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Arrived in Hopkinton Today


Above, Tracy Timlin Schach walking to the Hopkinton Common with her son Robert today.


June 6, 2007 —Tracy Timlin Schach, sister of Red Sox Pitcher Mike Timlin, began walking on March 1, 2007 from Austin, Texas, and completed her walk today at the Hopkinton Common

                 Tracy decided to do this walk to raise money toward a cure and raise public awareness about Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS), better known as Lou Gehrig’s disease.  Tracy is arriving just in time for the 4th Annual Sharon Timlin Memorial 5K Race/Walk and Family Fun Day to Cure ALS to be held on Saturday, June 16, 2007 at 9am at Hopkinton High School.   The event was established in 2004 in memory of Mike and Tracy’s mother, Sharon Timlin, who passed away in 2002, at the age of 61, after a 2-year courageous battle with ALS.  The race is sponsored by the Hopkinton Running Club.  All proceeds benefit the Angel Fund, a totally volunteer, non-profit organization dedicated to supporting ALS research.  More information may be found at www.sharontimlinrace.org .

Liisa Jackson Urges Purchase of Weston Nurseries


Dear Editor:

     I want to ask all Hopkinton residents to make it a point to come out to Special Town meeting on Monday June 11th at 7pm at the Middle School, and then a week later to the Ballot on June 18th to vote to have the Town of Hopkinton exercise its 61a rights.

     It was so disappointing to lose the Trust for Public Land + Taurus option for the town to vote on. Now the only way to preserve Hopkinton as we know it is to buy the Weston Nurseries property outright. This will cost the average taxpayer $41.00 a month. FULL LETTER. 

All new at the Hopkinton Library!



Our new circulation desk has arrived – funded by the Friends of the Library.

We can’t thank the Friends of the Library enough for their generous donation. The new, state-of-the art circulation desk blends perfectly with the historical gentility of your library and promises years of fine service to the residents of Hopkinton! Thank you again Friends! ~ Director Rownak Hussein

Fifteenth annual Against The Tide

Hopkinton State Park

June 23, 2007



The Fifteenth Annual Against The Tide one-mile swim, two-mile kayak and three-mile fitness walk to benefit the Massachusetts Breast Cancer Coalition. Event will be held at Hopkinton State Park in Hopkinton, MA on June 23, 2007.


This fun and inspirational day brings together swimmers, kayakers and walkers of all ages and abilities to join efforts with MBCC in eradicating the breast cancer epidemic. Each participant raises a minimum of $150 in contributions to benefit MBCC and may chose to participate in one, two or all three of the events. Visit www.mbcc.org/swim  to register or call 1-800-649-MBCC.


File photo, Jacqueline Elwell, two-time winner.

Hillers bow to Oliver Ames 2-0


Adam Merzell pitched probably his greatest game but it wasn't enough as the Hillers were eliminated by Oliver Ames High-School 2-0 in a South Sectional playoff game played yesterday in Easton.

Merzell coming off arm surgery limited the Tigers to just 3 hits and did not walk a batter. The Hillers and Tigers battled to 0-0 for 6 innings until the tigers punched in 2 runs to take the lead.

The Hillers rallied in the last inning as Doyle and Collins started it off with singles, but the Tigers got the next 3 batters swinging. It was a great year for Coaches Stickney and Golden and the Hiller team.

 Merzell will be pitching for the Emory University nine next year. Congratulations to the Hiller Baseball program and thanks for the memories! ~ Peter Marso

Selectmen to Offer Acting Town Manager

Position to Fire, Police Chiefs

Fire Department promotes two from within

Mass Pike to pay to bring water from Westborough to two homes

Above, Fire Lt. Ken Clark gets officially promoted to Deputy Fire Chief at the Selectmen's meeting as his wife pins his new badge on and Chief Daugherty looks on. Photo below, former Lt. George Gross pins a Lieutenant badge on his son Patrick, as Patrick's daughter holds on and turns back to look at her family.

by Robert Falcione

June 6, 2007 — The Selectmen last evening discussed options available for appointing an Acting Town Manager in view of the continued hospitalization of Town Manager Anthony Troiano since his May 15 head-on collision. Town workers have donated 1,000 hours of their sick time to his benefit. 

       Two major considerations, the added expense of hiring someone from the outside temporarily, and Mr. Troiano's unknown prognosis, weighed heavily on the decision of the Selectmen to ask Chief of Police Thomas Irvin and Fire Chief Gary Daugherty if either of them would be able to help out as Acting Town Manager for up to a four-month term. The situation will be assessed after the first three months to see the sort of prognosis that may become known for Mr. Troiano.

       Fire Chief Daugherty expressed an eagerness for the position on an interim basis in a HopNews interview on Monday. Police Chief Irvin also said he would help out if asked by Selectmen. However, the Police Department could be expected to be consumed in matters surrounding the upcoming trial later this year of Neil Entwistle, who sits in jail above the Cambridge Courthouse, accused of killing his wife and baby during their short seven-day residence in Hopkinton.

      The Selectmen had considered  five options that were presented by Selectman Mike Shepard, who called the first option the "do nothing" option, and jokingly asked the press to treat that term carefully. The "do nothing" option actually referred to making no changes to the status quo, during which time the individual Selectmen have picked up the slack and carried an extra workload.

      The other options included spending money or making longer term decisions, neither of which appealed to Selectmen this evening.

      Chair Muriel Kramer volunteered to speak with the chiefs.

     "I have actually had conversations with both individuals," said Mrs. Kramer.

