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 Planning Board

Weston Nurseries ANR Plan Moves Forward

Traffic Concerns Slow Hopkinton Square


by Robert Falcione

July 9, 2007 — Robert Buckley (Photo) from Beals and Thomas Engineering firm represented the Mezitt family members and their various Weston Nurseries entities to receive the blessing of the Planning Board for an Approval Not Required plan. This would consolidate a number of parcels  under various owners into nine main parcels to create more well defined boundaries to facilitate the impending sale to Boulder Capital. The plan got unanimous approval from the Board.


Drowne Family Subdivision

     The Drowne family packed the room to hear a presentation of their family subdivision plan that had been withdrawn from consideration about two months ago due to the upcoming election that would bring more qualified members the ability to vote on their proposal. The family would like to break their land up into five parcels, one for each of five family members.

     The plan would need a waiver for a cul de sac that is 200' longer than allowed.

     "It would remain private," explained the presenter. "Five members of the family would get a lot and they could stay in town, which is the purpose of the family subdivision bylaw," he said.

     Chairman Mark Abate reminded the Board  that the Fire Department had an issue with fire protection.

     The presenter explained that they plan to install sprinklers in all of the homes, but he was then reminded that there were concerns about water pressure.

     The family was asked to submit plans and to schedule a public hearing, which would be necessary in the case of any waivers or special permits.

     "When we had an informal discussion [before the withdrawal], there was a false impression that there was an inferred approval, because we didn't speak up," said member Claire Wright, alluding to the expressed surprise of the applicants that they would not get approved this evening.


Hopkinton Square

      Engineer Dan McIntyre, representing Chuck Joseph and Peter Markarian, presented an incomplete traffic study  of the Hopkinton Square project to the Board this evening, saying that he was still working with Engineers FS&T (Fay, Spofford & Thorndike) to resolve some of the major traffic issues.

     The Board had few problems, if any, with the modifications to the internal traffic of the proposed site at the corner of West Main and South Streets, but people in attendance at this continuation of the Public Hearing, as well as Board members, had a few questions.

      "I am concerned about westbound traffic," said  Mr. Abate (Photo). The proponents of the plan propose changing the markings of the roadway on West Main Street westbound to facilitate a left turn for westbound vehicles into their proposed shopping center. The roadway is at a near gridlock during evening rush hour, something that has been pointed out at this and the previous hearing by several people, including this writer, a Hopkinton resident.   

      The plan shows a swap of the use of the merge/thru lanes and a squeeze merge about 150' sooner than the existing bottleneck that is already at a standstill on most weekday evening rush hours. (Choose thumbnail to enlarge excerpt of plan).

      At the previous hearing, an executive representative of EMC expressed additional concern with the plan's exit onto South Street showing an allowed left turn across two lanes of traffic heading northbound. She asked that no such turn be allowed.

       Lake neighborhood resident Christiane Perrin noted that there were no sidewalks to the development in the plan.

       Margo Roman added that she believed that each new development should be required to install sidewalks.

      The conceptual drawing presented at previous meetings shows two drive-thru windows, one of which is located on a 15,500 square foot, square building, the footprint of a retail drug store, according to pundits. However, the principals have said they have no tenants, but need an approval to have credibility with prospects.

      The group will meet with FS&T again, and return for a continued Public Hearing in August.


Today, July 9, 2007


7:57 am Officer Thomas Griffin checked on a man behind some bushes on Church Street...


6:37 pm Officers Stephen Buckley and Matthew McNeil responded to a report of gunshots on ash street...


1:16 am Counselor supervising an overnight youth camp at the YMCA reported hearing adult voices in the woods...


12:16 am A caller phoned in to report a family walking down Route 85 with a cooler a grill....

Above right, photo of tagging.

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Game against Buffalo Bisons

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Town Manager, Anthony Troiano Doing Well

Recovery ahead of schedule

To the Editor:


For all the folks at home wondering about Tony, I have some great news to share. 


