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Growing Season is Over — Holiday Season is Growing

Seasonal switch from plants to gifts complete for Weston Nurseries Retail

November 17, 2007 — The smell of a freshly baked apple pie in Weston Nurseries Garden Center greets the visitor as a  visual symphony, directed by Karen Mezitt, overwhelms the senses with purchases from all over the world, such as unbreakable ornaments and dolls from Kenya.

     "We've been to the best independent garden centers in the country to see how we stack up," said Weston Nurseries President, Peter Mezitt.

     "Our garden center is smaller than some, but our plant area is larger," he said.

     "And this time if year, we transform our Garden Center into a gift shop. We have trees with decorative themes, like sports, ballerina and pet lovers themes," he said.

Commonometer nears $30,000 in donations for Veterans' Gazebo

Garden Club pitches in $500

"Access with Dignity" ~ Michael Whalen


     The FOTC (Friends of the Common), a non-governmental group of residents, has just received another generous donation, this time, a $500 gift from the Garden Club toward their efforts to spruce up the Hopkinton Town Common and rebuild the Veterans' Memorial Gazebo, which has been under different stewardships over the years and has fallen into disrepair. FOTC promises not only to build a new, handicap accessible gazebo, but one that will accommodate more types of events as Hopkinton grows.

      In addition to raising funds for building the new Veterans' Gazebo with materials that will last, and having it designed by professionals, the FOTC has promised an endowment to maintain the structure routinely so that its lifespan will be 50-100 years into the future, rather than the 19 years that the current one has had.

      The current Veterans' Memorial Gazebo was built from monetary donations from veterans and in kind donations as well.

       At a recent meeting, veteran Don Creswell said that he banged every nail.

      The late Ernie Fecteau is often named as the person who organized the fundraising for the existing gazebo, and kicked off the inaugural ceremonies to dedicate it in 1988.

       Mr. Fecteau's daughter, Barbara Sicuso, is a member of FOTC, and has stepped up and donated $2,500 on behalf of her family in memory of Mr. Fecteau.

       A couple of reasons that upgrading the current gazebo to a handicap accessible structure was that the two ways to do it would have ruined the aesthetics, which have been cited repeatedly as the very reason for keeping the existing one.

        The first solution the group pondered was to build a handicap ramp to the existing structure. However, the ramp would have to be 48 feet long to comply with state standards that require a foot for every inch of rise. The gazebo floor is 48 inches high.

        The second possibility that the group considered was a stationary or remotely stored portable lift, but people wondered who would be the key-holder, and how long would a person have to wait in all kinds of weather for a key.

        So, a wrap around ramp on a lower structure was considered as the final solution, one that would be incorporated into a new design. It is what the American Legion Adjutant, Michael Whalen (Photo) has called, "Access with dignity."

         Mr. Whalen, during a short interview a few days ago, had some other ideas for the FOTC to ponder. He said that there has to be a way for a person who is handicapped to get to the gazebo. He said there is no dedicated parking spot around the Common and that a spot should also be integrated into an entrance into the common.

         Mr. Whalen has also suggested that the current location for the gazebo may not be the best location. He suggested that it could be located away from the noise of the trucks and motorcycles that pass on Main Street. Some people have mentioned the side of the common nearest the Center School, where there is more open land that will afford a better view of events.

         The FOTC will need to meet again with the Historical District Commission and the Parks and Recreation Commission ( and perhaps the Planning Board) before moving forward.


Will your $1,000 donation kick the Commonometer over the $30,000 mark? Be the first to email with your $1,000 pledge and receive that distinction, as well as an FOTC tee shirt and postcard.


$29,303 TO DATE, November 16, 2007

Bedrock Band Plays Saturday, November 17 in Northborough


Above, please enjoy a clip of the Bedrock Band recently recorded at ESL Live.