     "Both of them have offered to step up in a number of ways.

     "We'll plan to have a firm plan in place by the 12th [of June]," she said.


Mass Pike Promise

      Wood Street residents Mark Crosby and Peter Pandolfino, who own adjacent homes across from the E.L. Harvey facility, have been notified by the Mass Turnpike Authority, according to Public Health Administrator Tom Ryder, that the authority will pay for a water main to be laid from Westborough to their homes to supply them with that town's water. Mr. Ryder estimated the cost to be between $60-$70,000.

       Problems with appliances have plagued both families, coming to the public's attention during the various hearings to expand the E. L. Harvey facility. Scientific tests done at the time proved that the type of sodium polluting their drinking wells was not coming from the facility across the street, but was the type used in road salt, the type of road salt used by the Mass Pike.

       Mr. Crosby was outside his home this afternoon working to repair a toilet tank when  the HopNews reporter arrived. He said he had the contract inside, but in return for the water service, he said he would have to absolve the Mass Pike of any claims.

       "My last coffee maker lasted a month," he said.

       The Selectmen, who need to sign off on the matter, agreed to discuss it at their next meeting.


Jaclyn and Abbey Perreault — and Dreamcatchers


ESL Theater, 30 Main Street

Friday June 8th 8:00 p.m.

Tickets $10 Adults $5 Students and Seniors


Jaclyn and Abbey Perreault have performed music as soloists and as a duo at  The Emerson Umbrella Theater and The Continental Café  (open mics), the 2006 New England Folk Festival, piano recitals conducted by instructor Haim Pickholz and  in past Enter Stage Left musical  productions.  They both play piano, guitar and a  little djembe percussion and perform covers as well as their own original songs.




Michael Dwyer is a singer/songwriter, who also plays the piano and guitar. Chris Mrochkovski is the lead guitarist who sometimes takes over on piano, and is a backup vocalist with some original songs as well, and James Regan is the drummer. They play mainly original music, that is said to be very soothing, and can be categorized as British rock/pop. They mix classical music style into contemporary music. This will be their last performance before Michael moves back to England where he grew up.  It is sure to be a great show!  To reserve tickets call 508 435-2114 or email esltheater@comcast.net 

French and Spanish Exchange Students Coming to New England for Summer Stay


 Photo: Eighteen year-old Pedro Vianna from Brazil spent the last year in Durham, North Carolina. 


High school students from France will discover New England and the US during a one-month stay in July.  Families in Massachusetts are invited to apply to host these students during their visit to America.  The exchange experience is organized by Terra Lingua USA, a non-profit State-Department approved organization which provides inbound and outbound homestay experiences for high school students throughout the United States. 


Students will arrive in early July and will stay with American host families for the month.  They will join their host family in activities, excursions, and family gatherings, for the purpose of mastering their English skills as well as learning about American life and culture.  Each student must have at least three years of English language training to qualify for the program.  Students come with their own spending money and a willingness to immerse themselves in their host family’s life. Learn more at Terra Lingua USA

Women only!

Women's Art Forum Thursday, June 7, 2007 at 7:00 pm


     On Thursday, June 7th, The Women's Art Forum will be hosting an evening of workshop of drumming and dancing fun at the Cultural Arts Center in Hopkinton. The workshops will be given by two performing artists and beloved residents of the Metrowest area. West African djembe drummer, Pam Pendleton, (Holliston resident and Hopkins School teacher), will give a drumming performance/presentation and also give a little workshop experience on beginner drumming. She has quite a few djembes, so be prepared to give it a try!  Gypsy Philips had to cancel so our own forum member, Hibiscus Rose (a former student of Gypsy Rose's and who also lived and danced in Zimbabwe) will give us a wonderful presentation on dance ( bellydancing and  African).

       All women of Hopkinton and beyond are welcome to come out and join and help us celebrate another wonderful season of sharing the arts at the Women's Art Forum! ~ Cheryl.

Up-to-date Real Estate Transactions for Hopkinton, Massachusetts ~ June 5, 2007

Most recent first - June 5, 2007 ~ Compiled by Eric Montville for HopNews.com

Address Buyer Price Date Seller
11 Eastview Road Edwin C. Brown & Erica A. Brown $330,000 Jun.  01, 2007 Helen J. Luchini
7 Nicholas Road Daniel P. Barry & Laura H. Barry $522,000 Jun.  01, 2007 Harold R. Stouffer & Patricia M. Stouffer
8 Sylvan Way John Scaramuzzo, Jr. & Yolanda Scaramuzzo $1,720,000 Jun.  01, 2007 Edward Murphy & Jeanette Murphy
4 Beach Road Jonathan R. Bray & Jennifer S. Griffin $273,500 May  31, 2007 Michael Markowski $ Alycia Markowski
238 West Main Street Gregory F. Stanzione & $285,000 May  31, 2007 Jonathan Fiske & Jennifer M. Fiske
109 East Main Street Michael P. Franchock & Christina M. Read $455,000 May  31, 2007 Yun Ching Chen & Hsiu Hua Chen
135 Fruit Street Scot T. Bateman & Ann E. Salerno $585,000 May  31, 2007 Lee W. Bailey
15 Nicholas Road Ann McDonough $601,000 May  31, 2007 John A. Hasler & Martha Sacoto Hasler
27 Huckleberry Road Tim Burke & Diane Burck $665,000 May  31, 2007 Massachusetts Residential Nominee Service
7 Whirty Circle Ronal L. Lancaster & Lynn M. Lancaster $785,000 May  31, 2007 Jon A. Berke
50 Greenwood Road Lee W. Bailey $860,000 May  31, 2007 Stephen C. Shutte & Melinda J. Marchand
65 Front Street Stephen C. Schutte & Melinda J. Marchand $1,110,000 May  31, 2007 Brian Farm, LLC
Previous update:        
6 Greenwood Road Bhanu Sareddy, Bhanuprakash Sareddy & Sravanthi Gangula $921,000 May  21, 2007 Michael Dean Brown & Cathy Brown
15 Highcroft Way Elizabeth Benack $363,800 May  18, 2007 Giancarlo O. Tanzi
7 Fenton Street Roderick M. Klinger $467,900 May  18, 2007 Stephen Leighton & Elizabeth F. Leighton
8 Huckleberry Road Brent Skinner $615,000 May  17, 2007 Richard J. Dinka & Cora G. Dinka