Tony Troiano [File photo] is doing very well, and he is in fact ahead of schedule in his physical recovery.  Tony is now settled in a rehab facility within a mile of his home, so all his family and friends can visit more easily which has got to be comforting.  Tony was evaluated last week specifically for his orthopedic progress; he is about 7 weeks ahead of what the doctors predicted for bone production.  That means that he is able to bear weight and begin working to ambulate.  He took his first steps since the accident last Wednesday.  He is also able to eat and drink which is great news.


I had the opportunity to chat with Tony last Thursday, and he sounds very upbeat.  Having seen the x-rays for the orthopedic assessment, Tony has a better understanding of the enormity of the trauma he sustained.  He is obviously grateful for the recovery he has seen and can continue to look forward to.  For the near term, Tony will work about 6 hours a day at rehab to regain his strength and mobility. 


If anyone in the public would like to send a card to Tony, please send c/o the Board of Selectmen’s Office at Town Hall.  I will personally forward the cards to Tony.


                        Mail:     Tony Troiano

                                    c/o Hopkinton Board of Selectmen

                                    Hopkinton Town Hall

                                    18 Main Street

                                    Hopkinton, MA 01748


Muriel Kramer

Chairman, Board of Selectmen

Silhouettes on the Lake

July 9, 2007 — There may be no shadow detail in this silhouette of a photo taken at the Lake Whitehall Dam on Sunday before the deluge, but there should be no mistaking the subject matter.

Classic Fun

July 8, 2007 — The Reminisants brought a great variety of music to the Hopkinton Common today. Concert goers who gathered while the band set up were forced into their vehicles to wait out a torrential downpour. Then during the break another cloudburst came and sent most people packing for good. A handful, above, remained until the end.

Phony Cop Pulls Vehicle Over, Sexually Assaults Woman Driver

 Safety Tips Offered

RANDOLPH, MA - July 8, 2007 — Today, at approximately 1:15 a.m. troopers assigned to the State Police Barracks in Milton investigated a sexual assault reported to occur on Route 24 North in Randolph

      Preliminary investigation by H Troop Investigator Sergeant Brian Howe indicates that an adult female operating a vehicle on Route 24 North in Randolph was pulled over by what she believed to be an unmarked police cruiser.  A male identified himself as a police officer ordered her out of the vehicle and sexually assaulted her against her vehicle on the side of the road.  He then got back in his vehicle and left the area.

      The suspect was described as an older white male with a heavy build with broad shoulders, approximately 215-220 lbs., with gray hair worn in a crew cut style and a goatee style beard.  He wore a dark blue long sleeved shirt with an emblem on the chest, dark blue slacks and black gloves.

      The suspect's vehicle is described as large older 1990's era vehicle with faded paint.  The vehicle had a single blue police style light which he is alleged to have used in this incident.

      Anyone with information about this suspect, vehicle or incident is asked to contact the State Police Barracks in Milton at 617-698-5840.

 The Massachusetts State Police offers these safety tips when you are stopped by police:

·         If you are unsure of the legitimacy of an officer in an unmarked vehicle trying to make a traffic stop, turn on your hazards lights and slowly proceed to a well lit area or location where there are other people present before you stop.

·         If the person stopping you is not in uniform or is in a uniform that does not display a badge, ask for photo identification.

·         Call 911 on your cell phone if there is concern about the legitimacy of the person making the traffic stop. 

·         Report suspicious traffic stops to the police.

For the Birds

July 8, 2007 — As seen today, Pratt's Pond on Fruit Street, built as an irrigation pond for Pratt's Farm, now serves as a home to several families geese as well as other species of birds and aquatic life.

Fatal Crash on Route 1 South in Foxborough

 Victim NOT wearing seat belt

July 8, 2007 — This morning at approximately 12:20 a.m. troopers assigned to the State Police Barracks in Foxborough responded to a two-vehicle crash on Route 1 South at Pine Street in Foxborough that resulted in one fatality.