Bedrock Band will be at Tom's Gourmet Marketplace - Saturday November 17 from 6:00 until 9:00  (Also December 22 for those that like to plan ahead) 4 West Main Street, Suite 101 (Intersection of Route 20 and Route 135)  Northborough, MA 01532  Tel :508.393.5299.  We perform downstairs. Tom's is a great place to eat with over 24  different entrees to choose from for dinner, desserts, cocktails, etc.  Come for dinner and listen to the music.  Bring the kids if you want. ~Bedrock Band


William Tenney Lindsay Jr., 83

William Tenney Lindsay Jr., 83, of Hopkinton, and recently of Westwood, died Sunday, November 11, 2007 at The Clark House in Westwood. Born in Scranton, PA., he was the son of the late Gladys (Axford) and William
Tenney Lindsay Sr.
     He was a 1942 graduate of Scranton Central High School and earned highest honors in the Scientific Course and was an Eagle Scout. He was in the U.S. Army Signal Corps during WWII from 1943-1946. He participated in the invasion of Okinawa and the Occupation of South Korea. He was discharged as a Technical Sergeant. Arrangements Complete

HOPKINTON - Eunice C. Hall, 97, died Friday, November 16, 2007 in Westborough. Funeral arrangements, by the Callanan-Cronin Funeral Home, are incomplete at this time.

A Picture is Worth...

Above, Elmwood School students listen intently as retired Center School Principal Thomas Argir reads Casey at the Bat, giving lessons and asking questions as he does so.


November 16, 2007 — If a picture is worth a thousand words, what then can be said of a story or a book and all of the ancillary mental images that come with reading?

     Today, Elmwood Principal Ilene Silver continued a fifteen year-old tradition of stressing to her students the importance of reading, by hosting a Community Reading Day. Community leaders and educators gathered in the school library to introduce themselves to one another before proceeding to individual classrooms where each read to the waiting students.

     "It is an opportunity for our students to learn how important reading is in lives of adults," said Ms. Silver.     

      "We hope to instill a love or reading, which is important no matter what age.

      "I anticipate this will continue to be an ongoing annual event," she said.

Hopkinton School Committee Visits Home Education Policy,

 Challenges to the Schools



by Demian David Tebaldi

November 16, 2007 — It was a dark and stormy night, but that didn’t keep any of the faithful members of the Hopkinton School Committee from attending last night’s regular bi-weekly public meeting.  Mrs. Parson reported on the current fiscal goals for the Center School, which include a comprehensive study on the feasibility of offering full day kindergarten in Hopkinton, and a multi-phase program to more effectively monitor student progress in the area of mathematics.  Mrs. Silver outlined the 2007 goals for Elmwood School, among them a whole-hearted attempt to improve students’ literacy and overall levels of proficiency on the MCAS, utilizing a standard Macmillan McGraw-Hill program.  The challenge to improve education and resulting literacy levels at Center School using the DRA (Diagnostic Reading Assessment) that was implemented during the beginning of the calendar year was “a huge undertaking,” Mrs. Silver reported, “but it was completed,” with ample time to gauge results.


A new math program was purchased and is now being used, Everyday Math, in an attempt to improve performance and better adhere to standards set forth by the Commonwealth’s Board of Education.  As with any large body of students, there are several levels of proficiency represented in the Hopkinton schools, and the needs of each group – those working at, below and above their level – are being addressed individually.  The Math Tutor Task Force will hopefully be able to provide additional instruction for struggling students, and last year’s Parent Math Night, a community-based event intended to familiarize Hopkinton parents with the current philosophies and strategies of the math department, will be repeated this year.  Results of last year’s third grade math MCAS will be analyzed in the coming months to determine if there are patterns in student performance, so that problem areas may be addressed and student learning enhanced in the process.  Overall, “we have our work cut out for us,” said Mrs. Silver.


The Hopkinton School Committee policy on Home Education was reviewed for potential changes in just one phase of a multi-tiered editing process.  Currently, the language of the policy is a bit tedious to everyone but lawyers, and that is perhaps because most of the text is taken directly from the laws which govern such activity (Massachusetts General Laws Chapter 69, Section 1D and Chapter 76, Section 1).  Committee member Nancy Alvarez Burdick questioned the placement of certain phrases in the current policy, including Hopkinton’s appreciation of “personal and cultural uniqueness” of area families in the establishment of a home education system, asking whether it was necessary to specify the ways in which families are “unique.” 


Committee member Phil Totino agreed that the language of the policy as drafted was perhaps potentially overwhelming, but stated that it “made sense.”  Changes to the exact language of the policy and the forms utilized by parents who wish to home school their children will face further editing for correctness and clarity over a series of two or three more regular School Committee Meetings.