See Full List back to February 1,  2007


to arrive at Hopkinton Common at 4:00 pm Wednesday

Born Free

June 5, 2007 — Three year-old Ian Grady makes the best of his childhood on top of the Hopkinton Reservoir Dam today as his mother and grandfather encouraged him to run faster.

Fertile skies

June 5, 2007 — The skies over Hopkinton are a perfect vantage point not for only hunting, but for surfing the thermals caused by air rising and falling near the waters and the hills of the town.

An ear to the ground

June 5, 2007 — This robin at Hopkinton State Park is not only keeping an ear to the ground to listen for food, but also an eye to the sky, so it doesn't become food, as a hawk circles overhead (Photo above).

"Art & The Garden:  A Garden & Studio Tour of Hopkinton"


Hopkinton Garden Club and the Cultural Arts Alliance present "Art & The Garden:  A Garden & Studio Tour of Hopkinton" this Saturday, June 9 from 10am to 4pm.  Tickets are available at the CAA all week at 98 Hayden Rowe.  Beginning at 9am Saturday morning, you can also purchase "day of" tickets.  Tickets are $20 in advance; $25 day of; $15 seniors.  There are six private gardens, the CAA garden installed by the Hopkinton Garden Club and four art studios.  Music, artists, poetry readings in all gardens throughout the day.  At One Leonard Street, the home of Betty and Sterling Wyckoff, you can listen to the Hopkinton Chamber Orchestra from 11am to 1pm; listen to the Richardson's (the latest "von Trapp" style singers) from 1pm to 2pm; and other classical musicians during the afternoon.  Come and enjoy an art and garden extravaganza.  Call the CAA at 435-9222 to reserve or purchase your ticket today. Tickets are also on sale at Weston Nurseries and Olde Thyme Cupboard. 

Boulder Capital Gets Six Thumbs-Up


LUSC Votes against recommending town purchase of Weston Nurseries land

"...the only developer who can make this happen is Roy MacDowell." ~ Fin Perry, /Chair Lusc


June 5, 2007 — Land Use Study Committee members voted against recommending to the Selectmen that the town exercise its Chapter 61a rights and purchase 700+ acres owned by Weston Nurseries, and members of the Mezitt family, in a 4-6 vote on a positive motion by Vice-Chair John Coolidge. Member Muriel Kramer abstained from voting after speaking with her fellow Selectmen who all agreed that because the matter would come before them, she would not vote until then.

      The meeting started off with Chairman Finley Perry apologizing for having to leave at 6:30 pm to catch a 7:30 flight. Mr. Perry is on the Board of Directors of the National Association of Home Builders, which is having a meeting in Washington D.C. starting today.

       He said that his committee "...would echo the will of the community — it will not vote unanimously." The committee would vote and end the meeting by his targeted time.

       Appropriations Committee Chairman Stuart Cowart spoke of the recent history of the Taurus/TPL withdrawal and pointed out that only two choices were left for Special Town Meeting voters on June 11; to purchase or not to purchase. The consequence of not purchasing the land would be that Boulder Capital and Weston Nurseries will execute their Purchase and Sale agreement, a possibility that committee members are not only aware of, but understand fully that their vote against purchase is an inferred vote for Boulder Capital. In fact, some members voting in the negative, wholeheartedly endorsed Boulder Capital.

       Mr. Perry said, "We've created an environment so that the only developer who can make this happen is Roy MacDowell [President, Boulder Capital].

     "The 'buy' option needs a community that trusts itself," he said. "I don't think Hopkinton is there," he said. Most observers would agree that the town has undergone intense political wrangling over the purchase of the Fruit Street property and the Lake Whitehall property.

        Mr. Cowart explained the cost of the town's purchase of the land to be about $500 per average home the first year, declining to just above $400 in the last year.

        Mr. Cowart said that the development proposed by Boulder Capital could add 1,500 new residents into 208 acres, with 500 undeveloped acres. However, he was unsure what undeveloped meant.

       The committee members voting against the town exercising its right to purchase were ironically some of the only members praising Taurus/TPL, the entity that backed out of making a formal proposal to the town after a lackluster presentation at an omnibus meeting of all boards, and a vote of no confidence from board after board. The consensus, and even spoken by Mr. MacDowell, is that the competitive process between Boulder and TPL has scaled his project down to something more acceptable to the town.

       But not everyone was happy. Mr. Perry reluctantly opened up to questions from the audience, after saying that he believed everyone in the audience had spoken at other meetings. Nearly all of the regular LUSC meetings have been held for the past two years at 7:30 am.

