses applied for but not allowed by right in a particular zoning area. This gives the Board of Appeals the chance to hear expert testimony, order more studies, and hear testimony of abutters and neighbors as well as the general public, on the proposed use.

     In this case, 37 abutting property owners have been notified — in the case of couples, only one notice was sent to each address — a circumstance that could pack the hearing room.


     A similar request was not granted in the West Elm Street area earlier this year.


* Puns supplied by Karen O'Neil in her Letter to the Editor

     Hopkinton Democratic Town Committee Meeting


     Hopkinton Democratic Town Committee will be at 7:30PM on Wednesday, December 19th at the Fire Station (rear entrance, 2nd floor).
     Special guest at that meeting will be Ed O'Reilly, candidate for the 2008 Democratic nomination for the US Senate. 
     Any and all registered Democrats are welcome!
  -  Dick Duggan, Corresponding Secretary, HDTC

Four's Company

December 11, 2007 — This group of wild turkeys out of a rafter of nearly a dozen, found perfect grazing on the lawns of Fruit Street, rather than the woods, where the gunshots and fleeing deer are found. According to some experts, the only bird to fly toward gunshots is the raven.

 Middlesex County Crime and Justice


Former Somerville Police Officer Sentenced To Life In State Prison For Sexual

 Abuse And Burning Of 23-Month-Old Child


               CAMBRIDGE – December 11, 2007 — Middlesex District Attorney Gerry Leone’s office informed the public today that a former Somerville police officer has been sentenced to life in State Prison today in connection with the sexual abuse and burning of a 23-month-old girl.


            Keith Winfield, age 33, of Melrose, was found guilty on November 15 by a Middlesex Superior Court jury of rape of a child by force (2 counts), indecent assault and battery on a child under 14, and assault and battery with a dangerous weapon causing serious bodily injury.  Superior Court Judge Patrick Riley today sentenced Winfield to life in State Prison.

             “There is no more vulnerable group that we are responsible for protecting than our children,” District Attorney Leone said. “For a child, who hadn’t even reached her second birthday, to have been abused and injured in such a heinous manner is truly unconscionable. Unfortunately, the effects of these kinds of abuses can sometimes last a lifetime.” READ MORE...

Senior Citizen Party Provided by the Hopkinton Police Association

ID not required

The annual Christmas Party for Hopkinton senior citizens, provided and hosted by the Hopkinton Police Association, will be held at the Senior Center on Saturday, December 15 at 3 pm. Always a spectacular event, there is delicious food, plenty of prizes and a visit from Santa. The Friends of Seniors will hold their annual raffle, too. Transportation is available. Please contact the Senior Center to make your reservation.

Anti-drunk Driving Mobilization Starts Tomorrow

Drunk Driving. Over The Limit. Under Arrest.”


From December 12, 2007 through January 2, 2008, the Massachusetts State Police and hundreds of local police departments will participate in the national mobilization Drunk Driving. Over the Limit. Under Arrest.”   The Executive Office of Public Safety and Security has provided $1.1 million in federal grant funding for this initiative.  With $175,000 of this federal grant funding, State Police will provide approximately 360 extra patrols and conduct 9 sobriety checkpoints throughout the Commonwealth during this three week enforcement period.


The Massachusetts State Police and local police are determined to reduce the number of impaired driving related crashes on the roadways of the Commonwealth. Each impaired operator arrested is one less impaired operator whose actions could potentially harm innocent travelers.  During the month of November State Police Sobriety Checkpoints resulted in the arrest of forty-six individuals.


It is important to note that in addition to the enforcement efforts, the State Police are also trying to further educate the public about the dangers of impaired driving.   One important reminder is that the best defense against a drunk driver is to always wear a safety belt. 


Always remember:

·                    Choose a sober, designated driver;

·                    Use mass transit, call a taxicab, or ask a sober friend to drive you home;

·                    Always wear your safety belt.


If you are traveling on the roadways and observe someone you believe is impaired or operating dangerously, contact the State Police by dialing 911 on your cell phone.


I would like to remind the town residents who are coming into the DPW yard to pick up resident sand to use caution when entering and exiting the property. Over the last few years we have noticed an increase in the number of residents taking advantage of this service. People are driving too fast and there have been several close calls between our equipment and residents vehicles.

During winter operations we have many trucks delivering sand, salt and supplies to us, as well as our own trucks going in and out of the yard getting loaded with material.

It would be extremely helpful if residents could enter and exit the property using our second entrance located at the west side of the building (the side closest to Westborough). Please drive slowly, be aware of what is going on around you, and stay out of the way of the trucks. DPW employees are doing everything they can to keep the roads safe and when they get stuck behind vehicles in our own parking lot it is not only frustrating but it slows down our operation.

