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Selectmen Say "NO" to new Fruit Street Committee

Discuss 10-year financial plan

Above, Selectmen show off the gift they are offering to Marathon, Greece, Hopkinton's Twin City, which will be delivered in person. President of the Hopkinton Athletic Association, Timothy Kilduff, smiled when Chairman Muriel Kramer asked who was delivering it. The gift is a boxed set of mugs that display the words Hopkinton and Est. 1715 separated by a design that looks like an olive branch or laurel wreath.


October 17, 2007 — Town Manager Anthony Troiano gave a report Tuesday evening on the work of the Financial Plan Working Group, which is made up 15 members, 14 of them municipal employees.

      Appropriations Committee Chair Stuart Cowart and School Committee member Phil Totino Co-Chair the group that has had several public meetings, but asked the press to leave during the last documented one, saying that they needed to discuss sensitive issues like personnel.

      The group believes there will be an $8.8 million shortfall over the next 11 years unless some of their measures are implemented soon.

      A key recommendation was Mr. Troiano's slogan, "Act as One Town having One Problem with One Solution." That hope was dashed before the meeting was over as Selectman Brian Herr (Photo) was insistent on the formation of a Fruit Street Committee to "steer" the further development of the land, when that topic came up later, and Chairman Muriel Kramer (Photo) and Selectman Matt Zettek made it clear they would not support the idea. Both Selectmen Mary Pratt and Mike Shepard step off the Board during Fruit Street issues.

      Former Selectman Ron Clark, who was also the Chairman of the Fruit Street Development Committee that was disbanded after not having met for about a year, was there to address the issue. Surrounding him were supporters who also spoke. He followed Hopkinton business owner and former resident Joe Strazzula, who had a heated exchange with the Chair, and insisted that his words should have stood without rebuttal.

      Mrs. Kramer and Mr. Zettek said that the professional staff at Town Hall and in Town government could handle the task of managing the Fruit Street property. The Town Manager agreed when asked.

      "We have to look at it from a professional standpoint at Town Hall. We don't need a committee. I don't like to see the professional staff compromised," Mr. Troiano said.

      Mrs. Kramer suggested developing a spine road through the Fruit Street property, and a plan to replace the conceptual plan that was tendered by the Fruit Street Development Committee in its multiple submissions to the State for approval; and to "Carve out the parcels."

     The reason, said Mrs. Kramer, was because the conceptual plan shows a road for the Waste Water Treatment Facility going through some buildings on the conceptual plan. There is only a gravel road through the site now, over which large tank trucks will need to travel on in all weather to haul out sewer sludge, a byproduct of the WWTF. Appeals over the WWTF approvals have tied the process up in court and in bureaucracy.

      Two of several Revenue Enhancement bullets of Mr. Troiano's presentation suggested lobbying for the repeal of the telecomm tax exemption as well as selling or leasing Center School or Town Hall.

       Some Expense Reduction ideas he suggested were to combine certain school / government operations and to combine services with neighboring communities.  As it stands, Ashland Fire Department answers Hopkinton needs for a ladder truck at a fire.

       The Selectmen voted to authorize Town Counsel to assist in the lawsuit over drainage issues at the residence of Thomas Brock at 283 Hayden Rowe Street, as well as several hours of legal work to look over an agreement written by Legacy Farms to develop a well on Town property. The legal cost is expected to be reimbursed by the developer.    

No Bullying Allowed

October 16, 2007  — Middlesex County District Attorney Gerry Leone was the keynote speaker at a presentation at the Middle School Lecture Hall this evening to raise awareness about bullying in Middle Schools, and the steps to take to provide positive family role models to prevent it.

HAA to Proffer Gift to Marathon, Greece

In honor of the Athens Marathon and the role that Marathon, Greece plays in that race, President of the HAA (Hopkinton Athletic Association) Timothy Kilduff has suggested a token gift for the Selectmen to send to Spyros Zagaris, the Mayor of Marathon, Greece. 


According to Dimitris Kyriakides, whose father Stylianos Kyriakides was the winner of the 1946 Boston Marathon, said, "There are a lot of activities in Marathon City this year, whereas from this year on, because of Spyros's vision and what he saw in Hopkinton last year, the city is taking more responsibility in the organization of the Athens Marathon. Mr. Zagaris was in Hopkinton for the unveiling of the statue dedicated to Stylianos Kyriakides on East Main Street in 2006.


The Hopkinton Athletic Association will be sending a representative to Greece so the gift will be delivered in person at a meeting of the City Council of Marathon and cement the Twin-City relationship between the two municipalities as well as the Mayor and the Board of Selectmen.