Expected and unavoidable school budget shortfalls were discussed by the panel, the charge being led by Committee member Lyn Branscomb.  With Hopkinton’s population steadily growing and resources for students remaining largely the same for the last five to ten years, the choices are clear – cut programs (such as foreign languages) or appeal to the Board of Selectmen for an override.  All in attendance agreed that the deficits are unfortunate, but the discussion turned quickly to how best to avoid them in the future.  Committee member Dr. John E. Phelan, Jr. likened the review and preparation process to the effort of Californians to safely remove residents from areas affected most heavily by the recent wildfires.  With deference toward and respect for those efforts, Dr. Phelan said “[the firefighters] didn’t wait until houses caught on fire to lead residents to safety,” rather, they evacuated home owners before the fire got to them.  Applying that logic to the budget situation, he suggested that early awareness was the key to addressing and providing solutions to expected deficits. 


Phil Totino, with a nod to the adept analogy, indicated that “our house has been burning for six years.”

In With the New - Out With the New

Public Health Administrator position open


November 16, 2007 — The Board of Health made public last evening the two-week notice of Public Health Administrator Thomas Ryder, who will be taking a position with the Engineering Department for the Town of Needham.

      Mr. Ryder began his current position in November, 2003.

     "It seems like yesterday," he said.

     "You'll be using your P.E. [Professional Engineer degree]" noted Board of Health member Nancy Peters.

     "I spoke to Mary Rose, and as soon as we are ready to advertise, we would post it for a couple of weeks," said Board Chairman David Edson.

      "It would be good to look at people we interviewed before," said Mrs. Peters.

      Vice-Chairman Richard DeMont said, "I would encourage anyone who knows anyone professionally to get the word out."

       The Board stated that the job is Grade 3, Level A with a salary range of $52,949 to $66,200.

Vehicle Crashes into Tree ~ Breaks in Two

Driver, passenger wearing seat belts, survive


MILTON November 16, 2007 — Today, at approximately 12:24 a.m., troopers assigned to the State Police Barracks in Milton responded to a single-vehicle crash on Truman Parkway eastbound, west of Cheever Street in Milton that resulted in one serious injury.


Preliminary investigation by Trooper Michael Hardman indicates that 19-year old Patrick Leonard of Hyde Park was operating a 1997 Mercedes-Benz C280W on the Truman Parkway eastbound when he lost control of the vehicle, traveled off the left shoulder into the median and crashed into a tree. When the driver’s side of the vehicle collided with the tree the Mercedes-Benz broke in half. The rear portion of the vehicle came to rest on the right shoulder of the eastbound lanes and the front portion of the vehicle rolled over and came to rest, on its roof, in the middle of the westbound lanes. Both Leonard and his 19-year old passenger Ryan McKinnon of Milton were wearing seatbelts at the time of the crash and they remained within the front portion of the vehicle until it came to final rest. McKinnon sustained minor injures in the crash and was transport to Beth Israel Hospital by ambulance.  Leonard sustained serious injuries in the crash and was transported to Brigham and Women’s Hospital by ambulance.


This crash remains under investigation with the assistance of the State Police Collision Analysis and Reconstruction Section


State Police Announce “Click It or Ticket” Mobilization


Coordinated in Massachusetts by the Executive Office of Public Safety and Security, the Fall 2007 “Click It or Ticket” Mobilization runs from November 15th to November 28th.  With $1.3 million in federal highway safety funds, the Executive Office of Public Safety and Security will conduct this mobilization in conjunction with the Massachusetts State Police and more than 230 local police departments.


This funding will assist the Massachusetts State Police and local police departments to encourage statewide safety belt compliance.  Currently, the safety belt use compliance rate in Massachusetts is 68% as compared to 81% nationwide.

Hopkinton Public Library

author of

Life Interrupted: It’s Not All About Me

Friday, November 16th 7 – 8:30pm

“Chronic illness doesn’t just cripple the mind and body, it can cripple even the strongest relationship.”


Saturday, November 17th, 10:30 am-12:30

HCAM TV STUDIOS: 77 Main Street, Hopkinton, MA

Wake up and Smell the Poetry
With host Cheryl Perreault
Featuring: Poet/writer and musical director, Bob Clawson and
singer-songwriter, Angela Masciale
Free admission, scones and coffee donated by Sauce on Main
Open mic for songs, poems and spoken word to follow

 Friday Night Spaghetti Dinner

Woodville Rod & Gun Club November 16

 5:00pm to 8:00pm for $6.00 per person.