The building that we store our sand and salt in is for employees only. Residents should not park in front of or be inside this building. Again we have had many near accidents with our equipment and vehicles because people pull right up behind the loader while it is working inside the building and we have nearly backed over vehicles and residents walking around.

We are happy to provide this service however safety and efficiency is our first priority.

Have a safe and happy holiday season.
Mike Mansir, Highway Manager

Photo submitted by Susan Costanza

HPTA Perfect Dress
Jan. 12, 2008 from 10-2

Hopkinton High School

The HPTA Perfect Dress event is scheduled for Jan. 12, 2008 from 10-2 at Hopkinton High School. There's still time to donate your dresses and accessories. Your donations are tax deductible and all proceeds benefit the HPTA. Donations are being accepted anytime at the Children's Orchard in Milford and Westborough.

Then be sure to join us for the event and peruse racks of hundreds of new and gently-used stylish dresses to find a perfect dress for any semi-formal or formal occasion at prices everyone can afford: $20-$40 per dress. There will also be accessories, such as shoes, wraps, jewelry and purses, for sale. Consultants will be on site for alterations, make-up and jewelry, and there will be raffles for jewelry, flowers, limo, make-up, nails and more. For more information, call Sue O'Keefe at 508-497-0847 or Jane Wojcik at 508-435-9425.


Photo: Rebecca Albanese and Alex Brown of the Hopkinton Leo Club preview some of the dresses donated for the upcoming HPTA Perfect Dress event.

House of Lights

December 10, 2007 — The lights in the neighborhood may have dimmed when they flipped the switch for this display on Walcott Street. If you see a special display, please send it by email and share it with HopNews readers. The above photo is just a small part of the display.

Winter Water Tips


The Water Department responds to numerous frozen water pipe calls each winter with the majority of them located inside the home. There are several measures that homeowners can take to prevent their water pipes from freezing. The water department would like to offer the following tips.


First locate your main water shut off valve and meter. You need to check your valve and make sure it works in case of an emergency. It is usually located in your basement on the side facing the street. Insure that the area immediately surrounding the valve and meter is warm enough to prevent freezing. In older homes with fieldstone and rock foundations make sure there are no direct drafts from the holes in the walls or gaps in the windows and doors. If these areas remain cold constantly you should insulate your pipes or wrap them in heating tape.  Both of these items can be found in any home improvement store. Remember, even if the room temperature is warm, a direct cold draft on your water pipes, can cause them to freeze! 


In the event that your pipes do become frozen, locate the faucet closest to your main valve and meter. Usually there is one just after the meter. Turn it on to determine if the pipes are frozen in your home or if they are frozen on the street side of the meter. If you have water flow at the point, then the problem is further along the pipe in your home. Try to locate the frozen area by checking subsequent faucets along the way. If there are none, then feel your way across the pipe to find the coldest spot. Once you find the area inspect the pipe to make sure it is not split. Locate the nearest shut off in case you need it. Open the nearest faucet and try thawing the pipe with a hair dryer making sure you slide it from side to side and do not leave it concentrated on one spot. This could cause the pipe to burst. In most cases this should solve the problem. If you are unable to thaw the pipe, you should then contact a plumber. If the problem is on the street side of your meter, you should then contact the Water department.


To help conserve water during the winter, insulate your hot water pipes. This will help to retain the heat and prevent you from having to run the water in order to get it hot.

Have a great Holiday season! ~ Eric Carty, Water/Sewer Manager

Fast Response

December 10, 2007 — Firefighters and Police responded to a Walcott Street home to a report of a house fire while the sirens wailed and the Fire Station horn blew. There was no smoke or fire showing, and the engines, three of them, cleared shortly afterward.

Downtown Revitalization Organizer Thanks Stroll Participants

To the Editor, 

       I would like to take this opportunity to acknowledge and thank all those who made the second annual Holiday Stroll such a success. Despite freezing temperatures, Mr. Hay, Mr. Purdy and dedicated members of the Middle School Band (and their very supportive families) came out and played a wonderful concert on the lawn of the Police Station to kick things off. Thanks also to Chief Irvin for graciously allowing the use of the lawn, and Officer Phil Powers who ably assisted with everything.

      Kelly Grill and Mary Scarlata-Rowe at Enter Stage Left organized the Victorian carolers who braved the cold to add a wonderful touch to the festivities, as did Colella's, Hopkinton Gourmet, Sauce on Main and Ciao Time with their delicious food. Thanks also to Terry Murphy, Rownak Hussain director of the Library, Judy Coffey, Sue O'Dell, Robert Falcione, Foster-Carroll Printing, Sarah Duckett, Gorman-Richardson Architects, Susie Johnson, and all the merchants and businesses who participated. 