     Preliminary investigation by Trooper Michael Tryon indicates 23-year-old Casey A. Hansbury of North Attleboro was operating a 2001 Honda Prelude in the left lane of Route 1 South when she lost control of the vehicle. The Honda collided into the rear of a 2005 Kia Sedona that was traveling in the right lane and was operated by 50-year-old Janice Healey of Attleboro. The Honda spun clockwise and the driver’s side of the vehicle collided into a utility pole located on the right shoulder of the roadway at the intersection of Route 1 South and Pine Street. Hansbury was not wearing a safety belt at the time of the crash, she sustained fatal injuries in the crash and was declared deceased at the scene. Healey and the two passengers in the Kia, 71-year-old Bertha Soule of North Attleboro and 58-year-old Paulette Jameson of Pawtucket RI, were wearing safety belts at the time of the crash and they were uninjured in the crash.

     Although speed does appear to have been a factor in this crash it remains under investigation with the assistance of the State Police Collision Analysis and Reconstruction Section and the State Police Crime Scene Services Section.

90 seconds in the Wachusett area 

July 8,, 2007 — The HopNews video camera went out Wachusett way and captured a short video of a glider being towed, the view of Boston from atop Mt. Wachusett, and two groups of Seventh Day Adventists who happened upon each other at the Old Stone Church on the Wachusett Reservoir in West Boylston, and joined each other in song and prayer. They celebrate the end of the Sabbath on Saturday at sundown, as opposed to most Christian denominations, who celebrate on Sunday.

       Among the two groups who were not known to each other were multi-linguists from the Philippines, Mexico, Brazil, Africa and Columbia, who are in the United States to study, work or live. Most are students or administrators at Atlantic Union College in nearby Lancaster.

       The Adventists are said to be the originators of breakfast cereal, of which there is a large Weetabix factory at the other end of the Wachusett Reservoir in Clinton.

Freeze Frame

July 8, 2007 — This bird was darting around the waves at the Wachusett Reservoir on Saturday. The high shutter speed necessary to freeze the bird's very rapid wings, also freezes the wind-whipped waves.


Concerts on the Common 


Starts Sunday

July 8, 2007 5:00 to 7:30 pm

The Reminisants


The Reminisants have been entertaining audiences of all ages throughout New England since 1973.



Making a Wave

July 7, 2007 — Looking a bit like a magazine feature, Ed Harrow hangs over the side of this 45' long single-masted sloop to bring his view of New Zealand back to Hopkinton with him to share with friends and readers.  They were in Russell Harbor on the North Island in the Bay of Islands. 

State Police Investigate Fatal Accident Route 95 North in Waltham

 Driver NOT wearing a seat belt ejected from the vehicle


July 7, 2007 — Last night at approximately 8:20 pm, troopers assigned to the State Police Barracks in Concord responded to a single vehicle crash on Route 95 North, at the exit ramp for Route 20 (exit 26) that resulted in one fatality.

     Preliminary investigation by Trooper Pat Candeleri indicates that a 1999 Buick Regal operated by sixty-six-year old Thomas CIBOTTI, of Nashua N.H. was traveling at a high rate of speed in the middle travel lane of Route 95 North in Waltham when he lost control of the vehicle and veered to the right. The vehicle exited the roadway, went airborne, passing over a vehicle traveling on the on-ramp from Route 20 to Route 95 North and then rolled over striking a tree with the roof. The vehicle came to rest in a grassy area off the roadway, upright and facing southbound. Mr. CIBOTTI was alone in the vehicle. He was not wearing a safety belt and was ejected from the vehicle. A MedFlight helicopter responded to the scene but was unable to transport by air due to the operator’s physical condition. He was transported by ambulance to the Leahy Clinic in Burlington by the Waltham Fire Department and the medical crew from the MedFlight helicopter. Shortly after his arrival at the hospital he died from the injuries sustained in the accident.

Agnes B. Frey, of Holliston, died late Wednesday night, July 4, 2007 in U-Mass Hospital in Worcester. Born in Framingham, she was the daughter of the late Alex and Margart (Skalberg) Frey of Hopkinton.

Raised in Hopkinton and then a resident of Ashland for many years she later moved Holliston. She had also worked for Dennison Manufacturing for many years. Arrangements Complete

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16 Year-old Charged with Homicide in Fatal Crash on

 Route 495 South in Bellingham

 Victim not wearing seat belt

On Monday, July 2, 2007 at approximately 9:40 p.m., Troopers assigned to the State Police Millbury Barracks responded to a single vehicle crash on Route 495 South just prior to the Exit 18 off-ramp in the Town of Bellingham that resulted in one fatality.  