To support Hopkinton-Ashland Raider A Squad Cheerleaders


    After winning the Hockomock Championships a couple of weeks ago at The University of Rhode Island’s Ryan Center, The Hopkinton-Ashland Raider A Squad Cheerleaders began their fundraising to raise money to support their continuing efforts to compete in the Regional and National Pop Warner Cheer and Dance Competitions.

     The last 2 weekends, The Raider Girls were at the Golden Spoon Restaurant, The Mobil/Dunkin Donuts and The Sunnyside selling Raffles for Prizes like Capitol Grill Gift Certificate, Jackets and More.

     The Big Event is the Spaghetti Dinner at the Woodville Rod and Gun Club on Wood Street in Hopkinton on November 16th from 5:00pm to 8:00pm for $6.00 per person. A Raffle will be held with prizes that include:

a Boston Acoustics HD radio $100 Elizabeth Grady gift certificate
(2) $50 Elizabeth Grady gift certificates
(3) family 4 packs to the CSI exhibit at the Museum of Science
Nintendo DS Justice league Heroes game
family 4 pack Boston Bruins tickets
a weekend/overnight to Stratton MT for two lodging and lift tickets
(2) tickets to see Dane Cook at the Garden
a family 4 pack movie tickets to National Amusements
(2) tickets to see A Night at the Opera at the Wilbur Theatre
(2) tickets for Mamma Mia at the Colonial Theatre
a $100 gift certificate to Marshall's jewelers in Milford
$25 to Fajitas and Ritas $50 to Vox Populi (a restaurant in Boston)
a Mike Vrabel autographed "Patriots United" hardcover book
a round of golf for (4) to Foxwoods
a robe from Elizabeth Grady
$25 Legal Seafood gift cert and the Kevin Youkilis ball and shirt

Come out and support the girls. Go Raiders!

High Technology

November 15, 2007 — At the Hopkinton Senior Center in the Computer Room today, Audrey Connolly, left, and Ellie Ularich enjoy a computerized slide show of Hopkinton veterans originally prepared by Jim Cozzens for the veterans' dinner last week.  (You may View it here) in a PowerPoint presentation. To get the PowerPoint Viewer, click here.

Ground Water Levels Still Low

#5 Well to start pumping ~ discoloration may result


Although we have seen some rain over the past few weeks, ground water levels still remain extremely low. There are streams in town that are currently dry that have never run dry in the past. Driving by any water body in any town, one can see the effects of the lack of water over the past several months. After consultation with Ashland Officials we have been advised that the situation is not improving with ground water levels at the wells for the plant. Although the plant (Photo) does not pump directly out of the reservoir, the wells are adjacent to the reservoir and are affected by the lack of ground water recharge with the limited rain. We ask everyone to continue to only use water that is necessary for everyday needs. For tips on conserving water around the house, we ask you to log on to our website on

Although we are currently taking our minimum about of water from Ashland, they have asked us to enact all measures to minimize our use from the plant. We will be running Well #5 to help supplement the water supply. While this well is running, people may notice a slight discoloration to the water due to the iron that is naturally present. We have also contacted our large users and asked them to help curtail any use possible.

We thank you for your continued cooperation throughout this situation.

Eric Carty, Water/Sewer Manager


Board of Appeals "Implores" Parties

to Resolve Matter Privately

Chairman to take leave


by Robert Falcione

November 15, 2007 — Last evening, Board of Appeals Chairman Thomas Garabedian (Photo) announced a leave of absence that further complicated the next matter before it, an appeal by Drs. Joseph Menna and John Pandiscio, trustees of Maspenock Professional Building Realty Trust, of the Decision of the Planning Board to grant  a permit to CJPM Development (Chuck Joseph, Peter Markarian) for a development at the corner of South and West Main Streets.

      Before the merits could be heard, Mr. Garabedian made it clear that he would be taking a leave and would not return until the middle of January 2008. If the appeal hearing had moved forward last night and got continued, it would have needed to be continued only when Mr. Garabedian returned, as he would have sat in on the hearing.

      In that the hearing was for an Administrative Appeal, the vote would have had to have been a super-majority of four of the five eligible members.

      Although five members were present and seated, two, Peter Ficarri and Rory Warren, were conflicted, had some sort of business dealings with CJPM. Member Wayne Davies, who was absent, was conflicted also, it was noted, because of business dealings with the appellant.