       Kudos to all the entertainers at the Library and Hopkinton Drug, along with the Girl Scouts and the folks from Park and Recreation for the Tree Lighting on the Common. And finally, great appreciation for all those folks who came out to support all the events! See you next year.

Anne Mattina, Chair, Downtown Revitalization Committee

December 10, 2007


Editor's Note: A huge thanks to Anne Mattina, who took it upon herself to coordinate the Downtown Stroll. It there is someone you would like to thank someone for, or a politician you'd like to express an opinion about, or an issue, please let your views be known with a Letter to the Editor. Your opinions are very welcome at HopNews. Please send yours to

Real Estate Transactions for Hopkinton, Massachusetts

Compiled by Eric Montville for, December 3, 2007






12 Connelly Hill Road

Douglas F. Micciantuono & Danielle Micciantuono


Dec.  07, 2007

Connelly LLC

22 Forest Lane unit 33

Alec G. Stothert


Dec.  06, 2007

Joan M. Patterson

25 Smith Road

William H. Robertson & Lucy D. Robertson


Dec.  04, 2007

Mark B. Synnott & Cheryl E. Synnott

67 Frankland Road

Michael G. Manzo & Janet L. Manzo


Dec.  03, 2007

William L. Smith

Previous update:        

14 Pond Street

Christopher J. Bullock & Michelle K. McInness


Nov.  30, 2007

Fourteen Pond Street Realty Trust

5 Alexander Road

Ben Greene & Carrie Greene


Nov.  30, 2007

Yury D. Levin & Anna Simanowski

4 Sylvan Way

Jane H. Lesslauer


Nov.  28, 2007

Meyer Homes, Inc.

19 Walcott Street

Diane M. Golden & Joseph L. Golden


Nov.  28, 2007

Xinzhong Wei & Huicheng Yi

See Full List back to February 1,  2007

Police News UP-TO-DATE  Today, December 10, 2007


9:56 pm Sgt. Michael Sutton and Officers Matthew McNeil and William Burchard responded to Woody Island Road for a reported domestic disturbance in progress...


4:21 pm Officer Matthew McNeil stopped a motor vehicle on Hayden Rowe Street and subsequently arrested a 47 year old male from Hopkinton and charged him with Failure to Stop/Yield and OUI Drugs, 2nd Offense...


12:19 am Officer John Moran located a stolen vehicle at the Mass Pike access road on Wood Street and subsequently arrested a 37 year old male from Worcester for three Outstanding Warrants...


2:50 pm A caller reported that a suspicious brown car was behind her daughter's bus on Nicholas Road...


8:21 pm A 911 caller from Highcroft Way reported that her neighbor forced her way inside her house and threatened her... 


Click on the title above to see the entire police news.

Students and Teachers Donate Wreath

December 10, 2007 — Students and staff from the Evergreen Center,  a residential special education facility, present a wreath to the town, as they do every year. Accepting for the town is Chairman of the Board of Selectmen, Muriel Kramer, far left, and Town Manager Anthony Troiano, rear. Students from left, Jimmy Montenero, Amelia Stone and Andrea Carey. Staff from left Becky Iadarola, Susan Silvia and Rochelle Lavoie.

The Untold Insider Threat:

Office Workers Confess to Everyday Behavior that Places Sensitive Information at Risk


RSA “person-on-the-street” survey reveals the actions of well-meaning corporate and government employees who handle sensitive data; highlights the need to closely manage information risk


Bedford, Mass.-Monday, December 10, 2007 — RSA, The Security Division of EMC (NYSE: EMC), today announced thefindings of its recent insider threat survey. Conducted by RSA in early November, the person-on-the-street survey polled government and corporate office workers in Boston and Washington, D.C. on their work-related security behaviors and attitudes. The results provide a snapshot of the everyday actions of trusted insiders who have access to sensitive data such as customer information, Social Security numbers, credit card data, company financials and intellectual property.

The real insider threat lies in everyday events
The results of the survey underscore that the risk posed to data by well-meaning insiders – employees, contractors, suppliers, partners, visitors and consultants who have physical and/or logical access to organizational assets – must be as closely managed as that posed by malicious insiders who deliberately leak sensitive data for personal financial gain or other criminal purposes. These “innocent” insiders can unwittingly create data exposures of extraordinary scope and cost through their ordinary, everyday behavior, whether through carelessness, working around security measures or following inadequate security policies.

Insiders need technology and security policies that match their business needs
The survey results indicate that trusted insiders may work around unmanageable security policies in order to get their work done. For instance, employees who don’t have remote access may email a document to their personal email address so they may work on it later from home – an action that violates most organizations’ stated security policy. The survey found that:

  • 35 percent of respondents have felt the need to work around their organization’s established security policies and procedures just to get their job done.

  • 63 percent of respondents frequently or sometimes send work documents to their personal email address so that they can access them from home.  READ MORE...

