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Updated July 9, 2012
Incident Log
Sunday, July 8, 2012
11:42 pm Sgt. John Porter responded to  a suspicious vehicle pulling onto Church Place. The driver was waiting for a friend from Hayden Rowe Street, but was told to move along.

9:52 pm Officer Peter Booth spoke with some youths on Hayden Rowe Street.

9:46 pm Officer William Burchard moved along a group of teens on Hayden Rowe Street.

8:25 pm The driver of a vehicle that struck a deer on Route 495 refused treatment by Hopkinton Ambulance, which had been requested by Mass State Police.

6:27 pm Three units brought an 18 year-old out of control male on Wood Street under control.

5:24 pm Motorist reported a small Gator-type of tractor ran a red light in Southborough and continued at a high rate of speed. Officers stopped the individual on the Cedar Street flats and had the vehicle and the individual transported.

3:20 pm Witness reported a boat intentionally ran over a flock of geese with goslings. Environmental Police were notified.

9:56 am A driver walked in to admit hitting a bench while backing up at the boat landing on Wood Street.

7:30 am A resident reported 2 dogs in her yard with Baypath collars. Baypath brought them home.

12:04 am Officer responded to the concerns of a driver who saw a male wearing a bathing suit walking in the dark and acting intoxicated.

Saturday, July 7, 2012
11:21 pm A Caller from Saddle Hill Road reported a pug dog with a collar and tags walked into their house, but no one would approach it. Animal Control Officer William Proctor responded.

10:31 pm Fireworks on Davis Road. Located responsible individuals on Mayhew Street, who promised to stop.

10:26 pm An Amherst Road caller complained of fireworks or gunshots. Upon arrival, Officer Aaron O'Neil observed fireworks coming from Milford.

9:25 pm A Hillcrest Road caller reported a large display of pyrotechnics set off in neighborhood, but all was quiet upon hte arrival of Officer O'Neil.

6:52 pm Holliston PD (BOLO) Be On Look Out for hit and run suspect heading toward Hopkinton.

5:11 pm Checked on person laying on Weston Nurseries grass who was waiting for assistance for his disabled motor vehicle.

12:13 pm Detective Timothy Brennan checking on a motor vehicle accident found instead a realtor showing a house.

10:07 am A 911 caller reported a propane tank caught fire at a Hopkinton State Park camping area. Officer Matthew McNeil found it on Dogwood Drive and stuck around for crowd control.

9:27 am Detective Timothy Brennan was flagged down by a resident of Westcott Drive whose poodles outsmarted the invisible electric fence and escaped.

5:51 am A smoke alarm was activated at a Fruit Street location.

4:09 am A motorist who reported his window smashed later admitted he did it.

Friday, July 6, 2012
8:43 pm Officer Aaron O'Neil removed a group of youths lighting off fireworks behind St. John's Church.

6:12 pm A North Mill Street caller reported an ongoing dog issue the caller would like logged for future resolution.

5:43 pm Officer Matthew McNeil came upon a motor vehicle accident on Main Stret and assisted with paperwork.

5:13 pm Units responding to a domestic incident at Hopkinton State Park reported all quiet.

3:50 pm A Hayden Rowe Street homeowner reported his vehicle and fence were damaged while he was on vacation.

12:11 pm An individual reported a larceny that had been reported by his son the prior evening.

10:13 am Officer Stephen Buckley  spoke with the owner of a vehicle on Fruit Street believed to be involved in a crash the prior evening.

9:05 pm Chief Rick Flannery spoke with the owner of a vehicle on Mayhew Street.

7:13 am Two separate residents of North Mill Street reported one of the bloodhounds that has been the subjects of numerous ongoing complaints, was loose again. Animal Control Officer William Proctor will contact the dog's owner.

1:07 am Officer Linda Higgins checked a motor vehicle on Hayden Rowe Street.



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