      Member Michael DiMascio arrived in time to bring the number of eligible members — himself, Mr. Garabedian, Tina Rose, and William McCarthy — to four.

      And although the appeal could have been heard last evening with the four eligible members, it would have needed to be a unanimous vote to carry for the appellant. The appellant chose to move forward at the next available date when five eligible members will be present.

     The Appellant, according to documents, feels aggrieved by driveway openings that are consistent with an alleged cross-parking agreement, saying that it would add too much traffic to their property, an objection that had also been brought up during the Planning Board hearing.

     They also cite technical issues of the Decision, claiming that the Planning Board made their Decision before the Board of Appeals granting of variances for two drive-through windows was officially recorded, and that the number of driveways between the properties noted in the Decision is not consistent with the number noted on the plan.

     The appellant is also appealing the variances by the Board of Appeals of the drive-through windows to Court.

     "Since we are subject to a lawsuit on this same matter," said Mr. Garabedian, "I would implore the parties that we as a town got dragged into this. This would be better settled even before December 5. The real issue is between two property owners.

     "Perhaps when we come back, there will be less imposition on the Town," he said. The Town's comments to the appeal are in agreement with Mr. Garabedian's statement.

      "The Planning Board asserts that the abutting land owners need to come to an agreement.." it states in part.    

Hopkinton Public Library
We have gone wireless!
Thanks to the McGovern Trust Fund.


Welcome to our wireless connection to the Internet at the Library.

Bring your laptop, plug it in and you are on the net!

“Thank you for the WiFi. It’s a wonderful resource.” Says Ethan Jackson of Hopkinton as he enjoys a quiet afternoon at the Library!


Contributed content

Senior Center Breakfast and Discussion   

 What were you doing on Pearl Harbor Day?


     This will be the topic of discussion at the monthly Veteran’s breakfast at the Senior Center on Friday, December 4 when veterans will be served chipped beef, a rerun of the slide show of Hopkinton servicemen and comradeship.

      Jim Cozzens of HCam TV will be on hand to record your comments.

     The Senior Center staff hopes that Veteran’s Breakfasts will become a regular event for many Hopkinton veterans on the first Friday of every month at 9:00 a.m..

Senator Spilka Votes for Emergency Home Heating Assistance for Low-Income Residents

(Boston, MA) - November 14, 2007 — The Senate today acted quickly to avert a home heating crisis by unanimously approving $15 million in state funding to help more than 100,000 elderly residents and low-income families stay warm this winter.

The emergency appropriation will supplement the federal Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program (LIHEAP) and help eligible households remain financially stable during the cold winter months.

"People shouldn't have to choose between food for their children and heat to keep them warm," Senate President Therese Murray (D-Plymouth) said. "There are too many families due to have their heat turned off, and rising energy costs aren't helping the situation. With this money, we are reaching out to families in need and helping them get through what is expected to be a very tough winter."

"This is a fitting and timely response to very legitimate concerns about the cold this winter," added Senator Karen Spilka (D-Ashland). "I am pleased that we were able to work together quickly to help keep our citizens safe and warm."

Senator Michael Morrissey (D-Quincy), co-chair of the Joint Committee on Telecommunications, Utilities and Energy, also supported the appropriation.

"Higher oil prices and reduced assistance have created a critical situation for many Massachusetts households," Sen. Morrissey said. "The money we approved today will go a long way toward bridging the gap in federal funding and keeping families warm this winter."

The Senate is joined by the House and the Governor's Office in making the emergency state funding available for LIHEAP, which operates every year from November 1 through April 30.

The money will be funneled to the Department of Housing and Community Development for distribution to non-profit, community action agencies across the state who accept applications for assistance. The agencies then make payments directly to utilities or landlords on behalf of the eligible households.

Homeowners and tenants with incomes up to 200 percent of the poverty level are eligible for the fuel assistance funding.

The emergency appropriation will now go to the Governor's desk for his signature.

Hitch Hiking Miracle

by Robert Falcione

November 14, 2007 — Police Officer Aaron O'Neil inspects the back seat of this crashed vehicle that was found without a driver or passengers on Fruit Street near the Hopkinton line near the Southborough Rod and Gun Club. Police had received many 911 calls about a car vs. tree.