LUNCH Today?

Take your pick!



ARRESTS UPDATED, December 10, 2007

Police Report Updated Later Today

Cat with Lights and Chair

December 10, 2007 — Cathy and Lynn LePelley enjoy sharing this monochromatic, gallery-like photo of their cat Skeezicks, who we are told was helping with the lights.

Old Friends and New Friends

Dear Editor,
     What a great time I had reminiscing with two dear friends at the opening of Maria’s Caffe Italiano restaurant Saturday night. I had previously worked with one of the bartenders, Jim Alegrezza only years ago. Ironically we worked on the very same street and stopped in after work at the same establishment known as the North Pond House or O’Toole's. Since then I have frequented only to catch up on old times and remember all the great times we have shared.

      I want to express my thanks to the new owners and their hard work to create a wonderful new place to share new memories and a wonderful place to spend with friends around the holidays. Thank you for the wonderful work you do with
Rick Fairbanks

8 Oliver Lane

December 9, 2007


Editor's Note: Like Romney, Hillary. Pat Paulsen? Like development. Don't like development? Let your views be known with a Letter to the Editor. Your opinions are very welcome at HopNews. Please send yours to

Planning Board Update on Legacy Farms

by Joe Markey Planning Board Second Vice-Chair


In an effort to share information on planning related to Legacy Farms, this is a brief summary of recent activity and direction, since the last update in September. Over the past several months, the Planning Board, Zoning Advisory Committee, and other boards, committees and departments have been working on public planning related to the Legacy Farms development.  From a planning and zoning perspective, there are three main efforts underway. 

 1. Zoning Proposal:
As a follow up and first step to implementing the zoning recommendations provided to Hopkinton by Community Opportunities Group and Sasaki Associates for the eastern portion of Hopkinton, the Zoning Advisory Committee (ZAC) has been working on a proposal for zoning change brought forth by Boulder Capital, the owner of over 700 acres of land formerly owned by Weston Nurseries and related entities.  ZAC has been meeting weekly on Tuesday evenings to review and make changes to the draft proposed zoning; the meetings are open and the public is encouraged to participate.  The draft zoning, along with ZAC meeting notices and minutes, can be found on the town web site,  ZAC's work will culminate in a Planning Board Public Hearing, in January or February, on proposed zoning articles for the May 2008 Town Meeting.

 2. Master Plan for Legacy Farms:
In addition to considering zoning changes for the property owned by Boulder Capital, there will also be a master plan developed for the site.  The master plan will map out an overall plan for the Legacy Farms development, in the context of the larger Hopkinton community. The Legacy Farms master plan will delineate, for example, which uses (town houses, condos, retail, professional office, open space, etc) will occur on which parts of the property.  READ FULL UPDATE...

Jingle Bells to the Hip to the Hop

December 9, 2007 — ESL's A cappella Choir performed for the public at Weston Nurseries on Sunday. Above is one song, Jingle Bells, done Hip-Hop style by the young singers.

Live Nativity

December 9, 2007 — Nearly 40 children of the Community Covenant Church took part in performing a "Live Nativity" on church grounds on Saturday. The manger is in the background, and the donkey is real.

Early Ice

December 9, 2007 — A few members of the hockey team played some pick-up at the Ice House Pond on Sunday.

Colorful Season

December 9, 2007 — Jeff Doherty speaks with a customer looking for a Christmas tree Sunday afternoon at Angel's Garden Center.

Don't Let it Slip Away

December 9, 2007 — Connor Hodgkins doesn't seem sure of the reason his grandmother, Helen Smith, is toasting marshmallows at Weston Nurseries on Sunday. The family drove from Princeton to visit and shop.

One and Only

December 9, 2007 — Okay, you've had your accident, now no more," said Officer Philip Powers to a youthful new driver, whose vehicle needed to be winched out by Art's Towing after leaving the road.

Live Nativity

December 9, 2007 — Patricia Kinhart, 13, as the angel Gabrielle, looks down from rooftop level on visitors at the Live Nativity scene at the Community Covenant Church on Saturday evening. The church, located at the corner of South and West Main Streets, has been celebrating the 100th year of its founding this year. The church, with Swedish immigrant origins, opened a new Fellowship Hall as well as a

Christian Education wing this year, Pastor Bruce Johnson said.

Hello There

December 9, 2007 — This seagull appears to give the photographer a wave as he circles to see if there is any food to be had at the Hopkinton Reservoir on Saturday.

In a Manger, on the Common

December 9, 2007 — The privately funded crèche is enjoying its second year on the Common, and has all of the Biblical characters appearing in lifelike size.