"Health Care Options for Seniors"

Thurs., Oct. 18 @ 9:30

      Susan Flanagan from Blue Cross/Blue Shield will be at the Senior Center to discuss Medicare, Medicare supplements and prescription drug coverage.

      Are you sure that you are getting the most for your health care money? Do you understand all the options that are available to you? Are there any changes in your plans?

     We are now entering the open enrollment period when Medicare beneficiaries must decide whether to make changes in health insurance. This program will help you to better understand your options. ~ Senior Center

Middlesex County Justice/Crime


Medford Man Arrested In Connection With 2006 Murder

Will Be Arraigned In Cambridge Superior Court This Morning


CAMBRIDGE - Middlesex District Attorney Gerry Leone informed the public today that a Medford man has been indicted and arrested in connection with the 2006 murder of Paula Doherty, also of Medford.


            Tom Evans, of Medford, was indicted on Monday by a Middlesex County Grand Jury on one count of murder and one count of armed robbery. He was arrested yesterday in Somerville by Massachusetts State Police assigned to the Middlesex District Attorney’s Office. He will be arraigned this morning in Middlesex Superior Courtroom 10B in Cambridge. READ MORE

Hopkinton Village Center Plan Scrutinized

"This [parking plan] jeopardizes our livelihood" David Phillips, Hopkinton Gourmet

by Robert Falcione

October 16, 2007 — Developer Ron Roux appeared before the Planning Board Monday evening in the continuance of a Public Hearing to update the Board on his appearance before the Design Review Committee, to address abutters' issues, and to answer comments made by the engineering firm for the town, Faye, Spofford and Thorndike.

      Mr. Roux plans to build a 45,000 square foot building on two existing lots behind buildings at 25 and 35 Main Street, comprised of retail, office and residential condominiums.  The entrance will be next to the Hopkinton Gourmet, and the egress will be next to the driveway for 17 Main Street.

      A sidewalk will lead into the property next to each driveway, but will be the only sidewalks onto the property. According to Planning Board Vice-Chair RJ Dourney, St. John's Church, the property abutter on the southern side, wants to do reserve the right to do something with their property and would not agree to a connecting sidewalk.

      Mr. Roux said that he had removed the planned sidewalk leading onto his Grove Street property, in part because of liability issues.

      Mr. Roux described plans to plant Bradford pear and clump birch in the development and addressed drainage issues with Grove Street neighbor Garrett McClean, who also asked for more privacy screening from people and vehicles that will be looking down into his property when the project is complete. He said he was not comfortable with Mr. Roux's request for an easement over his property for drainage.

       "We can get it done without it," Mr. Roux replied.

       Planning Board member Sandy Altamura, who consistently asks developers to install fewer outdoor lights in their projects, said, "There seems to be an awful lot of light. Perhaps you could have candles on the tables," referring to an outside seating area.

       The roughest moments of the hearing came when the subject came up of the impact of the planned removal of at least one space in front of the Hopkinton Gourmet to accommodate the new entrance. At least two other spaces will also be removed on that side of the street.

        Someone suggested that the entrance driveway be moved so that both spaces in front of the Gourmet could be saved, but Mr. Roux replied in the negative, saying trees would need to be taken down.

        "You are eliminating someone's livelihood as opposed to someone's trees. The spaces do exist," stated Member Evan Ballantyne.

        "They shouldn't," replied Mr. Roux.

        "If someone complained to the DPW, they'd be gone," warned the engineer appearing with Mr. Roux.

        "You are asking us to create one business at the expense of another," said member John Coolidge.

        "We are looking to be neighborly," said Chairman Mark Abate.

        After debate about keeping or moving the space, versus parking up the street, Mr. Abate said, "He [David] knows what drives his business."

        The hearing was continued to another date.

The students at HHS are proud to announce:

Senior Girls vs. Junior Girls Accompanied by their classmate and teacher coaches! Special Half-time Show!

Saturday November 3rd, 2007

8:15 PM at the HHS Football Field

Tickets $3.00 at gate or during all 3 lunches at school on Nov 1st & 2nd

Come support your school community! All proceeds will benefit the Junior & Senior Class Activities

Parent/Teacher Volunteers still needed to sell tickets & donate concessions. For more information please contact the class advisors: ­­

Senior Class Advisors: Ms. Sweet  Ms. Carr

Junior Class Advisors: Ms. Rainey  Ms. Welch



Hopkinton Parks and Recreation will hold its annual Halloween Party on Friday, October 26th from 6:00 to 7:30 PM at the Center School Gym.  There will be games, crafts, a donut eating contest, and treats for all kids from pre-school to 2nd grade.  Wear your costume.  There is no cost for this event.  It is a non-scary party.