      A man appeared on the scene in an SUV shortly after public safety personnel arrived and said it was his wife's car, and that she had been driving it. When asked where she was, he replied that she had hitchhiked to Framingham and was now at home. The engine was still running when police arrived with their sirens howling and lights flashing.

      Apparently, the woman was the benefactor of a miracle, having hitch hiked to Framingham in 4 minutes, and not having bothered to take the nearby train that would have taken 25 minutes just to walk to.

      The man's son happened to work nearby, but the man denied that the SUV he was driving was just gotten from his son up the street.

      When questioned, the son said his grandmother dropped him off at work. 

      It is a further miracle that the man happened to be in the area with an SUV, but very curious that his wife hitch hiked rather than called him or the grandmother to pick her up. He was on his cell with someone while the police investigated at his son's work.

      No one reported that the woman tried to flag anyone down or stop at anyone's nearby home for assistance.


(Preceding is in part commentary.)

November 14, 2007 — The cast of  Footloose held a dress rehearsal this afternoon (Above) in preparation for their inaugural Performance Thursday at 4:00 pm in the High School Auditorium.

67 Year-old Man Falls from Forklift, LifeFlight Transports

November 14, 2007 — A 67 year-old man who fell approximately 15 feet off of a forklift today at Barry Controls on South Street was transported by LifeFlight helicopter to UMass Medical in Worcester with lacerations on the back of his skull. Barry Controls did not return a phone call.

     According to Hopkinton Fire Lt. William Lukey, one of the protocols for calling in Life Flight is a fall that is twice the distance of a person's height.

     "Head injuries progress fast," he said.

     "We have ALS [Advanced Life Support] in Hopkinton," he said, "where we bring the emergency Room to you."

     "This injury warrants the helicopter with a doctor on board," he said.

     The chopper circled the Landing Zone radioing instructions to people on the ground after inspecting the area and seeing a motorcycle that they wanted moved.

     The patient was transported to the helicopter from the Hopkinton ambulance that had been standing by with the patient inside, after which time the helicopter took off to Worcester.



Free Holiday Concert
December 16, 3PM
St. John The Evangelist Church

Continuing a tradition begun in 1999, St. John's will host the annual holiday concert presented by the Southeastern Massachusetts Community Concert Band. Take a break from the holiday rush and enjoy a program of seasonal music sure to delight the entire family. The band includes a number of Hopkinton residents and in the spirit of the season, the concert is a gift to the community from both the band and St. John's. Also performing will be the St. John's Children's Chorus. Admission is free, but donations of laundry detergent, school snacks and breakfast foods are requested for the Hopkinton Food Pantry. For more information about the band, go to HopNews File Photo

Commonwealth vs. Neil Entwistle Hearing


            Charges:           First degree murder (2 counts), carrying a firearm without a license, possession of a firearm without an FID card.

            Cambridge Superior Court, 40 Thorndike Street, Courtroom 10B, Cambridge

            Begins at 2 p.m.

HopNews File PHOTO - Neil Entwistle in rear.

ZAC Studies More Legacy Farms Uses

"The elephant's getting a closer to being eaten" ~ Ken Weismantel

by Robert Falcione

November 14, 2007 — Tuesday evening the Zoning Advisory Committee heard proposals from a Lumber Street homeowner and Deputy Fire Chief Ken Clark to add zoning language to insure that when a home is built, the driveway curves will be able to accommodate ambulance and Fire apparatus.

       The homeowner who accompanied Deputy Chief Clark had asked him to test the ability of an ambulance to get down his driveway, fearing that the sharp turns would thwart that effort. The ambulance could not, and since then, according to the homeowner, the builder has agreed to redo the road.

       "Anything that would delay service delivery, such as medical or fire, would be a negative," said Mr. Clark.

       Selectman Vice-chair Mary Pratt cautioned from the audience that the town should be sure to protect itself from insurance companies that could find fault with legal language.

        The meeting had been delayed a few minutes while a nine-member quorum — out of fourteen members — was reached after ZAC Chairman Ken Weismantel (Center of photo) telephoned member RJ Dourney, who was working in his nearby downtown office, and arrived shortly afterward to join the group.

        Mr. Weismantel began the meeting by reminding the gathering of ZAC's purpose.

        "The purpose is to recommend to the Planning Board Articles that hopefully will pass at Town Meeting," he said. Zoning changes must go before Town Meeting to be approved by a 2/3 majority. ZAC is made up of at least four members of the nine-member Planning Board.