        "We've heard from virtually everyone," said member Eric Sonnett.

        "Except me," said Jane Moran (Photo above), who introduced herself as a resident of East Main Street and a police officer. Mrs. Moran, a Sgt. in Southborough, is one of a family of police officers. "I am disappointed you didn't let us speak before."

        Mrs. Moran expressed concern for the quality of life, and the traffic. "It takes me five minutes to get out of my driveway.

        "I would like to see a traffic study," she said.

        Mr. Perry interrupted her after perhaps less than a minute and said her time was up.

        Chris Barry (Photo) of Clinton Street said, "I'm asking people to see what legacy we are leaving for the future. Nightmare of traffic, pollution..."

        Another audience member expressed worry about overrides. Yet another wanted to be heard.

        "I'm sorry, Mr. Small, I've heard from you already," said Mr. Perry, although Mr. Small had not spoken.

        "You can't just shut people down," Mr. Small said. "When will the traffic situation be answered?" he asked.

         "Not before Town Meeting, because there is no plan before it," Mr. Perry said.

          However, the Maguire group, under contract for the town, counted  on Tuesday, May 11, 2004 24,635 vehicles in a 24 hour period going both east and westbound, through the Main Street intersection.

      Town Planner Elaine Lazarus has estimated that the project will add another 18,000 +/- trips per day with the uses proposed.

POLICE NEWS UP-TO-DATE today, June 4, 2007


12:11 am A caller from East Main Street reported that a vehicle had rolled over in front of his house...


11:41 am A caller reported that heavy equipment was moving bark mulch on Lumber Street...


11:36 am A caller reported that his wife was just in a minor motor vehicle accident on Stagecoach Way.  He stated that the person that hit her was refusing to exchange information...  


11:22 am A caller reported that they saw a couple of kids with an orange spray can near the High School...


9:19 am A caller from Wood Street reported that students on a bus were throwing fruit at his and another vehicle...

New England Eagles FC U12 Girls Soccer Team Ranked 1st in the State

For the New England Eagles FC U12 Girls Team, spring 2007 has been a season to remember! After finishing a stellar Massachusetts Premier League (MAPLE) in the first division with a perfect 7-0-0 record and not giving up a single goal all season, the Eagles traveled to Connecticut on Memorial Day weekend to play in the Oakwood Premier Invitational Tournament, which included 16 premier teams from New York, Connecticut, Rhode Island, Massachusetts, and New Hampshire. Five games later the Eagles clinched the Invitational Championship with a 1-0 win over Northeast United CT.
The team comprises players from nine metrowest towns, including Hopkinton residents Bridget McCarthy (second row, first on left) and Leah Holmes (third row, third from right). The girls achieved their high level of success through the outstanding coaching of Brian Mazar, New England Eagles FC coach and head coach of the Holliston High School boy’s varsity soccer team, and Chris Hamblin, women's head assistant coach at Boston College.

According to Nation Soccer Rankings.com, the most widely recognized youth soccer ranking organization in United States, the U-12 Eagles have entered the national rankings at 25, after previously being unranked nationally, have jumped from 27 to 8 in Region 1, (which covers 13 states on the East Coast from Maine to Virginia), and have moved up from 3 to 1 in Massachusetts.

Options for Interim Town Manager Considered


by Robert Falcione

June 4, 2007 — As Hopkinton Town Manager Anthony Troiano continues to recuperate from life-threatening injuries from an automobile accident on May 15, 2007 that took the life of the other driver, Lilija Berents, Selectmen need to consider the option of hiring an interim Town Manager in the event that his recovery period becomes extended.

       "We haven't had a meeting to discuss specific options," said Muriel Kramer, Chair of the Board of Selectmen (File photo),  today at Town Hall, where she has been a frequent fixture since Mr. Troiano's hospitalization.. "We met to talk about what other towns are doing and where the money's coming from,"

       In a telephone interview today, Selectman Brian Herr also brought up the money saying, "One of the questions is the financing one. There is not a line item in the budget for this."

       "A lot of towns go to a department that has a second in command, and we have two great departments that have second-in-commands," said Mrs. Kramer, referring to the Fire and Police departments.

       Sgt. Richard Flannery was recently promoted to Police Lieutenant, and Fire Lt. Ken Clark will be formally promoted to Deputy Chief at the Selectmen's meeting tomorrow evening.

        Chief of Police, Thomas Irvin, when asked if he would be available to become the interim Town Manager, said, "I wouldn't feel comfortable answering a question that should be coming from the Selectmen." However, he did say, "I would be glad to help the town function in any way possible. I would be happy to discuss with the Board of Selectmen toward helping in any way."

        Fire Chief Gary Daugherty (File photo) was more specific when asked if he would accept the task of interim Town Manager if he were offered.

       "I would be happy to do it on an interim basis," he said, noting that he holds a Master's Degree in Public Administration. Chief Daugherty added that he would not want the job full-time, as opposed to interim, "right now."   Chief Daugherty also gave good grades to his new Deputy Chief, Ken Clark.        

       "Ken's been the number two for years," Chief Daugherty said. "He's been the Operations Officer for 7 or 8 years. He's been in charge of the department when I have to go to New Jersey, or when I go on vacation.

       "There's been no formal discussions with the Board," he said.   