Guest Appearance at Maria's

December 9, 2007 — Executive Chef Vincenzo Borriello visiting from the Parco dei Principi, a Five-Star hotel in Sorrento, Italy makes friends with Hopkinton residents Matt DeMarzo and Linda Curran at Maria's Caffe Italiano. The couple asked him to autograph his special three-course tasting menu for Saturday evening. Maria's opening night enjoyed a private party in the Grotto Azzurra upstairs, two reserved seatings  in the Tivoli Room, and a full menu served at the packed bar. Maria's is closed on Sunday's but will reopen Monday for lunch and dinner and keep regular hours. She will have a Grand Opening in January.

Chairman Endorses Exhibit

Dear Editor,

    The Boston Marathon ’07 Photo exhibit currently showing at the CAA is a terrific event; the five photographers (all five Hopkinton High School students at the time the photos were taken) should be very proud.  The photos capture the tenor of the event and the challenge of the day.  Kudos for the terrific pictures and for the tenacity to tough out the awful weather conditions themselves to capture the event so beautifully.  Congratulations to all involved.  Don’t miss this great exhibit!


Muriel Kramer, Chairman,

Hopkinton Board of Selectman

December 8, 2007

Boston Marathon '07 Student Photo Exhibit

Hours:December 8-9, 2-4pm at the Cultural Arts Alliance,

Photographers: Katherine Schenot, Georgia Cowart, Caitlin Danahy, Allison Smith and Rachel Mutschler.


December 8, 2007 — Student photographer Rachel Mutschler poses at the CAA Farmhouse next to four images that she captured at the 2007 Boston Marathon for a student project that is expected to be exhibited in Marathon, Greece. Two of her photos are entirely black and white, but the dreariness of the stormy day extracted most of the color from even color photos. Strong diagonal lines and geometric shapes, as well the use of inference, irony and framing, strongly suggest a mature eye. The show, which features several more photographers, will continue to be displayed on Saturday and Sunday, 2-4:00 p.m.

Kyle Joseph and Friends

Please enjoy snippets videotaped last week at the outstanding musical performance of Kyle Joseph and his friends. Videotaped and edited by Ben Lewis.

The Hopkinton Trail Club/Hopkinton Historical Commission Hike

Saturday December 15th at 1:30pm



     We will be meeting at the parking lot on the Loop road behind The High School in the parking lot next to Field number 10.

      The Hike will start promptly at 1:45pm we will hike up and down the new Center Trail.

      The Center Trail is the old Rail Road bed that was re-claimed by the Hopkinton Trails Club funded by Community Preservation funds.

       After the hike we will drive over to the Rail Road Depot to have refreshments and watch the sun set.

      The Historical Commission is renovating and moved the Historical Old Rail Road depot to Ice House Pond on West Main Street using Community Preservation funds.

      Come join us in this Family Friendly event to celebrate these 2 wonderful projects. For more information go to: 


Maria's Caffe Italiano Opening Saturday night, December 8, 2007, 5 pm

December 7, 2007 — Downtown patrons of Maria's Caffe Italiano will have to travel a bit farther now — Maria's has moved to 25 Hayward Street at the corner of South Street at the former location of O'Toole's. Shown above is the Grotto Azzurra on the second floor of the restaurant.

    A Tuscan atmosphere greets diners and bar patrons alike in the entirely redecorated space. Warm and soft tones provide a pleasant atmosphere for authentic Italian food and fine wines in the evening.

    Luncheon patrons will have a choice of Maria's well known Italian buffet in the Grotto, or her Italian luncheon specialties as well as classic American food in the Tivoli Room on the first floor.

    Maria's will be open for lunch 11:30 am until 2:30 pm, Monday through Friday.

    The two dining rooms will be open for dinner 5:00 pm until 10:00 pm Monday through Saturday.

    The Il Forum room with the congenial long-bar downstairs, will be open 11:30 am until closing every day but Sunday, when the restaurant will be closed. The Grotto will be available for private parties. For reservations for a party or for fine dining anytime, please call 508-497-0730.

    We thank Maria for joining our group of sponsors.

State Police Participate in Operation S.A.N.T.A.


As New England residents turn their thoughts to preparations for holiday parties and travel, the Massachusetts State Police, the Connecticut State Police, and the Rhode Island State Police have partnered with Heineken USA to launch a tri-state program designed to enhance drivers’ safety during the high traffic holiday travel season.


The holiday season initiative, titled “Operation S.A.N.T.A. – Stop Another Needless Tragic Accident,” was announced yesterday, December 6, 2007 at approximately 1:30 p.m. at the Connecticut State Police Headquarters in Middletown, Connecticut. Taking part in the afternoon’s activities were Major Daniel Grabowski, Division of Field Services, Massachusetts State Police; John A. Danaher, III, Commissioner, Connecticut Department of Public Safety; Colonel Thomas Davoren, Commander, Connecticut State Police; Colonel Brendan Doherty, Commander, Rhode Island State Police, Kevin Kane, Chief State’s Attorney of Connecticut; and Dan Tearno, Senior Vice President, Corporate Relations, Heineken USA.