Legacy Farms

        Passing zoning proposals at Town Meeting was a theme throughout the meeting, as the members discussed the uses requested as part of Legacy Farms' OSMUD (Open Space Mixed Use Development district) for the former Weston Nurseries farmland purchased last summer.

        The proposed uses include many of the current uses of property, but adds several new dimensions of forward thinking that creates a community that could include recreational facilities and community centers as well as neighborhood stores, shuttle buses, park and ride facilities, neighborhood restaurants, and conference facilities.

         Mr. Weismantel nixed a storage facility, the type of self-storage that is usually on one level, and can be considered unsightly. He said it wasn't the greatest and best use of the land.

         Member Sandy Altamura was concerned about one proposed group of uses that included a rehabilitation facility, asking the proponents to clarify what they meant by that.

         Member Alex Brown asked the proponents about "co-generation facilities" that was in with a group of uses.

         "Are you talking about the [gas storage facility]?" he asked, to which Project Manager Steven Zieff nodded in the affirmative. There are tree large Liquefied Natural Gas storage tanks on Wilson Street as well as a transmission facility.

         Member Joe Strazzulla said, "The burn-off from the summer could heat the whole town in the winter." The gas storage facility often relieves pressure by burning excess gas, rather than releasing it raw into the atmosphere.

         The pressure relief flame can be seen from Hopkinton State Park, a sight that results in a few calls to the police and fire departments each year.

          "The elephant's getting a little closer to being eaten," said Mr. Weismantel, who has compared the task of reviewing the massive proposal to eating an elephant.

          "One bite at a time," he has said.

          Mr. Weismantel had an elephant figurine in front of him during the entire meeting. The elephant is also the mascot of the Republican Party, of which Mr. Weismantel is coincidentally the Hopkinton Chairman.

         The group will continue to tackle the OSMUD with Roy MacDowell and his entourage again next Tuesday, November 20 at the Fire Station Meeting Room.

New Office Building Proposed Behind 77 West Main Street

November 13, 2007 — Below is an excerpt of a plan received by the town last Friday for the addition of a two story 10,000 square foot office building in the rear lot of 77 West Main Street, a strip mall purchased most recently by Hopkinton resident Paul Mastroianni, who has been upgrading the property since.

    Below, the office building is noted in blue and the names of some existing businesses are spelled out in red, both notations added by HopNews for reference.

    Additional room for the building in a lot that appears to have been approved with just enough parking, will be gotten by re-marking the existing parking spaces with a smaller footprint, and circling the new structure with spaces.

    The presentation of the plan will be heard by the Planning Board.

EMC Storage Solutions Enhance's Information Infrastructure


Premier financial news and analysis portal credits EMC storage solutions with 10X improvement in availability and 2X performance gains; Network Appliance storage systems retired from production at

November 13, 2007 — EMC Corporation (NYSE:EMC), the world leader in information infrastructure solutions, today announced that, a leading independent multimedia provider of business, investment and financial ratings content, has enhanced the performance, ease of manageability and availability of information delivered via its storage infrastructure through its use of advanced storage management solutions from EMC.

      Averaging more than five million unique site visitors per month at the end of the second quarter of 2007, provides a breadth of paid and free financial and business news services designed to help individuals make more informed financial decisions. The Company also provides custom solutions for advertisers who look to for access to its affluent demographic. With so many audiences looking to for superior multimedia viewership and advertising experiences, it’s critical that the Company’s web portal deliver high availability for the site content hosted within – including a file repository that has expanded to more than five million files. ~Contributed Content

Fire Out

November 13, 2007 — Firefighters check out a student's vehicle that had caught fire, but was out before the firefighters arrived.




The Musical

The Hopkinton High School Theater Ensemble is proud and excited to announce its upcoming production of “Footloose” at the high school auditorium November 15 – 18. Performance times are:

Thursday, November 15 at 4 PM

Friday and Saturday, November 16 & 17 at 7 PM

Sunday, November 18 at 2 PM

Empty Nesters

November 13, 2007 — The nest above is a couple of hundred feet from shore in the middle of the pond at the Waseeka Wildlife Sanctuary off of Clinton Street. The photographer did not see any birds exit or enter the nest in the 20 minutes he spent there. NOTE: Dogs and other pets are prohibited on the property as are hunting, fishing and trapping.