 Middlesex and Worcester Counties

            Colonel Mark F. Delaney, Superintendent of the Massachusetts State Police, announced that a “Sobriety Checkpoint” will be implemented by the Massachusetts State Police on a Secondary State Highway.  The purpose is to further educate the motoring public and strengthen the public’s awareness to the need of detecting and removing those motorists who operate under the influence of alcohol and/or drugs from our roadways.  It will be operated during varied hours, the selection of vehicles will not be arbitrary, safety will be assured, and any inconveniences to motorists will be minimized with advance notice to reduce fear and anxiety.

             A checkpoint will be held somewhere in Worcester County and somewhere in Middlesex County on Saturday June 9, 2007, into Sunday June 10, 2007.

Hopkinton Area Land Trust Endorses Town Purchase of Weston Nurseries Land


Soon the voters of Hopkinton will be faced with the most critical decision in the history of the town – what to do with the Weston Nurseries property. The Hopkinton Area Land Trust (HALT) has been helping preserve open space and protecting natural resources for the past twelve years. We encourage everyone to support and vote for having the town exercise its rights under Chapter 61A to acquire some or all of the Weston Nurseries land. This provides the town the most flexibility and allows us to control our own destiny.

Boulder Capital’s plan calls for 940 residential units and 450,000 square feet of commercial space. Of the residential units, 95% are to be townhouses, apartments and multi-family condominiums. Apartments and townhouses simply pack a greater number of people into a smaller amount of space, magnifying water and traffic problems, as well as placing excessive demands on town services. FULL LETTER

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Firearms Training

Hopkinton Sportmen's Association

June 23, 24

What a great opportunity to have one on one training with NRA certified professionals. Through this program you will learn gun safety, good citizenship, shooting techniques, the mechanics of firearms, and the various shooting sports. This program will give you the first opportunity to hone your marksmanship skills.

If you always wanted to learn in a safe environment or have questions you were afraid to ask, now is your chance. Shooting equipment and eye and ear protection will be provided. Please do not bring your own firearm. 2004 File photo of Brandt C. Davies..

Hopkinton Sportsmen's Association has the finest instructors in Youth and Adult Competition in the area. Join us as we explore firearms and the exciting sport of target shooting with rifles, pistols, black powder; and shotguns for skeet shooting.

Lunch will be provided the first day. Snacks and additional drinks will be sold in the clubhouse. Send in your application today.
Questions about this program should be directed to Michelle Gates 508-868-1062. ~ Michelle

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Hillers upset Dighton-Rehoboth 1-0 in a fantastic pitching performance.

Stickney nine plays winner of Milton-Oliver Ames game!


June 3, 2007 — It was a gem of a great pitching performance by two very good college potential prospects. Fortunately it was Lefty Hopkinton's lefty Bryant Guilmette who came out the victor. The game was tense from the start as the Hillers held on to a 1-0 lead through seven innings as they now advance to the sectional quarter finals next week.

     The game had its drama as the Hillers through a player out at the plate which could have tied the score. A great throw from Paul Ostrander to the plate erased the potential tying run. The game came with an exciting double play in the last inning as Mark Sanborn with a Dighton runner on first dropped a slow liner to first base stepped on the bag and then tagged out the runner on first to pull off an unassisted double play. This put the nail in the coffin of the 2nd seed boys from Dighton. The Hillers will now regroup and start thinking of its next challenge. Pairings will be out in the morning. It was an exciting great victory for the Hillers.- Peter Marso 


Snippets from Hopkinton on June 2, 2007 

Library Director, Yard Sales, Varsity Baseball, all above.

Walking on Water

June 3, 2007 — This common water-strider was seen crossing a still part of the Sudbury River, which in some places is the border between Hopkinton and Southborough. Hair on its legs not only helps it float on the surface tension of the water, but helps it detect the ripples made when another insect falls in the water. Half of the legs in the photo are actually reflections. Photo courtesy SouthboroughNews.com.

Stickney Nine wins opening round of state playoffs

Doyle wins big as Guilmette saves in closing roll. Preite and Sanborn homers.

June 3, 2007 — The Hopkinton High-School Baseball team knocked off Bishop Feehan Saturday 7-5 in the preliminary round of the south sectional playoffs in a game played in Hopkinton yesterday.

     The Hillers started B Doyle who pitched very well until tiring in the sixth inning. The Hillers lefty Bryant Guilmette closed the door on the stubborn boys from Attleboro. Mike Preite and Mark Sanborn hit tremendous Home runs to put the hometowners up 6-1.

     The Feehans came back with two home runs in the 6th inning and then Guilmette saved the game by closing the door. The Hillers will take to the road Sunday when they take on number 2 seed Dighton -Rehoboth regional in Dighton . Game will be played at 2:00 . Good luck guys!!! ~ Peter Marso

The Yard Sale Goes On

June 3, 2007 — From left, Kathy Yankee, Michaelyn Holmes and Melanie Smith chat yesterday at the Historical Society's yard sale at 28 Hayden Rowe Street that continues today.

Great Stuff Cheap

June 3, 2007 — The Hopkinton Public Library had their spring book sale yesterday, offering books at nearly giveaway prices.

Low Fat Treats

June 3, 2007 — These girls are apparently enjoying low-fat treats as they take a break to pose while working at 4 Hayden Rowe Street yesterday at a yard sale to benefit Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation.

Deer Causes Double-Fatal Accident on Mass Turnpike in Southborough

Two not wearing seatbelts ejected and killed



June 2, 2007 — Today, at approximately 9:10 a.m., State Police assigned to the Massachusetts Turnpike, Weston barracks responded to a one vehicle rollover crash on the Turnpike (Rte 90).in Southborough that resulted in two fatalities.