“This joint program builds on a strong foundation of initiatives already in place in each state to ensure the safety of local residents while enhancing the awareness of the dangers of impaired operation,” said Major Daniel Grabowski. “The coordination of all three state law enforcement agencies and the support of Heineken USA help create a consistent message to ensure all of our residents are aware of their obligation to enjoy the holidays responsibly, whether they are at home or traveling throughout New England.”

Nearly $30,000 ! Give now before 2008

First person to push figure over $30,000 gets tee-shirt*


     The Friends of the Common, a group of residents who took the initiative to raise private funds to improve the Town Common, as well as the fountain and the Veterans' Memorial Gazebo, have raised nearly $30,000 to date.

     "Let's Break $30,000 before December 31st. Make your year end charitable donation to : HAA/Friends of the Common, P.O. Box 820, Hopkinton." ~ Ruth Gorman, Chair, Friends of the Common


   * Email your pledge to now.  The person who pushes the total over the $30,000 mark gets a free Friends of the Common tee-shirt from HopNews.

A cappella Concert at 1:00 pm on Sunday at Weston Nurseries

You may need to click twice to see a sample of the ESL a capella Choir rehearsing at the CAA Building Thursday night.

Children from our community need your help this Holiday Season…
Please consider donating a new, unwrapped toy to TOYS FOR TOTS


Communiteen and Student Council representatives will be visiting Hopkinton Middle School homerooms Monday, December 10th - Friday, December 14th to collect toys.


On Sale Saturday


Ticket sales for the Hopkinton Education Foundation (HEF) 15th Anniversary Crystal Ball will go on sale on Saturday, December 8, 2007, from 8 a.m. -11 a.m. in the Hopkinton High School lobby. Tickets are $85 per person. All who buy tickets on Dec. 8th will be entered in raffles for limo transportation and hotel stay. Tickets will be sold on an individual basis. The HEF Crystal Ball, themed “Celebrating 15 Years and Looking to the Future” will be held at the Crowne Plaza Natick on Saturday, February 9, 2008.


The festivities will begin at 6:00 p.m. and will feature cocktails, fun-themed dinner stations, a band, a live auction, numerous raffle prizes, and a gaming room. To purchase tickets after the initial sales, contact Libby Skiba at (508) 497-9465. Tickets purchased after Jan. 1st will be $95 per person. More information on this year’s HEF Crystal Ball may be found at .

Artwork by Danielle Hassan

 School Committee Meeting

"Largest Deficit Ever" ~ Dr. John Phelan

Hopkinton Teams Excel in 2007


By Demian David Tebaldi

December 6, 2007 — The Hopkinton School Committee mentioned several gifts recently made to Hopkinton Schools.  Among the donors were Mr. David Van Stone of Somerville, Massachusetts, who donated a digital keyboard worth over $650 to Ms. Pappas’ Center School music class, and EMC Corporation, who gave Hopkinton High School $2,500 in support of the ongoing Science Fair program.


A lengthy discussion was had regarding Hopkinton’s current bussing policies, with the greater portion of the evening spent trying to determine where potential problems lie.  While most of the Committee members agreed that there were inconsistencies and elements of the policies that were unfortunately inconvenient for parents and school administrators, most specifically in the areas of bus switching and alternate drop-offs, none moved to change the existing policy and the matter was tabled until the next regular meeting of the committee.


Hopkins School Principal Ms. Martha Starr (File photo) gave a progress summary for Hopkins School to those in attendance.  She indicated that the MCAS Remediation Plan, beginning phase two in January of 2008, is going smoothly.  This past year, the results of the MCAS identified those students most in need of remedial assistance (a total of 55), and tutors were selected.  Phase two of the improvement plan will include weekly classes, consisting of review and practice of MCAS style problems.  Ms. Starr and Ms. Jayne Shea (Hopkins School Guidance Counselor), in collaboration with other guidance counselors from Hopkins, Middle and High Schools, have developed an identification and strategy program for assisting students at risk for or exhibiting depression and anti-social behavior.  This program includes positive intervention and parent education which, for the parents of Hopkins School students, will begin in February of 2008.


In the world of sports, fall season participation in Middle and High School sports has grown for the fourth consecutive year.  Combined team rosters included 578 students in 2007, an increase of 57 from 2006, and an increase of 125 from 2003.   New athletic department staff members hired this year:  Shannon Worth (Fitness Center Coordinator); Julie Flynn (Varsity Girls’ Soccer Coach); Anthony Gonzalez (Varsity Football Defensive Coordinator); Beth Ryder (Volleyball Coach – 8th grade), and; Jennifer Fairbanks (Boys’ Varsity Cross Country Coach). 