Preliminary investigation by Trooper Brian Tully indicates that a 16 year-old juvenile male was operating a 2000 Ford Focus on Route 495 South in Bellingham when he lost control of the vehicle, exited the roadway and struck an embankment before coming to rest in the right travel lane.  A 16 year-old juvenile male front seat passenger who was not wearing his safety belt was ejected during the crash and pronounced deceased at the scene.  The operator, a 16 year-old male rear seat passenger and two 16 year-old female rear seat passengers were all wearing their safety belts and were transported by ambulance to Milford Hospital with minor injuries. 


     The 16 year-old juvenile operator, was issued a summons for delinquency by reason of the following charges: Motor Vehicle Homicide by Negligent Operation; Junior Operator's License Violation; Marked Lanes Violation and Speeding. 

     The State Police have not identified the operator nor his town of residence. However, the Taunton Daily Gazette has identified the victim as 16 year-old Matthew Michael Cream of Raynham

Two Remaining Hopkinton Brothers

Jerry, left, and Dick Bowker in a photo taken recently at a family gathering at Lake Oconee


They are the two remaining of six brothers, all of whom grew up in Hopkinton on Hayden Rowe Street with their five sisters and parents.  Only one of the girls survives.  All three of the still live in Hopkinton.


Jerry Bowker is the former Chief of Police and Dick Bowker is the former Building Inspector. Jerry took part in the Alsos Mission at the end of WWII.


Coffee and conversation with State Senator Karen Spilka

Senator Karen Spilka Announces Hopkinton Coffee Hour
Friday, July 20, 2007  ~ 9:00 a.m. to 10:00 a.m.
Golden Spoon

85 W Main St
Hopkinton, MA 01748

State Senator Karen Spilka (D-Ashland) is holding an informal coffee hour for the residents of Hopkinton to discuss issues of importance to them.  All constituents are encouraged to stop by and meet the Senator in person, as well as raise any questions, concerns or ideas they may have. Any resident unable to attend should feel free to contact the Senator's State House office at (617) 722-1640 at any time.

Learn to be a CHEERLEADER by the very spirited and talented HOPKINTON CHEERLEADERS!

Clinic is separated by age and experience!! The older girls will be separated from the younger girls and given the opportunity to learn stunts they could use in competition! In addition all cheerleaders will be taught the latest technique for stunting, jumping, tumbling & motions!

Age: 7 to 14 (8th grade) Date & Time: August 2nd 10:00 a.m. – 3:00 p.m.
Location: Hopkinton High School Gymnasium
Price: $50.00 & $90.00 for 2 siblings

Contact Information: Please contact Melissa Heiligmann, Director, at 508-333-6441 or e-mail at HillerCheer@gmail.com  or go to www.hopkintoncheerleading.com .

Hopkinton Little League Williamsport team

Williamsport team is currently 2-1 and still in contention for the regional playoffs.

From left to right


Coach Haroian, Conner Hudson, Ryan Hamilton, Jason Cardillo, Tim Dufficy, Sam Rodman, Coach Lehman, Hank Rudden, Tim Moberg, Jake Lehman, Rody Towner, Jake Haroian, Craig Levergood, Jason Dlugolecki, Coach Rudden, Coach Dlugolecki.

Kaoruko Returns to

ESL Coffeehouse

30 Main Street

July 14 8:00 p.m.

July 5, 2007 — Kaoruko, a jazz vocalist from Tokyo who has studied vocal performance, jazz composition, style and scat skills at Berklee College of Music and with Hal Crook and Charlie Sorrento, will be returning to the Enter Stage Left Coffeehouse at 8:00 p.m. on July 14. Kaoruko has also performed jazz standards in clubs such as Ryles, Les Zygomates, and Bullfinch’s.

ESL Coffeehouse Series takes place at Enter Stage Left Theater Workshop’s intimate studio setting at 30 Main Street in Hopkinton. Tickets are $10.00 per person.
Enter Stage Left Theater, Inc. is a non-profit performing arts center in Hopkinton offering theater education, training and performances for students of all ages. For more information call 508-435-2114 or visit www.enterstagelefttheater.com 


Long Lines

July 5, 2007 — These pretty girls wait for relatives to catch up with them in the Hopkinton State Park yesterday, as hundreds were turned away from the closed park, and the interior roads became sidewalks for all of the people wanting to use the main beach, but had to park in lots far away. In addition, some patrons parked at the T Station or Carbone's, and walked that distance too.