Preliminary investigation by Trooper Darren Dejong indicates that a Ford Expedition carrying six people was traveling westbound on the Turnpike when the driver swerved to the left to avoid hitting a deer that had entered the roadway. The vehicle struck the center median, cut back to the right and rolled over in the roadway. The two passengers seated in the rear seat (3rd row), were not wearing their safety belts, and were ejected during the rollover. The driver was wearing a safety belt and was treated for minor injuries. The front passenger was wearing his safety belt and received no injuries. The two passengers seated in the middle row of seats were not wearing safety belts and received minor injuries.


All of the victims are from out-of-state. They had been in Boston on Friday evening to attend the Red Sox vs. Yankees baseball game.


The two ejected passengers from the Third Row of seats are identified as:


1)      Mario ZEOLLA, 33 years of age of East Greenbush New York, was Life Flighted to the UMass Medical Center in Worcester where he later died from his injuries.

2)      Noah SORENSON, 32 years of age of Rexford, New York was transported by ambulance to the Marlboro Hospital where he later died from his injuries.


The other passengers are identified as:


3)      Brendan O’HARA, 33 years of age, of Cary, North Carolina (Operator)

4)      Joseph HARRIGAN, 34 years of age, of Albany New York (Front Passenger)

5)      Larry FREDERICK, 32 years of age, of  Niskanna, New York (Second Row)

6)      Jason SOUTHWORTH, 33 years of age, of Durham North Carolina (Second Row)


The crash remains under investigation by Trooper Dejong with the assistance of the State Police Collision Analysis and Reconstruction Section (C.A.R.S.) and the Crime Scene Services Section. It does not appear that either speed or alcohol was a factor in the crash.


The Southborough Fire Department and the Mass Turnpike Maintenance workers assisted the Troopers at the scene.


Photos courtesy www.SouthboroughNews.com

The Fab Four

June 2, 2007 — Class officers, President Patrick Olsen, Vice President Jillian Elwell, Secretary Megan Ryan, and Treasurer Brian Doyle pose at the start of last night's 2007 graduation ceremonies.

Time Has Come Today

June 2, 2007 — John Buday reads his piece, The Time Poem at the all student poetry reading during Wake Up and Smell the Poetry event this morning.

Excerpts from the past week 

June 2, 2007 — Clips from this last week. A boat crash on West Main Street, a twenty-one gun salute with taps, and a new trail opens in Hopkinton. Scroll down for graduation.

AWARENESS WALK Enters Massachusetts

(Wakefield, MA)- Tracy (Timlin) Schach will enter the last stretch of her 2,000-mile walk from Austin, Texas to Boston, Massachusetts when she arrives in Hopkinton, Massachusetts on Wednesday, June 6th. Tracy is scheduled to arrive at 4 p.m. where she will be greeted by members of The Angel Fund family and coordinators of the Annual Sharon Timlin Memorial 5K Race to Cure ALS at the Hopkinton Common.
     Tracy, the daughter of the late Sharon Timlin and sister of Red Sox pitcher Mike Timlin, started her 2,000-mile walk to benefit The Angel Fund and its ALS (Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis) research, on March 1st. Tracy’s Austin to Boston ALS Awareness Walk will officially end in Boston when she walks to Fenway Park on June 15th, the night before the 4th Annual Sharon Timlin Memorial 5K Race to Cure ALS in Hopkinton, Massachusetts on June 16th. The event honors her mother and benefits The Angel Fund, an independent non-profit organization benefiting ALS research at the Cecil B. Day Neuromuscular Research Center at the Massachusetts General Hospital.

 Life-Altering Poetry with June Beisch: FREE PROGRAM OPEN TO THE PUBLIC. COME AND JOIN!

     On Saturday, June 16th 10:30 am-12:30 HCAM will celebrate its season finale in honoring poetry and the arts with Cambridge poet, June Beisch. June will be sharing some of her favorite poems and telling stories of how they made a difference in her life. She is an adjunct lecturer in literature at Emerson College, teaches poetry at Castle Hill and works as Poet in Schools in Stoneham and Belmont.  A former journalist and interviewer for WGBH radio, her essays and literary criticism have appeared widely and her fiction has appeared in the Literary Review and the Charles River Review.  Her latest book of poetry, Fatherless Woman, is the winner of the Cape Cod Literary Press Award.
     This special reading will begin with an open mic at 10:30. The open mic has been a constantly rewarding part of each month's program whether one comes to share a poem, story, song, guitar solo, etc or simply comes to sit back and listen. Those interested in participating at this last open mic of the season are welcome to bring a poem, song or spoken-word piece that has been personally meaningful and/or of inspiration. ~Cheryl

You've Got Some Friends

June 2, 2007 — Jennifer Chang and Andrew Knox extracted a few tears with their rendition of James Taylor's hit song, "You've Got a Friend," for the gathering at Friday's graduation ceremonies. To their left are members of the administration as well as the members of the Hopkinton School Committee.

Clips from 2007 Hopkinton Graduation 

June 1, 2007 — Please enjoy a few minutes from Friday night's graduation.

Camera and editing by David Sheehan.

Feeling Invincible

An "R" rated story (Due to violence)


by Robert Falcione

June 1, 2007 — Now is the time of year when young drivers are more likely to take their first spin without parents, more kids will ride with other kids for the first time, and the dreaded and unwelcome statistics will rise with the thermometer.