65-Year-Old Everett Man Arraigned In Connection With The Murder Of His Ex-Wife


CAMBRIDGE - Middlesex District Attorney Gerry Leone’s office informed the public today that a 65-Year-Old Everett man has been arraigned in Cambridge Superior Court in connection with the alleged murder of his ex-wife, Dorothy Philbrook, age 65, also of Everett.

George Philbrook, age 65, of Everett, was arraigned Friday on charges of murder, possession of a firearm, possession of ammunition, possession of a defaced firearm used during a felony, and assault and battery with a dangerous weapon.  Philbrook pleaded not guilty to all charges and Cambridge Superior Court Judge Patrick J. Riley ordered Philbrook to remain held without bail.

According to authorities, police responded to a reported shooting at 34 Sea Street in Everett at approximately 8:22 p.m. on Friday, August 17. Police arrived to find the victim laying outside her house, suffering from apparent multiple gunshot wounds to her head, back and neck. She was pronounced dead at the scene.

 Everett Police and Massachusetts State Police assigned to the Middlesex District Attorney’s Office initiated an immediate investigation into the circumstances of the shooting, speaking with witnesses in the area and gathering evidence at the scene. Through several eyewitness reports, Philbrook was identified as a suspect and authorities began an immediate investigation into his whereabouts.

 Later in the evening on August 17, at approximately 9:15 p.m., Malden police found Philbrook at a liquor store in Malden purchasing alcohol and cigarettes.  Officers approached him and, after a struggle, placed him under arrest in connection with the shooting. Police seized from Philbrook a fully-loaded semi-automatic firearm, an extra clip of ammunition, and an additional 50 rounds of ammunition.

 According to several people with knowledge of the circumstances, the victim and defendant were divorced for a number of years but lived together for the past 25 years at the Sea Street residence.

 Philbrook was previously arraigned in Somerville District Court on August 20 where he was ordered held without bail by Judge Lee Johnson.

 Philbrook will next appear in court on November 13, 2007 in Cambridge Superior Courtroom 6B for a Pretrial Conference.

Pedestrian Fatal Crash on Route 3 in Norwell


October 15, 2007 — Today, at approximately 12:30 p.m. troopers assigned to the State Police Barracks in Norwell responded to a pedestrian crash on Route 3 southbound south of Route 228 (exit 14) in Norwell that resulted in one fatality.


Preliminary investigation by Trooper Daniel Crespi indicates that 35 year-old John M. Taylor of West Tisbury was operating a 2004 GMC box truck on Route 3 South in the right travel lane when 50 year-old Wayne D. Anderson of South Weymouth entered the roadway on foot. Taylor was unable to stop his vehicle before it collided with Anderson. He sustained serious injuries in the crash and was declared deceased at the scene. Taylor was wearing a seatbelt at the time of the crash and was uninjured.


This crash remains under investigation with the assistance of the State Police Collision Analysis and Reconstruction Section, the State Police Crime Scene Services Section and the State Police Commercial Vehicle Enforcement Section. The Norwell Fire Department, Norwell EMS and MassHighways assisted troopers at the scene.

Police News UP-TO-DATE

Today, October 15, 2007


11:04 am A person from Rafferty Road wanted to see an officer to intervene in a dispute over custody of an adopted dog...


5:03 pm A caller reported that youths were playing hockey on the Greenwood Road soccer field with flaming objects...


1:21 am A caller from School Street reported finding a bag of dog excrement that was left on her door step...


4:44 pm An outside worker on Gibbon Road reported that a female was screaming inside a residence...

Real Estate Transactions for Hopkinton, Massachusetts

Compiled by Eric Montville for, October 15, 2007

Address Buyer Price Date Seller

33 Pleasant Street

Stacey H. Yeoman


Oct.  12, 2007

Ruth A. Maffei

25 Cross Street

Hayley L. Wenrich & Kevin S. Wenrich


Oct.  11, 2007

David E. Hewitt & Barbara J. Hewitt

19 Falcon Ridge Road

Patrick Kevin Barron & Juliet W. Barron


Oct. 10, 2007

Cartus Financial Corporation

Previous update:        