More Horribles Parade Photos

Choose a thumbnail above to see the larger version.




July 5, 2007 — The Hopkinton Republican Town Committee float won "Most Horrible" honor in the Horribles Parade yesterday. Above, Ken Weismantel wearing a Superman outfit without the cape and leotards, throws candy to children watching the parade.

     It may look like Caracas, Venezuela with political enemies hanging in effigy, but it is a Democrat or two, and others on strings, being manipulated off-camera by a large figure of Brian Morrison former ConCom Chair, who became out of favor with his fellow Republicans for his strict interpretations of the wetlands laws. Also on a string is Selectman Mike Shepard, who changed his party affiliation from Republican to unenrolled. He beat his Republican opponent for Selectman by around 2-1.

      Also on the float and visible in the video below is a poster with the name HOPE, an acronym for Hopkintonians Organized to Preserve and Enhance, changed to Hopkintonians Opposed to Practically Everything.  HOPE had been organized as a grass roots group to protect the interests of Weston Nurseries neighbors and the town in general, but became invisible during the campaign to purchase the land, bowing to what appeared to be singular interests.

      Mr. Weismantel is a recently elected member of the Planning Board and a member of the Republican Town Committee.  ~ Robert Falcione

Maspenock Armada

July 5, 2007 — The boats are starting to line up for the Boat Parade on Lake Maspenock yesterday, as viewed from Sandy Beach. There were no fireworks from the boats during the parade, but plenty throughout the neighborhood last night.


July 4, 2007 Hopkinton Videos

Enjoy a video above from the Maspenock Boat Parade, a fire in woods at Weston Nurseries, and the Horribles Parade.


"Horribles Parade" on Water

July 4, 2007 — Lake Maspenock Preservation Association had a sort of Horribles Parade of its own at 5:00 pm this afternoon, as a couple dozen boats, their owners, kids and pets took to the water for a very neighborly parade around the shoreline. It appears that Stu Glassman (center, umbrella hat) took the easy way out and put a motor on his dock, which happened to be filled with July 4 party goers.

Fire in Woods on Weston Property

July 4, 2007 — A person walking her dog through a path in the woods on the southern part of the western side of Clinton Street on Weston Nurseries property alerted a Front Street resident that there was a fire in the woods behind her house. The Fire Department had it put down in about an hour after encircling it. A vehicle with youths in it had been observed leaving the property while the smell of smoke filled the air, about 30 minutes earlier.

Take That

July 4, 2007 — The Horribles Parade started right around noonish as evident on the clock behind these three boys, from left, Spencer Dryden, Michael Torosian, and Mike Mellen. They are riding on top of a Fire Department vehicle, spraying parade watchers with water.


With a Little Help

July 4, 2007 — This man helps his wife into the reservoir overflow at Hopkinton State Park today, which became full and closed before noon today, and reopened at 3:00 pm. The man has been in the United States for thirteen years, and is a native of El Salvador. He said that although American companies may build south of the border, the factories pay about $5 per day for the same job the company pays $13 per hour for in the United states.

Boston's 4th of July Unified Command Center (UCC) Weather Statement as of 5:30 P.M.


The National Weather Service forecast for the Boston Metropolitan area is calling for light rain beginning between 5 p.m. and 6 p.m. this evening.   Current projections indicate steadier rain moving into the area around 8 p.m.  Fourth of July celebration events including the concert and fireworks will continue as previously scheduled.  Additional updates on the weather will be provided as needed.

All Together Now

July 4, 2007 — This turkey hen waited for her tenth poult to cross Clinton Street today before proceeding onto Weston Nurseries' property. It is unlikely she keeps track by counting, but hears the cries of the stragglers. A brush fire from on the property could be smelled, but its origin unclear until a hiker turned it in to a Front Street neighbor 30 minutes later. Video will follow.


