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Updated July 10, 2012
Incident Log
Monday, July 9, 2012
 11:27 pm  Officer John Moran checked on a disabled motor vehicle on West Main Street and determined it was not a road hazard.

11:10 pm Sgt. Scott vanRaalten responded to the report of a vehicle parked in the open area of Huckleberry Road.

9:32 pm A Wood Street resident arrived home to find his rear door open. Two officers checked to make sure all was secure.

8:53 pm Multiple calls for several struck geese in the roadway of West Main Street near Gassett Road. The entire flock was killed except for one, which Animal Control Officer William Proctor rescued from the scene of the carnage. Officer William Burchard stood by while the DPW responded and removed the carcasses.

7:39 pm A complaint from a caller of an erratic operator on Wood Street was passed on to Westborough Police.

6:59 pm Motorcycle Patrolman Matthew McNeil (photo, standing by after arrest) came upon a disabled motor vehicle on West Main Street and assisted while help was on its way.

6:18 pm Yale Road caller reports her 11 year-old son went off swimming with a 17 year-old and another friend and is now incommunicado, with both cell phones shut off and nowhere to be found. Officer William Burchard located the youths in the woods by the lake and escorted them home.

6:00 pm Officer Peter Booth arrested an individual on Main Street for Possession of Class D with Intent to Distribute.

5:55 pm Onstar reporting a motor vehicle accident on Route 495 southbound south of West Main Street. One occupant was evaluated by ambulance after arriving and finding all occupants out of the vehicle, which was off of the roadway and into a tree.

3:30 pm Officer Booth spoke with the driver of a motor vehicle on West Main Street.

3:13 pm Responding officer unable to locate a DMV on Wood Street.

2:50 pm Officer Booth failed to locate on Lake Maspenock the operator of a black and white Mastercraft boat who was driving fast around the lake yelling obscenities through a bullhorn.

2:33 pm A heated domestic argument that appeared it might become physical at the Gulf Mart was quieted down by the time units arrived.

2:37 pm Motor vehicle crash on Hayden Rowe Street with no injuries.

2:11 pm Brush fire at State Park. Ashland's jurisdiction.

1:24 pm Unable to serve warrant on Teresa Road.

1:05 pm Very minor crash in a parking lot on West Main Street.

12:36 pm An concerned citizen alerted police that a food delivery truck was backing up Walcott Street in violation of the directional restrictions to make a delivery. Officer Thomas Griffin, a truck specialist, issued a citation for a one-way violation.

11:32 am Officer Aaron O'Neil assisted a DMV off of the middle of the roadway on South Street.

11:14 am A Robbern Road resident called concerned that individuals yelling and roping a neighbor's shrubs to a red pickup truck that was revving its engine might be trying to remove the shrubs. They were a landscape crew removing the shrubs.

9:08 am A Hayden Rowe Street resident reported he bicycle was stolen from her garage.

2:33 am Officer Linda Higgins checked on a vehicle parked on lakeshore Drive.




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