219 Pond Street

Heather M. Wightman & David R. Kraus


Oct.  05, 2007

Joseph A. Strazzulla & Diane M. Strazzulla

81 Front Street

Dennis F. Knapp, Patrice M. Knapp & Daniel F. Knapp


Oct.  05, 2007

Mark E. Renner & Sacha D. Atkinson-Renner

27 Tammer Lane

Joiy Holder


Oct.  03, 2007

John F. Norden & June B. Norden

280 West Main Street

Jeffrey Doherty


Oct.  02, 2007

Paul Doherty

11 Patriots Boulevard

Rogerio Belmonte & Amy D. Roberts


Oct.  01, 2007

Stagecoach Heights Realty, LLC

254 Pond Street

Paul Apkarian


Oct.  01, 2007

Sheila A. Apkarian

See Full List back to February 1,  2007

Tagging - Stop the Defacing




October 15, 2007 — "Defacing property in front of a Police Officer is an arrestable offense," said Officer Gregg DeBoer to a very surprised 17 year-old who was caught on video allegedly painting and tagging signs — and the parking lot itself — Sunday afternoon behind Bill's Pizza, with a spray can and a pen.

      The teen and a 20 year-old from Northbridge had caught the attention of a store owner, who saw them walk behind Town Hall, which was closed. The store owner became concerned because of the recent break-in at Milford's Town Hall, and because of the suspicious behavior of the youths. He started recording video, and called Police.

      Officers Gregg DeBoer and Aaron O'Neil performed a basic pincer movement with their cruisers, each entering the parking lot from different driveways, with Officer DeBoer claiming to have seen the 17 year-old in the act and arresting him immediately, reading him his rights. The 20 year-old was also arrested. Above photos, the tag on the mailbox and the tag on the one-way sign are alleged to have been committed by the 17 year-old on Sunday.

      "Tagging," or the painting and marking of sings and buildings, has been a problem in Hopkinton for a long time. The parking sign above on the doghouse at EMC Park appears to have the same signature, but at this writing, it is unknown when it was done. EMC Park has been plagued with defacing, as well as vandalism and thefts for far too long, showing up in the police long several times a year.

       Each young man has been charged with Deface Property (Tagging) and Malicious Destruction of Property, Under $250.


NOTE: Arrests are updated, entire police log will be done around noon.

 Scene Around Hopkinton

Tangled Web

October 14, 2007 — This spider on Downey Street, upper right corner, needs to go back to Webs 101 to relearn how to spin a respectful web.

Garden Club October Open House

Local floral experts to speak

Thursday, October 25

6:00-9:30 pm

High School Auditorium

On THURSDAY OCTOBER 25 from 6:00-9:30 pm, the Hopkinton Garden Club is hosting its October Open House fundraiser. This year the Club will provide a different twist to its usual presentation by featuring three local floral and gardening favorites who have helped the Hopkinton community get through all kinds of celebrations as well as sorrows.
     From life changing events to the everyday plus urgent gardening questions and advice, these locals have helped us all. They include Hopkinton florist Mary Howard (colorful woman of wisdom and stories from Sunnyside Gardens), florist Cary Hurley-White, (cheerful, busy, young mother of two who is never too busy for the community) and legendary gardener extraordinaire, Henry Schmidt of Weston Nurseries.
     Each of these three local floral experts will be given 20 minutes to demonstrate how to create holiday-themed arrangements while explaining his/her own personal tips and techniques. They have also been asked to embellish their presentations with some anecdotes and stories from their own gardening and working experiences.
     Their finished artistic creations will then become part of the Garden Club’s famous raffle that takes place at the end of the evening. Each attendee will have the opportunity to purchase tickets throughout the evening. This year promises many exciting raffle items including gift baskets and items donated by local business and  garden club  members. There will also be a drawing for several Pot of Gold raffle items that are valued at $100 or more. For the ticket price of $10, attendees will be entered into the door prize, offered refreshments (appetizers, desserts, and coffee compliments of Red Barn Coffee Roasters and other beverages) and treated to music provided by Hopkinton’s own Betty Wyckoff and her daughter Gretchen Pinkava.
     The money earned from this fundraiser fuels the majority of the Hopkinton Garden Club’s budget needs for the coming year. This budget helps to fund projects for the Hopkinton community including: public plantings to help beautify the town (“Welcome” Sign, the Doughboy, Schools, Trail of Daffodils, Main Street Planters, Central Downtown-Colella's, Library), the annual tree planting for Arbor Day, special garden programs for the Seniors of Hopkinton, Scholarships to encourage members of the community to pursue gardening related studies, education grants for funding classroom garden-related projects, and much more!
     The Hopkinton Garden Club’s mission is to promote the advancement of gardening and horticulture throughout Hopkinton. They propose to develop and encourage community spirit via involvement in community
beautification, conservation and educational projects. Truly, this is a gift to our community! Please come and support the Hopkinton Garden Club’s efforts at this fun event rubbing elbows and greens with our local floral and garden experts!
     For tickets and information, call Jackie Potenzone at 508-435-6618 or Maureen Schumacher at 508-435-2487.