Hayden Rowe St from Main St to Fenton St will be closed (weather pending) to through traffic from 7am to 3:30pm on Friday July 6th and Monday July 9th for milling and resurfacing of the roadway. Residents will be able to get through to their homes and businesses that are located along this section of Hayden Rowe St.

Please do not park along the sides of the road as it will interfere with the construction project.

Thank you for your cooperation during this project.

~ Mike Mansir, Highway Manager


Registration starts at 11:30.

Starts at the Common, then goes down Hayden Rowe , right  onto Grove, left onto Pleasant, right onto Main to the Common

Anyone can participate.  Many awards will be given immediately following the Parade at the Common.

Grand Marshals are: Beverly McIntyre, Agnes Penney, Claire Robbins

~Lily Holden (508)435-3326  call with any questions.


Where Am I?

July 3, 2007 — Police and fire personnel responded to a West Main Street restaurant where a man with an empty gas can was allegedly so disoriented that he asked where he was. The man was identified by police and transported to Milford Hospital by Hopkinton Ambulance.

Bygone era gone by

July 3, 2007 — The harvested hay at the town line between Hopkinton and Upton at the former Amato Farm is a scene that is becoming less and less frequent in New England.

Massachusetts Senate Passes Baby Safe Haven Extension


July 3, 2007 — The Massachusetts Senate yesterday approved a bill sponsored by Senator Karen Spilka (D-Ashland) that eliminates the sunset clause from the Baby Safe Haven law.  The original law, which was enacted on July 30, 2004, provides designated facilities in which a parent can voluntarily place a newborn up to seven days old. 

     “Under the Baby Safe Haven law, six babies have been safely surrendered to authorities, all to hospitals.  Four years prior to this bill being in effect, 13 newborns were found abandoned,” Spilka stated in support of the bill.  “It is vital to keep the doors open for parents who want or need to relinquish their children.  Ending this program in June of 2008 would put parents at risk of prosecution and newborns at risk of abandonment.”

     The bill passed on Monday also provides for a permanent reporting requirement.  Under the new legislation, the Department of Social Services will be required to report on the status of safe havens to the legislature every two years beginning on December 1, 2008. 

     “It is important to know how the program is working across the state and if improvements need to be made,” stated Spilka.

     The Safe Haven Act of Massachusetts (2004) allows a parent to legally surrender newborn infants 7 days old or younger at a hospital, police station, or manned fire station without facing criminal prosecution.  More information can be found at www.babysafehaven.com.


CH-47 Chinook x 4

July 3, 2007 — Above are three of four CH-47 Chinook helicopters flying over Lake Maspenock this morning. Residents who are responsible for all of the fireworks and other explosions around the lake that have been reported to the police surely don't want these birds to mistake their explosions for ground fire.

You are invited to attend our first Ice Cream Social at the Senior Center on Tuesday, July 10 at 2:00 p.m. What a wonderful time to socialize with others, perhaps meeting new friends, and to have a special treat.

Please contact the Senior Center to sign up.


Scholarship Recipient

Above, Mrs. Vaman Rao, Archana Vaman Rao, Mr. Vaman Rao, and Kathy Yankee.


The Junior Honor Girl, awarded to the junior HHS female with the highest GPA, recipient was Archana Vaman Rao.

Fatal Crash on Route 495 South in Bellingham

 "Speed a factor" ~ passenger not wearing a seat belt ejected and killed


July 3, 2007 — On Monday, July 2, 2007 at approximately 9:40 p.m., Troopers assigned to the State Police Millbury Barracks responded to a single vehicle crash on Route 495 South just prior to the Exit 18 off-ramp in the Town of Bellingham that resulted in one fatality.  


Preliminary investigation by Trooper Brian Tully indicates that a 16 year-old juvenile male was operating a 2000 Ford Focus on Route 495 South in Bellingham when he lost control of the vehicle, exited the roadway and struck an embankment before coming to rest in the right travel lane.  A 16 year-old juvenile male front seat passenger who was not wearing his safety belt was ejected during the crash and pronounced deceased at the scene.  The operator, a 16 year-old male rear seat passenger and two 16 year-old female rear seat passengers were all wearing their safety belts and were transported by ambulance to Milford Hospital with minor injuries. 