Mr. Eric Karjel (File photo), Hopkinton High School Athletic Director, reported that just about every team excelled this past year.  The Varsity Golf team, under the guidance of Coach Dick Bliss, finished second in the MIAA Division III State Tournament, and second in the Tri-Valley League.  Varsity Field Hockey, lead by Coach Joan Bannon, are undefeated Tri-Valley League champions.  The boys’ soccer team qualified for the state tournament, and while the girls’ soccer team failed to qualify for the MIAA tournament, they did win their last three games against the league’s best teams.  Melissa Heiligmann’s cheerleading squad won the Tri-Valley League title, and the Varsity Football team finished the season having won 7 of 11 games.


A portion of the meeting was dedicated to further discussion of the revelation experienced at the Selectmen’s Quarterly Meeting two nights ago – that Hopkinton’s town and school departments will have to tighten their belts in 2009.  With a projected two million dollar deficit looming for the next fiscal year, all departments will need to reconcile their needs with a zero percent increase in budget from FY 2008.  Dr. John Phelan, Superintendent of Schools, remained hopeful, stating that not once since he has worked in Hopkinton has the projected deficit been as large as initially analyzed, due to changing circumstances and last minute budgetary developments, but, he admitted, there will be a deficit “this year, next year, and, likely, the year after that.” 

Boston Marathon '07 Student Photo Exhibit
Reception Friday, December 7, 2007



Artist Reception:December 7, 7-9pm, Exhibition Hours:December 8-9, 2-4pm at the Cultural Arts Alliance,


 Photographers: Katherine Schenot, Georgia Cowart, Caitlin Danahy, Allison Smith and Rachel Mutschler.

Towering Inferno Heating up on the East Side of Town


I wanted to make fellow residents aware of a community issue on the East side of town in hopes that it might be able to generate attendance/interest in a Board of Appeals public hearing on December 12th at 7:30 at the Town Hall.

A towering inferno is heating up in the N. Mill area of town where the absentee owners of 72 North Mill Street, together with T-Mobile, are seeking to install a wireless communications facility and a 100 foot (10 story) cell tower on the back of their property. This is a 4 acre wooded property perched on a hill directly behind Ledgestone Drive and Sterling Drive. It will rise up well above the tree line in the neighborhood and easily infringe on the 500 foot distance from homes requirement for installing these towers. Somehow it appears that this neighborhood is zoned agricultural vs. residential despite the absence of any agriculture beyond potted planters and kids who "horse around."

And so despite the acres of open land in this area, this tower may plop right in the middle of the neighborhood. If you look at the attached  blue print (esp. the last page) you'll quickly see the tight space... READ FULL LETTER...

The Metrowest Symphony Orchestra of Hopkinton presents its 1st Annual Holiday Festival, featuring Handel’s Messiah Hopkinton High School Auditorium, 3 PM on Sunday, December 16, 2007


The Metrowest Symphony Orchestra of Hopkinton will present its 1st Annual “Holiday Festival,” as Hopkinton’s newly appointed Symphony in Residence. The concert will feature 10 selections from Handel’s Messiah along with other Holiday favorites. The A Cappella Singers and The Highland Glee Club will accompany the MSO in this celebration of the Holidays.
The concert will take place in Hopkinton High School's beautiful Auditorium, 3 PM on Sunday, December 16, 2007, 90 Hayden Rowe Street, Hopkinton, MA.

Tickets are $20 for Adults, $6 for Students and Seniors, and may be purchased at the door or through our website at  . For further information please call (508) 909-6270, or email 
The whole family will enjoy this event - come and celebrate The Holidays with an event for the whole family.

This concert is funded in part by the Massachusetts Cultural Council, an agency that funds your local cultural council, and by the generosity of many donors in your community. A splendid time is guaranteed for all!

NOTE: Two concerts at the same time at different places. Above, the recently formed MSO, an Orchestra, and below, the SMCCB, a Concert Band.

Financial Plan Working Group LIVE on HCAM - TV


Are you concerned about Hopkinton’s financial future?   The Financial Plan Working Group has been working on identifying the issues and coming up with solutions.


They have presented their report to the selectmen and on the town’s webpage ( and will be appearing on HCAM this coming Wednesday, December 12, 2007, to discuss their findings and take you questions.


Town Manager Tony Troiano, School Committee member Phil Totino, and Stuart Cowart (File photo) of the Appropriation Committee will in the studio for a live broadcast beginning at 7:00 pm.


This is your opportunity to hear what this group has been doing, and to call-in and get your questions answered.


HCAM is available on Comcast channel 8 and Verizon channel 30.