Cash Stolen From Milford Town Hall During B&E

Milford Police seek public's help


(Milford, MA.) On Saturday October 13, 2007 the Milford Police Department investigated a breaking and entering at the Milford Town Hall. Suspect(s) had smashed a glass window and then entered it in the rear lower handicap entrance of the Town Hall. This entrance directly faces 16 Court Square but otherwise not very visible to the public. After the suspect(s) gained entry there were several offices broken into inside the building. The doors received extensive damage after being pried open and many desks were ransacked. A large amount of cash was stolen from inside a safe in the Tax Collector’s Office. Milford Detectives processed the crime scene, interviewed several employees, canvassed the area and are continuing their investigation. The crime is believed to have occurred sometime Friday night and Saturday morning between the hours of 9:30 pm and 7:50 am.

The Milford Police Department requests anyone with any information regarding this crime to contact Milford Police at the following telephone numbers.

Dispatch: (508) 473-1113  -    Tip Crime: (508) 473-3800 For Anonymous Calls

Not Your Father's Do


Members of the 2007 Hopkinton High School varsity football team displayed team unity and spirit for their game against the Millis Mohawks Friday noght. The precision haircuts (shown below) worked well as the Hillers defeated the Mohawks 21 to 7 Friday night in Millis. Pictured are (front row, on ground, left to right): Willy Morningstar and Jeff Doyle; (second row) Dylan Hayes, Chris Mills, Jack Nealon, Kyle Rudden, Dylan Marsland and Kelly Cook; (back row) Stephen Hrusovsky, Ray Capobianco, Mike Stanley, Corey Thalheimer, Kevin Cassata, Sean Clark, JJ Baillargeon, Jake Brown, Conor Mahon, Luke Warren, Billy Huelme, Zach Carroll and Dan Donohue. Photo by Joy Donahue.

Rescue Me

October 14, 2007 — Firefighters from eight towns participated in a trench rescue drill at the Laborer's Training Center on Saturday. Above, they shore up a wall and prepare to lift the "patient" in a Stoke's basket with the aid of a ladder.

See the Video below


Lake Whitehall Cleanup

October 14, 2007 — Winter Street resident and Conservation Commission member Andre Griben looks like he just won a prize at the carnival booth, but he is actually taking a discarded muffler that he found at lakeside to the dumpster at Lake Whitehall boat landing parking lot on Saturday during the Lake Cleanup.

Something for Everyone

October 13, 2007 — The Woodville Baptist Church sidewalk sale had plenty of cars stopping on Saturday for their bargain-priced offerings.

No ID Necessary

October 14, 2007 — The first Senior Center Craft Fair was grand success on Saturday.

 Scene Around Hopkinton

October 13, 2007 This Woodville resident takes advantage of traditional security methods, as well as unconventional ones to. Below is a carnival type of attraction made by the Wodville 4-H Trailbusters.

 Scene Around Hopkinton

October 13, 2007 — This antique buggy once brought a doctor to his patients, but is now a vehicle for holiday decorations on Downey Street.

Charitable Event Makes for Early Rush

October 13, 2007 — Anyone passing 77 Main Street and looking through the glass that wraps around two sides of the northeast corner on Friday would have seen a throng of customers worthy of a holiday rush at Stephanie G Jewelers. But the rush was on not because of any special holiday, but because of a cancer awareness event on behalf of the Susan B. Kamen organization and sponsored by the Pandora line of jewelry.

     Customers purchasing $100 of Pandora Jewelry on Friday or Saturday got a silver breast cancer awareness bracelet as a promotional gift, with a potion of the purchase going to the foundation. Stephanie G's is planning another special event in November..

Hopkinton at Millis

October 13, 2007 — Hopkinton's Paul Ostrander pulls the ball down, but couldn't get his left foot down on the right side of the sideline during Friday's game against Millis. Some team members, like Cory Thalheimer below, mocked the Millis Mohawks by doing that very thing to their hair the evening before.

     The Hopkinton Hiller football team regrouped from last weeks loss to Holliston and beat the Mohawks from Millis21-7 in a tri- valley league football game played last night in Millis. The Hillers got two touchdowns from Luke Warren and a 43 yard run from veteran Kelly Cook en route from to the Victory.