Although the crash remains under investigation with the assistance of the State Police Collision Analysis and Reconstruction Section, it appears that speed was a factor.  The State Police Crime Scene Services Section, the Bellingham Fire Department, the Bellingham Police Department and MassHighways assisted troopers at the scene.


Real Estate Transactions for Hopkinton, Massachusetts

Most recent first ~ Up to date

Compiled by Eric Montville for HopNews.com

Address Buyer Price Date Seller
3 Connelly Hill Road Weikai Christopher Fang & Vivian U. Fang $1,040,000 Jun.  29, 2007 Richard W. Anderson & Katherine F. Anderson
15 Oak Street Bradley M. Van Buren & Anastasia Van $920,000 Jun.  29, 2007  BurenSpringwood West, LLC
21 Hidden Brick Road Richard S. Vidol & Jeanne Vidol $810,000 Jun.  29, 2007 Spero N. Dodos & Elaine C. Dodos
6 Peter Procaro Drive Craig Watchmaker & Heath L. Watchmaker $800,000 Jun.  29, 2007 James F. Sachs & Marilyn B. Sachs
24 Alexander Road Kenneth T. Linde & Erin E. Linde $500,000 Jun.  29, 2007 Barry M Stahl
45 Elm Street Philip S. McRobert & Donna J. McRobert $374,000 Jun.  29, 2007 Thomas McIntyre & Kathleen M. McIntyre
10 Tammer Lane Yigong Gao & Zhi Lilly Wu $800,000 Jun.  28, 2007 Robert M. Moran & Lorene E. Moran
4 Thayer Heights Road Michael Kelley & Jessica A. Kelley $396,500 Jun.  28, 2007 Brian D. Hagberg & Christine G. Hagberg
43 Wood Street Peter K. Tetteh $375,500 Jun.  28, 2007 William D. Cunningham
3 Bowker Road John C. Roche & Marigrace M. Roche $1,065,000 Jun.  27, 2007 Gregory W. Therkalsen & Jamie A. Therkalsen
14 Highcroft Way Andrew M. Siber $365,000 Jun.  27, 2007 Thomas J. Blicharz & Deborah R. Blicharz
12 Carriage Hill Road Eric P. Karjel & Christine L. Karjel $735,000 Jun.  26, 2007 Primacy Closing Corporation
12 Carriage Hill Road Primacy Closing Corporation $735,000 Jun.  26, 2007 Titus M. F. M. Plattel & Michelle A. H. Derond-Plattel
24 Kimball Road John S. Bicknell, III & Helen M. Bicknell $687,500 Jun.  26, 2007 Brian W. Smith & Alison E. Smith
Previous update:        
3 Hidden Brick Road Cariann G. Harsh $740,000 Jun.  25, 2007 Marie B. Lacy
13 Hearthstone Road Christopher Michaud & Jill E. Delasco $830,000 Jun.  22, 2007 Brian J. Herr & Mary F. Murphy
25 Alexander Road Michael Parduhn & Margaret Parduhn $557,500 Jun.  22, 2007 Jonathan B. Lampert Alison A. Lampert
11 Hearthstone Road Patricia Mangiacotti $747,000 Jun.  25, 2007 Massachusetts Residential Nominee Service, LLC
30 Sanctuary Lane Carol A. Kendrick $388,678 Jun.  22, 2007 Weston Development, Inc.
100 Spring Street Steven F. Coito & Lisa A Bowker $350,000 Jun.  22, 2007 Barbara R. Geishecker
11 Mayhew Street Robert A. Henley & Jennifer R. Henley $325,000 Jun.  22, 2007 Bruce L. Whyte & Agnes C. Whyte
22 Cole Drive, Unit 25 Lois Hauske $565,500 Jun.  21, 2007 William A Depietri
207 Wood Street Jamie Boynton $220,000 Jun.  20, 2007 Charles W. Ward
1G Rear Ash Street Meaghan T. Mayo $133,259.30 Jun.  20, 2007 Keith Gabler Lynn A Gabler
22 Pinecrest Village Aaron Lawyer & Robyn Schiller $225,000 Jun.  19, 2007 Dorothy Louise Hutchins

See Full List back to February 1,  2007

Richard Ellis Johnson, 72, of Hopkinton, died Tuesday, June 26, 2007 at Kindred Care in Natick. He was the son of the late Ernest H. and Margaret L. (Roberts) Johnson.
     A Hopkinton resident for many years, he earned a Master's Degree in Special Education and taught in Maynard. He had followed his mother's career path, who was schoolteacher in Hopkinton for many years. In his younger years, He enjoyed reading and traveling. He also enjoyed his flower garden. Arrangements Complete.