    And adding to all of this are the pitches about safety from the automobile industry, making their particular vehicle sound like the safest on the road, much like the cartoon character Joe Camel pitched cigarettes to kids years ago.

    However, automobiles are unsafe by their very nature.

    Vehicles shown in simulated crashes for testing purposes are doing about the same speed that a sinner does while on their way to church on Sunday. It has been proven that deaths at those speeds have been reduced by the implementation of air bags, crumple zones, and use of seat belts. But what about other speeds? And what about not wearing seat belts?

     Crashes at highway speeds are horrific. We see, sometimes day after day, LifeFlight helicopters ferrying the latest victims from our short stretch of Interstate 495 to the nearest, most appropriate, or least busy medical facility. It is true that the cars of yesteryear are no match for today's World cars, which are made both for travelers of the Autobahn in Germany with its lack of speed limits, as well as drivers on the country roads of old New England towns, with their twists, turns, moss-covered stone walls, and ancient trees leaning ominously toward the road's center.

     The '55 Chevy that did 40 mph, actually seemed to be going 60 mph on those old roads as Buddy Holly, or later on, The Beatles, entertained the group of singing kids that chipped in a quarter each to buy four gallons of gas for a dollar so they could ride around for a few hours. The automobile technology itself, as well as the roadways of that era, kept people from driving at the theretofore unheard of speeds of today.

     The muscle cars with monstrous pistons, and then in later years the dangerous Mustang's with the same type of high performance engine, were made for driving on straight lines. But the result of today's new technology that embeds a 4-cylinder Ford with the same acceleration as a muscle car of yesteryear, and the handling of a Mercedes, is more speed on the back roads. And that is more dangerous than ever.


Following is a post from Town Talk, the discussion page for HopNews. The topic is the visiting hours for Brian Kerr, a beloved Framingham boy who lost his life at a Milford Quarry a few days ago:


Brian Kerr's visiting hours-wow!


From: An Adult friend of Brian's
Date: 01 Jun 2007
Time: 08:03:20 -0700
Remote Name:


Approximately 1000 people attended Brian's visiting hours last night. What a testimony to how well known and how well loved his entire family is!! Though the line was long, strangers were chatting with each other about "Brian stories".P eople were circulating poems (very touching) that some of the teens had written. The entire FHS football team came over on a bus - bus #43, the same number that was on Brian's football jersey. The official hours were 3-7 but the last visitors didn't leave until after 9:30. Wow!

Sasha Yatchenko Wins Hopkinton Idol

May 31, 2007 – Hopkinton sixth grader Sasha Yatchenko was named the winner of the Hopkinton Idol competition during the live finale show on HCAM-TV Channel 8 earlier this evening.

The show’s finale included performances by Yatchenko and her co-finalist Joanna Schell, as well as appearances by some of the past contestants. The finale capped off a six-week singing competition co-sponsored by HCAM-TV and Enter Stage Left Theater, Inc., in which viewers each week were asked to email their votes to determine which of the 16 original contestants continued on to the next round. As the Hopkinton Idol champion, Yatchenko wins a professionally recorded demo tape.

After the show, Yatchenko expressed surprised that she had been named the winner. “Joanna was such a good competitor that I really didn’t think I would win,” Yatchenko said. “Being in Hopkinton Idol was an amazing learning experience. I really learned a lot about how to control my voice and how to ad lib.”

Local Weather

May 31, 2007 — Ed Harrow shares a photo of what could be mistaken initially for a weatherman's satellite photo, until it is betrayed by the cast iron drain cover in the center. Spring Lane became the scene of the second water main break in a week early this evening, that one DPW worker said would take four hours to repair. He said it was unlikely that the leak would undermine the road ,because the water main is only 6" in diameter on that street.

Mary E. Carey, 87, died Tuesday, May 29 at Beaumont Rehabilition Center, Westborough.  Born in Hopkinton, she was the daughter of the late John and Gertrude (Morrissey) McDonough. She was a 1939 graduate of Hopkinton High School and a 1943 graduate of Catherine Gibbs School, Boston.  She was employed as a real estate broker for McDonough Real Estate and Century 21, Hopkinton for over 20 years. Arrangements complete

 Hopkinton Company Receives Significant Patent

on Key Biophotonic Imaging Technology

New Patent Covers Important Classes of Fluorescent and Bioluminescent In Vivo Imaging Methods


May 31, 2007 — Caliper Life Sciences, Inc. (Nasdaq: CALP) today announced its receipt of the Notice of Allowance from the US Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) for a patent covering key methods of in vivo, non-invasive (in living animals, through opaque tissue) imaging of light generated from within mammals. Biophotonic imaging, one of the fastest growing technologies in the life sciences, is rapidly expanding beyond current methods based on light sources genetically encoded in mammals to also include methods based on light sources that are conjugated (or combined) with a biocompatible entity and administered to mammals. Caliper's newly allowed patent covers many of these important developments in biophotonic imaging science.