     The Hillers, who are playing the spoiler role, are running on all cylinders. The Hillers are a good football team and are capable of beating any team on a given night. Jeff Doyle motivated the Hiller offense as he has taken over from brother Brian ( MIT QB) who took over from brother A.J. who recently graduated from Boston College. Experience is important and Jeff (only a junior) is in total command to be a big factor in the Hiller's future as he is also a great option quarterback. The Hillers are 4-2 and 2-2 in the Tri-Valley League. The Hillers have Bellingham to look forward to as this game has developed into a great football rivalry. The Hillers tackle Dover-Sherborn next Friday in Hopkinton.  - Peter Marso

Traffic Advisory-Tobin Bridge Traffic Restrictions -UPDATE


October 13, 2007 — Yesterday during a routine bridge inspection of the Tobin Bridge by MassPort Engineers a crack was discovered in one of the bridge’s support beams. Effective immediately commercial vehicles with a Gross Vehicle Weight Rating (GVWR) in excess of 11,000 pounds traveling on Route 1 South will be diverted off the roadway at Route 16. It is expected that this traffic restriction will continue throughout the night and may be in effect Saturday. Individuals traveling in Commercial motor vehicles are advised to seek alternate routes.  


Moms Club Raises Over $12,000

October 13, 2007 — The Hopkinton MOMS Club held a charity event to benefit the Michael Carter Lisnow Respite Center Friday evening at the Hopkinton Country Club, where they played Bunco, held raffles, shared heartfelt stories, and raised over $12,000 for the Respite Center.

Bedrock in Woodville

October 13, 2007 — The Bedrock Band rocked the Woodville Rod and Gun Club on Friday during ESL Live. ESL will stage an encore performance of their variety show, modeled after Saturday Night Live, Saturday October 13, and Friday, October 19.

It's Ciao Time

Caterer to move downtown

October 2007 — The ink is barely dry on the lease for 28 Main Street (currently Maria's*) as Denise Griben scurries around making plans for the major move for her catering business, Ciao Time Catering & Dinners to Go. The name itself, Ciao Time, is an apparent play on the Italian word for hello/goodbye and the phonetically equivalent English word for food, chow, and a good representation of the light-hearted nature of the business owner, Denise Griben.

       Mrs. Griben, who has been running the ten year-old business from her Winter Street home, will continue to offer her family favorites and Italian cuisine for catering of up to 150 people, in addition to being open  Wednesday through Saturday for lunch, and Wednesday through Friday for dinner.

      "My regular Dinners to Go clients want traditional meals for their families. I'll continue that tradition with the addition of soups and salads to the entrees for people to pick up on their way home. Or they can eat in too if they like.

      "I expect my catering business to continue to grow and flourish in the larger location," she said. "Most of what we serve for lunch and dinner will be available as a catered meal," she said.

     Mrs. Griben will not be alone, but expects help from her teenage sons, Alix and Daniel, as well as her  husband, Andre, who has a specialty or two himself to offer.

     In addition, Mrs. Griben's aunt, Carol Ward, who has owned several Worcester restaurants, will be running the front end.

     "In the winter months I'll be offering cooking classes and Sunday dinner. You know, like chicken, roast pork, roast beef with potatoes and vegetables. Just stop by after church and pick it up!" she said.

     Denise Griben plans to have a "soft" opening on November 4, and a full opening on November 7.

* NOTE: Maria's will remain open until October 20.


Board of Public Works Looks at Gift Well

 October 11, 2007 —      "We discussed the opportunity of us moving forward with us developing the Alprilla Well site, and since that time, we've done some initial water quality testing, which is very favorable," said Steven Zieff, Boulder Capital Project Manager for the Legacy Farms project that intends to develop 700 acres of former Weston Nurseries land into 940 dwelling units and 450,000 square feet of commercial/retail space, appearing before the Board of Public Works yesterday morning.

       "And we've done some of the other due diligence that would cause us to feel that we would be able to develop this well not only for our benefit, but for the town's benefit. And just to remind people, of the 432,000 gallons per day that this well is projected to produce, we need about 160-170,000 gallons per day, which means the town could get the rest," he said.

      "The next step would be making some significant investments in developing the well and doing some of the work associated with bringing the well online.

      "In the interest of our mutual concern, we thought it was appropriate to take what was a missive of July 10, and turn that into a written agreement," Mr. Zieff said. Mr. Zieff provided a copy of the proposed agreement, which he said he revised after meeting with Dan McIntyre, Chairman of the Board of Public Works earlier in the week.

      JT Gaucher, Director of Public Works said that he provided a copy to the Town Counsel.