July 2, 2007 — View a few clips from today's Babe Ruth Championship, above.

Babe Ruth Wraps it Up For Season

Above, Alec Strain displays his technique today during his team's win in the Babe Ruth Championship game.

Winning Team: Texas Orange (Coach Priete) vs Maroon (Coach Cowart) - Score 18 to 7. Contributed Photo.

POLICE NEWS UP-TO-DATE Today, July 2, 2007




11:18 am Chestnut Street resident called to report two men attempting to steal a telephone pole...

6:10 pm Caller reported a bald man with a green t-shirt and shorts trying to hitch a ride to 495 North...


11:32 am The Sandy Island gate guard reported non-permitted boats on the water...


9:48 pm Eastview Road resident reported an animal in her bathroom...

EMC Launches New Velocity² Partner Program for Europe, Middle East & Africa to Help Deliver Information Infrastructure Solutions more Cost-Effectively


Partners embrace Velocity2 Partner Program enhancements as first five EMC Velocity2 Signature Solution Centers announced across EMEA


Monday, July 2, 2007 — EMC Corporation, the world leader in information infrastructure, today announced the launch of its enhanced EMC Velocity² Partner Program for Europe, Middle East and Africa (EMEA) to help EMC partners more cost-effectively deliver information infrastructure solutions (hardware, software and services) to customers and drive higher profitability.  The Velocity2 Program enhancements strengthen EMC’s commitment to the partner community at every level – making it easier for more Affiliate partners to offer EMC's full range of products and providing the tools to Premier and Signature Solution partners to help them better differentiate their value to customers.

     EMC today also announced that five EMC Velocity2 Signature Solution Center Partners (SCPs) across EMEA including,  ARES in France, Computacenter in the UK, IPM in Spain, PROACT in Sweden and S&T in Solvenia, have endorsed  the newly enhanced Velocity2 Partner Program by becoming partners in the highest tier of the program. Partners will have the opportunity to become SCPs by meeting a set of criteria which include their expertise in offering and supporting EMC-based solutions, their commitment to invest in and operate a Solution Center and their Sales- and pre-Sales technical skills for EMC-Hardware, - software and-services.” Each Velocity2 Signature Solution Center Partner has a dedicated EMC Solution Center in their region to showcase EMC solutions for consolidation, backup, archiving and protection and is a member of the EMC Authorized Services Network (ASN). ASN certification allows Velocity2 Signature Solution Center Partners to deliver a range of information infrastructure services, including consulting, integration, and support to own the entire customer relationship lifecycle from support to implementation to management of their EMC solution.

State Police Web Nets 28 for OUI

5 checkpoints also result in 222 citations


     July 2, 2007 — The Massachusetts State Police in conjunction with local police conducted five sobriety checkpoints funded by the Executive Office of Public Safety over the June 26-30, 2007 weekend.  Sobriety checkpoints were set up across the Commonwealth in Mashpee, Revere, and Hadley.  The State Police BAT (Breath Alcohol Testing) Mobile assisted at the sobriety checkpoints located in Attleboro and Leominster. 

     Seventy-one officers participated in the weekend campaign that resulted in 28 arrests for OUI Liquor alone with over 222 citations issued, including 119 for seatbelt and speeding violations.

     Through education and enforcement the Massachusetts State Police continue to strive for voluntary compliance with the rules of the road and motor vehicle law.  Alcohol and drug use continues to be a contributing factor in motor vehicle crashes and fatalities.  The State Police are committed to minimizing the number of motor vehicle injury crashes and fatalities on the roads of the Commonwealth.

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