     "In addition to providing researchers with the option to track disease states in an animal without requiring genetic modification of the animal to produce light, the methods covered by the new patent, which encompass a broad range of biophotonic imaging with conjugated probes, are particularly attractive for translation of pre-clinical applications and results into clinical settings," said Kevin Hrusovsky (File photo), chief executive officer of Caliper Life Sciences. Mr. Hrusovsky added, "This patent furthers Caliper's leadership position in the biophotonic imaging market. We intend to augment our considerable technology development efforts by also developing biomarkers and innovative conjugate imaging probes and applications for our customers using the technology covered by the patent." Read entire Press Release

Town Clerk
Summer Office Hours:
Monday - Friday
8:00 A.M. to 4:30 P.M.
Passport Applications Accepted
During Regular Office Hours

Hopkinton Boosters and Hopkinton Education Foundation Team Up for 14th
Annual Charity Golf Tournament

Proceeds of the Tournament Will Directly Benefit the Hopkinton Public Schools

May 31, 2007 - The Hopkinton Boosters and Hopkinton Education Foundation are pleased to team up again for the 14th Annual Charity Golf Tournament, which will be held on Monday, June 18 at the Hopkinton Country Club.  The event will kick off with a 1:30 p.m. shot gun start and all proceeds will benefit the Hopkinton Public Schools.

The application fee is $135 and includes green fees, a golf cart and barbeque after golfing at the Hopkinton Country Club.  To submit an application or receive more information, please visit the Hopkinton Education Foundation Web site, www.HopkintonEdFoundation.org.

Additional festivities include prize awards for a hole-in-one and other contests and a traditional cash raffle with prizes.  For more information, please contact Ted Allen of the HEF at trallen@comcast.net.

The Woman Behind the Curtain


by Lori Robak

May 31, 2007 —Sometimes one of the biggest ‘players’ in a production isn’t found on the stage, but behind it.  This is the person who puts the balcony in the “Wherefore Art Thou?” scene in Romeo and Juliet. Who transforms Cinderella from a raggedy waif into a glamorous ingénue worthy of a prince.  Who gives Dorothy her ruby slippers, enabling her to go home again.

That person is the designer.  It might be the set designer, the costumer designer, the lighting designer or sound designer – or all of the above.  At Enter Stage Left, the primary person “behind the scenes” is set and costume designer Nancy Stevenson.  And ESL is very fortunate to have her.  

Nancy studied set and costume design and received her master’s of fine arts at Brandeis University, but she didn’t immediately pursue that as her line of work.  Instead, she worked as commercial fashion designer for Lane Bryant and then as a graphic artist for a fire protection engineering firm.  Eventually, however, her love of theater drew her back in (she had performed in Gilbert and Sullivan plays and as a member of the Sweet Adeline’s barbershop quartet), and she found herself painting sets for the Huntington Theater and Holy Cross College.   Most recently she has been a costume designer for Wellesley College, where her “gorgeous” work on Pride’s Crossing and An Ideal Husband earned her nominations for the 2005 and 2006 Independent Reviewers of New England (IRNE) Award for costume design, respectively.  

It is community theater, however, that holds a special place in Nancy’s heart.  “There is a place for everyone in community theater, especially at ESL,” she explained.  “I feel a special enthusiasm and energy there, and if something needs to be done, the people there are willing to pitch in and try it.”

Nancy became involved with ESL during the Lullaby of Broadway production.  Since then she has worked on Hooray for Hollywood (in which she also performed), Bye Bye Birdie, and she recently worked on the USO Tribute show, I’ll Be Seeing You.

“When Nancy came to us back in 2004 for Lullaby of Broadway we had NO idea as to the depth of her talent,” said Kelly Grill co-founder of ESL.  “She amazed us with her vision and how effortless it seemed to bring her vision to life.  We have relied heavily on her since then to educate us on period costumes and the ins and outs of set design and construction.  She has become a cornerstone of our organization and we don't know what we would do without her!”

Nancy said her satisfaction in the theater comes from her connection with other people, and that also holds true for ESL.  “I love the people in ESL, and am especially impressed with the three people that started it (Paul Champlin, Kelly Grill, and Mary Scarletta Rowe),” she stated.  “They are passionate about their work and are willing to take risks.  I think they are so brave!”

So the next time you feel transported to another place and time during an ESL production, it is no doubt due to the magical and talented work of Nancy Stevenson, costume and set designer extraordinaire.

Reprinted with permission from ESL .

Absentee Ballots Are Available For the June 18th Special Election Please contact the Town Clerk
June 1, 2007 is Last Date to Register for June 11th Special Town Meeting
June 1st Office Hours 8 AM – 8 PM


CLINTON - Susan M. (Cleveland) Carter, 63, of 610 D Ridgefield Circle, died on Monday, May 28, 2007 at home. She is survived by a son, Gregory L. Carter and his wife Nancy of Bolton; two daughters, Gretchen Carter of Clinton, and Leslie Reynolds and her husband Jim of Yosemite, CA; a sister, Ann Adams and her husband Charlie; and a brother, David Cleveland, all of Hanover. She also leaves her four loving grandchildren, Timothy Reilly and Kelsey Carter of Clinton, Dane and Jay Carter of Bolton, and several nieces and nephews. Arrangements Complete.

HOPKINTON - Mary E. (McDonough) Carey, 87, died Tuesday, May 29, 2007.  Funeral arrangements under the direction of the Callanan-Cronin Funeral Home are incomplete at this time.

Trail opened

May 31, 2007 — Liisa Jackson of the Hopkinton Trails Committee speaks with Clyde Barrows of Barrows Construction regarding the progress of their work on the walking, biking, horse-riding trail that has been opened from Hopkinton Lumber to Hopkins School. Although the trail is open, it is still in a state of upgrading.

Casting Call

May 30, 2007 — Screen Actors Guild member Mick Hoegen reads for a part with Producer Dawn Morrissey in the rear  of Enter Stage Left Studios for a casting call for the upcoming film Green Grass, which will be shot in Hopkinton over the summer. More information on the film can be found at www.greengrassfilm.com

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