      "I understand Legacy Farms and Earth Tech have an agreement for Earth Tech to represent the town's interest," Mr. Gaucher said. Earth Tech is the primary company that studies water issues for the town.

       "There is language in this agreement that allows Legacy Farms to pull out, and that would leave us with an incomplete project. Whether we could develop it ourselves is a question," Mr. Gaucher said.

       The agreement stipulates Legacy Farms will "at the developer's sole cost and expense" apply for the necessary permits, on condition is that there are no appeals, or unresolved appeals. The development of the town's Fruit Street property has been held up by one appeal after another.

       Another show-stopper is the failure of the town to grant the "Zoning Modification" that Legacy Farms is pursuing through a change in zoning on the property that will need to pass muster at Town Meeting.

       In the agreement, the Developer promises to construct improvements to the town's water system at his own cost, and make that water available to the entire water system. However, one clause specifies that the Site (Legacy Farms) will get no less than 169,000 gpd in capacity. However, one official present said that the water is allocated to the entire system, not just  a certain property.

      "Under section 9," said Mr. Gaucher, "they are looking for a single connection fee for the whole project. Under our water regs, just a quick estimate, it's over $4 million in connection fees is what is available for this project considering the 940 residential units. And probably about 20 businesses is what I estimated with 450,000 square feet."  Mr. Gaucher estimated $4,350,000 total in fees including fire hook ups.

     "I think we'd be remiss if we didn't ask legal counsel to look at this. A have a couple of questions," said Mr. McIntyre.

     "Who actually needs to sign this? You have the Board of Selectmen [written] down here now...but we need to get that addressed.

     "When JT is talking about the fees, what this really is is mitigation, a gift to the town. I want to make sure we're not circumventing procurement laws by going directly to you to build us a well," Mr. McIntyre said.

      The well will be located solely on town property.

      The Site is expected to have their own waste water discharge on site, something that is usually required and which is usually tied in to an increase in a town's water withdrawal permit from the DEP. However, it is unclear that if the town does use any their portion of the water capacity, how it will then recharge the aquifer with waste water, something it will need to do to increase the withdrawal permit, according to testimony given over the Fruit Street Waste Water Treatment Facility..

Hopkinton Muslims Reach Out

Islamic Masumeen Center Renovated ~ Open House in the Works


October 11, 2007 — When asked what the writing said above the door to the newly renovated Islamic Masumeen Center on Wood Street, member Mohammed Khusro first said, "God," before repeating the name of the prophet Mohammed and his family.

    "Does it say Allah?" he was asked at the same time.

    "Allah is the Arabic name for God," he said. "It is the same God," he emphasized, repeating a lesson learned by millions of American children.

     Mr. Khusro showed off the newly laid marble-covered entryway and expansive prayer room, complete with a new carpet, and warm, ornate chandeliers.

     The Center, which has been located at 115 Wood Street for 14 years, took only two months of fundraising and only a few weeks to bring it to a new level of comfort and pride for the community.

     Mr. Khusro said that congregation members Mr. Mehdi, Dr. Saeed, Shabih Zaidi and he were major fundraisers and donors to the project of the congregation, he said, that is largely comprised of professionals such as engineers, doctors and business people.

      Mr. Khusro said the 125-family congregation is interested in working closely with the neighbors, and in continuing an outreach to people of other faiths.

      "There will be an Open House in the near future for the community at large, and for town officials,"  promised Mr. Khusro.    


Hopkinton Wine & Spirits

Grand Tasting & Open HouseSaturday, October 13th

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      Far and Wide

October 11, 2007 — The long arm of the law, and in this case the Hopkinton Police Department, has reached Durty Nelly's in Bunratty Village in Ireland, as evidenced by the Hopkinton Police patch on their wall.

Sophisticated Pavement Management Study to Begin


     As part of our on going Pavement Management Plan the DPW has contracted with Fay, Spofford & Thorndike (FST), consulting engineers to conduct a town wide Pavement Management Study. FST field engineers will evaluate Hopkinton’s pavements on all public roads beginning October 15th and continuing over the next few months.
     The field engineers will be taking pictures, measurements and making general observations of the condition of the roads.
     The collected data will be stored in a database and linked to the town’s Geographic Information System (GIS) where the data will be modeled and analyzed using sophisticated software. Based on the system findings, a long-range roadway management plan to allocate cost-effective repairs will be developed for the Department of Public Works. The purpose of this study is to determine the best method of repair to specific roads and help us get the most out of our road maintenance funds.
Mike Mansir, Highway Manager


 Share the Woods ~ Stay Alive with Orange


    Autumn is here and the tradition of hunting in New England begins anew. With this Saturday’s kickoff of pheasant season and Monday’s start of the archery deer season eagerly waiting sportsmen around the state will be taking to the woods again. Remember to wear a hunter orange vest or shirt when taking to the woods.
     For more information on the Commonwealth’s hunting programs visit  Get out there and enjoy the fall.