Senior Center

December 19th, 2007

4:00 pm to 7:00 pm


    The Hopkinton Board of Health will be holding a Flu and Pneumonia Clinic on Wednesday, December 19th, 2007 from 4:00 pm to 7:00 pm, at the Hopkinton Senior Center at 28 Mayhew Street. This clinic will be open to all town residents who wish to receive the Influenza or Pneumonia Vaccine for this flu season.
    Transportation to the flu clinic is available for the town’s senior citizens through the Council on Aging. Please contact Sally Almy in the Senior Center at 497-9730 to arrange for your ride to the clinic.

Decision on Appeal of Hopkinton Square

Rests on the Meaning of the word "Grant"

by Robert Falcione

December 6, 2007 — An appeal of the Planning Board's site plan approval of the Hopkinton Square development was presented Wednesday evening to the Board of Appeals by Attorney Joseph Antonellis on behalf of abutters to the property, Dr. Joseph Menna and Dr. John Pandiscio.

     One of the reasons for the appeal, said Mr. Antonellis, was that the plan that the Planning Board had seen for site plan review was different from the one the Board of Appeals had seen while reviewing the Special Permit for two drive-thrus.

     Planner Elaine Lazarus argued that the plan the Planning Board had originally received was indeed the same plan, but that during the site plan review process with the Planning Board, the plan evolved after input from peer review and abutters. She said that was the normal process.

      Attorney Jim Bourgoyne, for developers Peter Markarian and Chuck Joseph,  argued that it was circuitous reasoning to suggest that the plan would have to go back and forth, never getting approved.

      During discussion after the more than 90-minute Public Hearing, Chairman Robert Foster suggested that it was a non-issue, and the other four members appeared to agree that it had no merit.

      Another of the reasons for the appeal, said Mr. Antonellis, was that the Planning Board had approved the site plan before the Special Permit from the Board of Appeals for the drive-thrus was officially granted. Both parties appeared to agree on the fact.

      However, Mr. Bourgoyne, arguing for the developers, said that newer bylaws imply that work on a project may begin, at the developer's peril however, after a Decision has been rendered by a board. He argued that it meant the approval had been granted when the Decision was made, and that was the intention of the bylaw.

      But Mr. Antonellis differed, instead offering that the Decision granting a Special Permit was officially legal only after being submitted to the Town Clerk.

      After the Public Hearing, the Board deliberated, the majority agreeing that the argument had merit, that the Special Permit was considered "granted" only after the written Decision was officially submitted to the Town Clerk.

       They decided not to vote, but to seek the opinion of Town Counsel on the meaning of the word, "grant," and vote at another time.

       In addition to this administrative appeal, the abutters are contesting in Land Court, a deeded cross-parking agreement with access to each site from the other. The abutters argue that the original agreement was for one parcel, and that the developers have now combined five parcels. They are aggrieved by this, they claim, because of the added burden of traffic, and the likelihood that shoppers of the projected development will use the parking lot of their medical facility as a cut through.

       The original agreement was for the parcel the Sticky Wicket [currently Red Barn] was located on.

Gazebo Approval Stalled

"Gift Horse" looked at - not voted


by Robert Falcione

December 6, 2007 — Members of the Friends of the Common, a group of residents acting as private citizens, attended the Parks and Recreation meeting last night and were treated to a presentation of the latest iteration of the design by Architect Scott Richardson of a new Veterans' Memorial Gazebo. The current gazebo, just 19 years-old, is the victim of weather and the apparent lack of a maintenance program.

     The Friends of the Common has gathered to date nearly $30,000 in donations and firm pledges toward the construction of an entirely new and durable structure. In addition, the Friends has pledged to create an endowment to provide private funding for a planned maintenance schedule in perpetuity.

      Scott Richardson gave his presentation, and Friends member, Selectman Michael Shepard related his viewpoint of Mr. Richardson's similar presentation to the veterans of Hopkinton, the group responsible for building the existing gazebo. He said the comments were mostly favorable.

      Veteran Michael Whalen agreed with the construction of a new gazebo, but added that the parking around the Common itself should conform to some handicap standards. Mr. Whalen also suggested that the new gazebo should be constructed elsewhere on the Common, perhaps at the Center School end, where it would be away from traffic noise and in a larger open area.

       Although Chairman Brendan Doyle said during the meeting that he expected a vote before the meeting was over, member Al Rogers lobbied to postpone the vote, saying he wanted to hear what member Michele Gates has to say at the next meeting.

        The Parks and Recreation Commission has authority over the Town Common, and ultimately, whether or not the town gets this gift offered by the group of citizens that includes Mr. Richardson, Mr. Shepard, Ruth Gorman, Timothy Kilduff, Barbara Sicuso, Anne Marie Turcotte, Beth Kelly and Jeff Furber, who have been raising private funds for the gazebo.

         The Friends of the Common has vowed that not a penny of the taxpayers' money will go into it.

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