3rd annual Hopkinton Faculty/Staff Flag Football

Congratulations to the High School team for winning the 3rd annual Hopkinton Faculty/Staff Flag Football Tournament!


The HS Championship team consisted of Jennifer Fairbanks, Steve Simoes, Shannon Worth, Bryan King, Chris Arienti, Even Bishop, Chris Maksymiw, and Fred Haas. Not pictured: Diane Welch, Dennis Baker, Mike Greco, Mike Donahue, Mike Cournoyer, and Mike Graeber.


Congratulations go out as well to the runner ups: Middle School. See you next year for a new format: new month, mixed teams and more games! ~ Diane Welch Contributed photo.

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Toy Drive a Success

Thank you Angel's, participants

Prints are ready

November 12, 2007 — On Halloween, Photographic Images, 24 Main Street, held its Eleventh Annual Toys For Tots Open House Toy Drive. People like the Umans children above brought a new toy for underprivileged children and received a keepsake portrait in return. The elements of of the background were donated for use by Angel's Garden Center on West Main Street, a tradition started by its founding namesake, Angel Doherty.

     The bounty was an overflowing box of Toys For Tots that the Marine Reserve picked up the next day. Photographic Images thanks everyone who participated and reports that the photos are ready for pickup.

Police News UP-TO-DATE

Today, November 12, 2007

4:22 pm A caller complained about dirt bikes being operated in the construction site near Pinecrest Village...


11:22 pm A caller reported that several youths were in the middle of Ridge Road having a bonfire...


2:10 pm A caller from Mayhew Street reported that another youth had damaged his door after accusing him of stealing something...


1:52 pm A caller reported a suspicious vehicle with an older male operator who drives around Falcon Ridge Road...

Real Estate Transactions for Hopkinton, Massachusetts

Compiled by Eric Montville for, November 12, 2007

Address Buyer Price Date Seller

281 Hayden Rowe Street

John M. Bishop & Heather J. Bishop


Nov.  09, 2007

Deutsche Bank National Trust Company

0 South Barn Road

Daniel P. Feheley & Maura Feheley


Nov.  08, 2007

John G. Wytrwal & Janice M. Wytrwal

Previous update:        

6 Oak Street

Dean Giovanniello & Lillian Giovanniello


Nov.  02, 2007

David C. Hegger & Deborah A. Hegger

11 West Elm Street

West Elm Street Acquisition, LLC


Nov.  01, 2007

Elena Wright

177 Hayden Rowe Street

Arthur L. Wise


Oct.  31, 2007

Henry John Norton & Robin L. Norton

3 Pendulum Pass

Susan Lallier


Oct.  30, 2007

Clayton W. Blaylock, Jr. & Leila C. Blaylock

31 Sanctuary Lane

Nancy W. Delchamps


Oct.  30, 2007

Weston Development Group, Inc.

6 Paul Revere Path

Nadereh H. Khaki


Oct.  29, 2007

Stagecoach Heights Realty, LLC

See Full List back to February 1,  2007

Hopkinton Women's Club Seeks New Members


      If you would like to be part of one of the most philanthropic organizations in Hopkinton, participate in ongoing projects, collaborate to explore new opportunities, and make new friends; come join us!  The next meeting, scheduled for November 13th beginning at 6:30 p.m., will be an evening program held at the Hopkinton Country Club. This meeting will focus on informing women interested in learning more about the Women’s Club and membership. 

      Looking ahead, on December 10th our meeting will be a social meeting and gift collection for residents and children in need and will be held at the home of Pam McPherson, 72 Old Elm Way, beginning at 9:30 a.m.   For further information, please call Renee Martin, Hopkinton Women’s Club Membership Chairperson at (508) 435-1271

~ From the Women's Club

William Lindsay

Hopkinton - William Lindsay, 83, died Sunday, November 11, in Westwood.  He was the husband of Alice Lindsay.  Funeral arrangements, under the direction of the Chesmore Funeral Home, 57 Hayden Rowe St., Hopkinton, are incomplete.

Wrap Around

November 11, 2007  — It took three of four of the O'Connell family children to reach around this ancient tree at the Waseeka Wildlife Sanctuary off of Clinton Street. NOTE: Dogs and other pets are prohibited on the property as are hunting, fishing and trapping.

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