NOTE: Thanks to Joe Nealon for the above!



     Just be the first to bring in a photo of the alligator at the Hopkinton State Park to our office at 24 Main Street and get a pair of tickets to ESL Live!

                      (HINT: We haven't seen the alligator ourselves. Perhaps it looks like the one pictured here. Perhaps it looks like an inflatable one might look. ;-) We just don't know. )

Going to the Dogs


October 11, 2007 — Youth in Action of Grace United Methodist Church recently donated $931.00 to Massachusetts Vest-A-Dog, after several fundraising events, including a hot dog dinner and silent auction. 

     Kathy Hinds of Massachusetts Vest-A-Dog presented certificates of thanks to the youth at a church picnic held at the home of Sandy and Bob Mazaika of Hopkinton.  A Massachusetts State Police officer and his dog “Bowie” attended and Bowie gave a demonstration of how his skills and training are used to assist state police.  Massachusetts Vest-A-Dog is a non-profit organization dedicated to raising funds to provide bullet/stab-proof vests to police dogs throughout Massachusetts. 

Photo by Dave Dry.

Board of Public Works Discusses Lawsuit

"We need to fight this" ~ Jim Pyne

Board Warned of Additional Suit by Another Applicant

"I am looking at a lawsuit" ~ Tom Smith

October 10, 2007 — The Town received a summons  to answer a complaint in land court over a resident's complaints about drainage.

     Tom Brock, 283 Hayden Rowe Street contends in his complaint that the Town regraded the roadway near his home, and furthermore installed a drain and stone on his property. Mr. Brock's property is at the very bottom of the long hill on Hayden Rowe Street heading South. A reliable source said that there is no other drain on the entire length of the hill.

    The DPW had attempted to resolve the issue with a plan and an article for funding at a recent Town Meeting, but the Article was shot down.

     DPW Director JT Gaucher said that the suit "contends that the discharge is going onto his land causing a nuisance."

     Mr. Gaucher said that "He [Mr. Brock] is claiming we installed it in 2004, but its been here since before most of us."

     Board of Public Works member Jim Pyne said, "This is a test case. He has dug his heels in and he has a very cloudy history that I get from the ConCom and others that that house is even there.

     "He wants something that is unreasonable. I think we need to fight this and win this, as much as I despise lawsuits.

     "I think this is a very important precedent," Mr. Pyne said. "I think we have to take a very strong stance on this and win it," he said.

      Mr. Gaucher said that he was speaking with the insurance organization about an attorney.

     "We need someone that is very good at what they do," Mr. Pyne said, lobbying for an attorney who specializes.     

      "Sometimes insurance companies like to settle."


Smith Subdivision


     Walcott Street resident Tom Smith stopped by to complain that he had been shot down for a sewer connection for a subdivision of his land that would add 4 house onto a paper road on his land.

     "The policy is no sewer mains for new development," said Mr. McIntyre.

     Mr. Smith complained that Ron Roux, developer of an ambitious mixed use project of 9 residential condos and about two dozen offices and retail stores behind 25 and 35 Main Street, got approval for a new sewer connection despite not having paid a betterment fee when the sewer was installed.

      "I checked with Maureen [Maureen Dwinnell, Treasurer/Collector] and there were no betterments paid," he said. A betterment would mean that there was an approved lot that paid for the installation of a sewer main going past the lot.

      "I wanted condos. You said 'no'," Mr. Smith said.

      "He is combining lots," Mr. McIntyre said.

      "That is an extension [of the sewer] that you said is not allowed," said Mr. Smith.

      "He has the frontage," said Mr. McIntyre.

      "He has never paid a betterment," replied Mr. Smith.

      "There are two stubs for the two parcels," added Water/Sewer Manager Eric Carty.

      "We should review whether the Roux connection is legal," said Board Member Kevin Kohrt.

      "You better get Town Counsel involved," said Mr. Smith, "because I am looking at a lawsuit.

Hopkinton Class of 1977 reunion

The Hopkinton High School Class of 1977 Class Reunion is being held November 10, 2007, at Indian Meadows Country Club.  We are still looking to locate a few of our classmates; if you have not yet received your invitation, please contact Tammie Fairbanks Talvy (508-881-2581 or or Terry Kaminsky Prince (508-435-6375 or


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